Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Masterstroke

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Desais watch news of Gehna escaping form jail. Anant meets Gehna and asks why did she take such a big wrong step. Gehna says because of Swara as she thinks Swara is planning something big in 24 hours. Kusum asks Swara what is she planning in 24 hours. Swara denies to tell. Kusum says they are partners in crime, so she shouldn’t hide anything. Swara says she is the boss now. Kusum requests to free her. Swara denies again. Gehna tells Anant that they need to stop Swara’s evil plan. Anant asks how did she escape from jail. She reminisces Kanak rescuing her after setting fire in jail and demanding to help her in getting rid off Swara from Pankaj’s life. Gehna shakes hands with her. Anant gets angry hearing that and says already they have a problem named Swara and now she took one more problem on her. Gehna says sometimes wrong people can do right thing and assures that Kanak will help them for sure.

Gehna goes into flashback again where Kanak says she saw Panky’s love for her and once she gets rid off Swara, she will assure Panky that she will never break his trust and they will start afresh, hence she needs Gehna’s help. Out of flashback, Anant agrees to help her. A rag picker lady notices Gehna and informs police. Anant rescues Gehna and runs with her. Gehna steps on a thorn and injures her foot. They hide, and Gehna asks him to go. He lifts her and runs. Police notices them and warns to stop. Anant hides her and himself in an empty sanitary pipe. Inspector notices a dupatta and walks towards pipe when constable says Gehna is not found. Inspector says rag picker told that she saw Gehna here and continues searching her. Once they leave, Anant gets her out and says he doesn’t know a place to hide her. She says she knows a place.

Next morning, Kanak walks in to Desai house with drummers. Swara angrily breaks drum and warns Kanak to get out. Kanak warns back that she is here to stay back. Pankaj says she should go from here as they are divorced. Kanak shows him divorce papers and says these have her fake signatures and Pankaj knows her signatures. He says yes. She shows court order. He says they are not divorced then. Anant thinks Gehna found a fantastic plan. Kanak says according to law, she is Pankaj’s wife and Swara’s marriage is invalid. Swara says she must have cheated. Anant checks papers and says court orders are valid. Swara pleads Baa and Bapuji to support her. Baa says they didn’t see Kanak and Pankaj’s divorce and Swara and Pankaj’s wedding, so they cannot comment. Her condition worsens, and Bapuji takes her to room. Kanak gets her bag to Anant’s room. Anant gets Gehna out of bag. Gehna says she will not let Swara succeed in her plan.

Precap: Gehna sees whole Desai family dead and Swara laughing evil.

Update Credit to: MA

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