Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Challenges Kanak

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant tells Kanak that Gehna will not assist her in competition but will compete with her. Kanak laughs and asks if he thinks Gehna will defeat her in contest after winning small games. Anant challenges that Gehna will participate, compete, and win competition. Gehna says she will not participate in contest and walks to her room. Kanak laughs at Anant. Anant walks to Gehna who says she agreed to everything till now, but she cannot participate in beauty contest as she is not interested in cat walk. He asks if she thinks she is inferior than bhabhis. Gehna says she is not, he told there is only difference of education between her and bhabhis, she is working hard to clear that difference. She reminisces Kanak telling about her dream of winning beauty competition and says let Kanak live her dream, she will study and become an advocate. Kanak back in her room angrily throws her sandals and says how dare Anant challenged her and if he thinks Gehna can compete with her.

Kanak back in her room angrily throws her shoes and says how dare Anant is to challenge her and if he thinks Gehna can compete with her. Hema says Gehna is winning always and may win competition. Kanak scolds her. Anant tells Gehna that she will compete with herself and not Kanak, world has changed and she should walk with it and live her all dreams. She says she has many household chores to finish;then says she is not suitable for glamour world where one has to fearlessly communicate with people, does he think she can cat walk. He says when she can challenge Sagar to protect him, she can do anything and her amazing heart is her beauty, so he and Tia will prepare her for competition. She says she has a lot of work to finish and doesn’t have time to prepare herself for competition. He determines to convince her for competition. Hema asks Kanak not to worry as Gehna will not participate. Kanak says let her compete and lose.

Tia is busy in kitchen when Kanak enters asking Alpa to prepare her lemonade. Tia says Alpa has gone out and since Gehna is also participating in competition, Kanak should herself do her chores. Kanak says how dare she to misbehave with elders. Tia says when elders misbehave, youngsters learn from them and soon Gehna will defeat Kanak in competition and show her worth. Kanak angrily tries to slap her. Gehna stops her and says she cannot raise hand on Tia like that and takes Tia away. Anant with Paresh notices that and tells him that Gehna stands for family always, but gets silent when its about herself and even after being competent she doesn’t want to participate in competition. Paresh says that is Gehna’s biggest quality. Anant says he will convince Gehna to compete and prove her worth.

Anant calls competition organizer who informs that tomorrow is the last day to submit form. He asks organizer to mail him all the details of the competition. Gehna brings coffee for him and tries to leave. He asks why she is ignoring him since a few days. She reminisces him rejecting her proposal and says it’s not like that,actually she has to study so…. and walks away. He thinks he is forcing her to compete to prove her worth and will begin preparation tomorrow. Next morning, he takes her to competition registration venue. Gehna says she told him about not wanting to participate. He asks her to get in once and check. She agrees and walks in with him. Kanak with Hema and Mona also reaches there. Organizer asks contestants to fill the form and take their batch number. Kanak with Hema and Mona walks in. Hema thinks one contestant is obese like her. Mona taunts Gehna that she is unfit for competition. Kanak says nobody is fit to compete with her and insults contestants that they are fat, dark skinned,etc. She asks Mona where is Mrs. Virani whom she boasted about. Gehna tells Kanak that if they don’t fit in her eyes, that doesn’t mean they are not beautiful; each woman is beautiful here in their own ways and gives a long speech. Organizer likes her speech, claps, and says this year’s competition is for everyone and they all can participate.

Another organizer asks Gehna if she is also a contestant. Gehna says yes and introduces herself. She tells Anant that Kanak’s thinking regarding beauty is wrong, she realized after coming here that each woman is different and unique, etc., so she will participate in this contest. Hema says even she will participate. Gehna gets her name enrolled and walks to doll to take her batch when doll holds her hand. She rushes to Anant and informs that there was a woman in place of doll. She takes him to doll and sees her missing.

Precap: Anant wishes Gehna all the best for the competition. Hema silently tears Gehna’s competition dress. Gehna gets tensed noticing it. Organizer calls Gehna on stage.

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