Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fails Radhika’s Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant tells Radhika that Vinit is more cheap and ill mannered than she told about him, its waste to talk to a man who cannot respect a woman, so he will not let her stay with Vinit. Radhika gets happy hearing that. Gehna enters Vinit’s room holding his and his mother’s photo frame. Vinit angrily asks what she wants now. Gehna says his forgiveness and asks if its his mother’s photo. He says yes. She says mother is a gift of god, shadow under sun, life support, etc., and says she can understand how much he misses his mother as she doesn’t have her mother since childhood. She asks if this photo reminds him of his mother’s presence. He says this is his last photo with his mother, so its very close to his heart. She promises to refix the photo again.

Radhika continues provoking Anant against Vinit. Anant says he will teach him a lesson and walks towards Vinit’s room. Gehna walks to him and asks him not to say anything to Vinit as it was her mistake, she only broke his most precious thing. He asks her if Vinit’s way of talking to her was right. She reminds how angry he was when his file was lost and how much he is emotional regarding his family. Vinit walks to her and says she is right, he has emotions attached to this pic and apologizes to her for wrongly insulting her before. Gehna tells Radhika that she is lucky to have such a good husband. Radhika fumes thinking Gehna failed her plan, she wanted to make Vinit a villain, but Gehna made him a hero. Kanak thinks what must be Anant thinking now. Pankaj tells Vinit that they will leave now. Vinit asks him to wait for a minute and brings gifts for them, then comes to Radhika and says now he wants to spend time with his wife. Radhika gets tensed looking at Anant and wishing him good night says they will meet in office tomorrow. Anant says take care and walks away with family leaving Radhika more frustrated.

Hema calls Paresh and Tia by sending them a note. They walk in and Paresh asks when they stay in same house, why did she send a note to call them. She asks them to close the door soon as she needs to inform them something important. She says when they went for party, they were shocked to see Radhika there. Paresh says she has already informed them about it. She informs how Gehna broke Vinit and his mother’s photo by mistake, how Vinit insulted Gehna. Paresh asks if Anant just watched silently. Hema says he fought back with Vinit; everyone saw what happened there, but only she saw that Radhika has 2 faces, one when she was with everyone and her husband and another when she was alone with Anant as if she is being tortured; she is sure Radhika was discussing about her husband with Anant. Paresh asks about what. Hema says that is what they need to find out.

Radhika over phone tells Kanak that she wanted to show Anant that she is not happy with Vinit, she wanted to show Anant that they are power couple in office , but Vinit spoilt her plan, asks her to handle Gehna while she will handle Vinit. Kanak asks not to worry as she will bring old players in this game to defeat Gehna.

Gehna tells Anant that Radhika’s husband is a good man, he apologized us for his mistake, he is very kind hearted. Anant reminisces Radhika’s tension and says Radhika, he means he got a job in Radhika and Vinit’s company and tomorrow is first day at job. Gehna asks if he will work under Radhika now. He says it’s not like that, he will just do his work, job profile is good, so there won’t be any problem in doing the job. He asks her to study as she has to give her exam tomorrow. Gehna thinks what will happen in Radhika’s office tomorrow. Kanak hearing their conversation calls someone and says she wants him/her to spoil someone’s exam, thinks dobi duffer’s husband will be busy taking care of his boss tomorrow and he won’t even know about Gehna’s exam being ruined.

Next morning, Gehna performs god’s aarti with family and serves prasad to everyone. Anant smiles at her. Radhika enters and receives aarti. Everyone gets angry seeing her except Kanak. Gehna asks what is she doing here early morning.

Precap: Hema asks Gehna if she cannot see what Radhika and Kanak are doing with her. Gehna says she can notice everything and whenever they will cross their limits, she will fight with them for her right.

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  1. Liking the new Hema. I think she and Gehna makes a great team. Hope that she helps Gehna in showing Radhika’s real motives. Vinit should also see his wife how manipulative she really is. Can’t wait to see Kanak get her share as well.

  2. What’s wrong with kanak and Anand why they are creating problems for gehna the actor looks like crying all the time no personality at all stupid story bored already

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