Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Accepts Her Intentions

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak enjoys watching Anant being punished by mob in false eve teasing case and thinks her heart pain vanished seeing this video, how will her leg pain go now. Pankaj offer her ointment. She says he loves her so much and cannot see her pain, he should be on her side and she will make his life. He says he is happy to be on his family’s side. She says he is behaving like Gehna. He says she should learn from Gehna who knows Anant considers her as just a responsibility, even then she is supporting him and his family; he is ashamed of himself that he married Kanak. Kanak burns in anger. On the other side, Anant stops an attack on Gehna and warns to dare not touch his wife. Girl shouts he can touch other girls, but others shouldn’t touch his wife. He warns her to shut up. She says he didn’t think once before he touched her shoulder. Gehna reminisces her telling lying repeatedly and says first she told he touched her back, then pinched her from behind, now touched her shoulder; its clear that she is plainly lying, they should call police and find out who is right by checking public CCTV cameras. Mob backs her, and the girl gets afraid. Bapuji with Paresh walks to Anant and says he knows he hasn’t done anything wrong. Gehna asks mob where is the girl for whom they were fighting for and alleging Anant, she got afraid and ran away fearing her truth will be out. Mob bends their heads in guilt. A man continues recording the video. Gehna warns that whoever has planned this heinous drama against her husband will not succeed as she will protect her family. Radhika smirks listening to what Gehna is saying.

Anant with Gehna, Bapuji, and Paresh returns home. Baa shows her concern for him and tongue lashes Radhika that she is unfit for any relationship and hence she is alone, she alleged her son and god will punish her brutally, its a mother’s curse. Radhika warns her to keep her typical motherly dialogues to herself and keep her mouth shut. Gehna confronts her next and asks if her parents taught her to barge into other’s family and trouble them, she will not let her plan succeed. Radhika says Gehna is smarter than her, instead of punishing the family outside the house, she should punish them inside the house and asks what if something falls on Kanak and her head breaks. Gehna sees chandelier rope breaking and chandelier falling on Kanak and alerts Kanak. Family stands shocked while she (in seconds instantly like a superwoman) runs to first floor and holds rope saving Kanak. Anant and Chetan run to help her while Pankaj lifts Kanak away. Gehna’s hand bleeds and she feels drowsy. Anant ties the rope and holds Gehna. Radhika says Desai family tried a third attempt to kill their bahu and may harm even her, she will note it down in her report. Anant angrily throws her pen away and warns her to stop troubling them or else it won’t be good for her. Kanak thinks Radhika cannot harm her to take revenge from Desais.

Gehna follows Anant and tries to calm him down. Anant says he cannot tolerate Radhika’s heinous acts and will expose her truth right away. Gehna holds him and says not now. He cries that he cannot see Radhika troubling his family. She makes him sit. He asks her to expose the recording in which Radhika tried to get intimate with him after inebriating him. She says she deleted that video to save Kanak and Hema. He says let us call Vineet here and ask him to expose Radhika’s truth. She says Vineet is staying in US after divorcing Radhika, she tried to call him, but he must be busy and didn’t pick her call. He asks if they should continue to tolerate Radhika’s heinous acts. She says they should keep an eye on Radhika. He sees her hand injury and nurses it.

Kanak confronts Radhika for trying to harm her repeatedly and asks what if she had died. Radhika says she would have performed her last rites then. Kanak says she always supported her. Radhika warns not to dance too much and threatens to file a false report against her that she is trying to take revenge from her in-laws with false allegations. Kanak walks away fuming. Radhika thinks tomorrow she will be ready with new challenges for the Desais. The next morning, she enters bathroom and gets electric shock from water tap. She fumes that Desais are planning to kill her. Gehna with Anant walks down hearing her shout. Radhika alleges Anant for trying to kill her by electrocuting her. Anant denies. Gehna says they will attack her directly and not stoop low like her. Kanak says Anant threatened to kill her yesterday, so he must have planned her electrocution. After sometime, Radhika walks into kitchen and asks if she mixed poison in Kanak’s food and is trying to kill her, asks to taste the food first, and then fill Kanak’s plate separately. Gehna tastes food and fills Kanak’s plate. Radhika asks her to take water also. Once Gehna turns to get water, Radhika mixes something in food which Gehna notices. Radhika says she is not cheap and just mixed salt, now she can give food to Kanak.

Precap: Radhika informs Gehna that she mixed poison in Kanak’s food. Gehna stops Kanak from having food. NGO ladies enter and ask if she is stopping Kanak from having food.

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  1. Ek zor ka jhapar maarna chahiye radhika ko taki uska akal thikane aa jaaye.

    1. Right 😂

  2. This story is completely gone out of control. It is showing unimaginable things that can occur. This needs to stop.

  3. This story is showing unimaginable things. As audience, it is very disturbing and disgraceful on the Indian society is portrayed. This is very slanderous and strict actions need to be taken against the Director and Producer.

  4. @1234 yes totally, this is way too much crap showing and they expect the world to watch? What kind of teaching to the young generation is this? If my children or grandchildren watches this shit means they would want to treat us like this? Luckily my families don’t look at any of these serials.
    Not only Indians but to the human society as well. I thought Khanak behaviour was ridiculous but this over modernized Radhika is obscene!!! Especially indians don’t teach their girl children this, taking away someone husband and want to have s*x with them, live with him in same family home and exploit senior people.
    Common writers producers, directors stop this BULLSHIT RITE NOW!!! you should really be jailed.
    Last nite show was the last time I looked, hope all other viewers will do same and boycott this heineous serial. So annoyed😡😡😡

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