Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna In Trouble

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna inspects Saraswati pooja pandal decoration and speaks to decorator. Sagar hiding behind disguised watches her. Gehna’s phone rings, decorator informs her, she says she doesn’t have phone but then reminiscing Anant gifting her says its her phone and picks it. Sagar fumes seeing phone with her and thinks Anant must have given it for her safety, so he should take that phone from her first. Gehna remembering Anant picking call by pressing green button picks it and speaks to him. He asks if she is alone there and then offers to come there. She says samithi women are there to help her and since he has office in the morning, he should rest. She stops seeing Radhika standing behind Anant and disconnects call. Decorator seeing Sagar asks who is he. Sagar says he is Utsav’s organizer’s relative and asks how much work is pending. Decorator says there is a lot of work pending and he is feeling sleepy. Sagar offers him alcohol and asks him to come behind pandal with his team. Decorator agrees. Gehna prepares lamp threads. Women walk to her and praise her. Anant noticing Radhika asks what is she doing at this time in his room. She says she was worried about Gehna, how will Gehna alone handle such a big responsibility, so they both should go and help her. He says she doesn’t have to worry about Gehna. She says his room looks very neat and clean. He says Gehna has changed this room.

Sagar makes decorator and his team heavily inebriated. Kanak calls him and asks if work is done. He disconnects call saying he is clearing the field for doing the work. Kanak gets angry on Hema that her brother disconnected her call and then says once pandal burns into ashes, family will blame Gehna and then Desai family’s real bahus will go to rescue family’s dignity and will garner all the praises. Hema praises her plan. Sagar switches off lights. Gehna sees him and asks where are others, even the light also got off. He says there must be problem with fuse, so she should go and check. She goes and checks fuse and thinks how to fix it. Sagar reminiscing Gehna slapping him and Anant trashing him burns pandal and walks away. Gehna notices fire and tries to set it off with bare hands. She then thinks whom to call for help and searches for her phone to call Anant, but doesn’t find it. She reminisces Baa’s warning that this pooja is not only a pride for samithi but also for Desai family, so nobody should make any mistake. Sagar watches Gehna’s ordeal hiding. Gehna throws water to set off fire, but in vain.

Sagar calls Kanak and informs that he has set fire which is so high that Gehna will burn in it. He shows her live video. She and Hema get happy noticing Gehna struggling to set off fire and thinks she is so happy now, let us inform Samithi’s president Baa. Hema calls Baa, Bapuji, Paresh and informs that pandal caught fire. Radhika insists Anant that they should go to pandal and help Gehna, just then they hear Hema telling about fire. Radhika says her sixth sense alerted her that something wrong was going to happen. Anant runs out and she follows. Kanak informs Baa that pandal caught fire and Baa shouldn’t have given such a big responsibility to Gehna. Family runs behind Anant. Hema says let us spice up the drama and she and Kanak run behind family. Gehna’s sari pallu catches fire, but she continues trying to set off fire. Anant reaches with family and shouts Gehna. Baa shouts someone should set off the fire. Family just watches.

Precap: Baa asks Bapuji to ask Gehna why she risks her life and takes everyone’s problems on her, she should have called them to set off fire. Anant says soon they will find out who set fire in pandal as Gehna’s phone recording was on. Sagar gets tensed hearing that.

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