Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna’s Guilt

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa with Paresh returns from bank and seeing Gehna in home temple asks what is she doing in temple at this time. Gehna says she is preparing pooja thali for Dashrath. Baa says Anant doesn’t like it, so she should finish it soon before he returns. Gehna feels uneasy and hopes everything is fine. Baa returns to her room and calls whole family. Dashrath enjoying snacks hears Baa’s voice and asks Hema if budha/Bapuji died. Hema says he is very strong and just has BP. Dashrath asks her to go and check, if budha has died, he will make arrangements to mourn. Hema asks what will she do there as Gehna does all the work of Bapuji. Dashrath says Gehna will grab all the money. Hema says no. Dashrath suggests her to learn from Kanak who acts as working and shows herself as house’s sarva gunn sampanna bahu. Hema nods yes and rushes to Bapuji’s room. Whole family gathers in Bapuji’s room. Sapan checks Bapuji’s BP and tells Baa that his BP is very high and looks like he didn’t have BP medicine today. Gehna reminisces Kanak telling her that they will give medicine to Bapuji, stares at Kanak and starts going towards her. Baa stops her and asks why didn’t she give medicine when she had informed her already. Gehna stands crying. Anant enters and asks what happened. Baa says he should ask Gehna. Bapuji opens eyes and calls Gehna. Gehna walks to him crying. Baa tries to stop her, but Paresh stops her.

Kanak and Hema walk out followed by Gehna. They both smirk. Gehna walks to them and asks why didn’t she give medicine to Bapuji. Kanak says if she doesn’t trust them, she should have given medicine herself. Anant passes by angrily. Gehna pleads to listen to her. Kanak and Hema say that let her go as its not her mistake and she must have forgotten by mistake, she is so hard working that she even washed Dashrath’s clothes. Anant angrily brings more clothes and asks Gehna to wash even them and do whatever she wants, she wanted to study for test, but didn’t and doesn’t listen to him at all, she has to decide what is necessary in her life.

Gehna takes soup for Bapuji and apologizes to him for not giving medicine. He says he knows she wouldn’t have done a mistake purposefully and asks why she looks tired. Baa says she is made of stone,neither she feels tired of work nor she is affected by insult,what is she doing here,she should go and do chores of Hema’s father as she is eager to bear insult from him. Bapuji stops her. Gehna thinks Anant is right, that she has to understand that being good is fine, but she shouldn’t let others misuse her goodness; her one mistake would have have resulted in the loss of Bapuji’s life. She presses Bapuji’s feet and he asks her to stop. Baa and Bapuji both fall asleep, but Gehna continues pressing Bapuji’s feet. Anant enters and says he will be with his parents and asks her to go and study for tomorrow’s test as she wasted her time helping others. Gehna leaves. Anant thinks since Dashrath came, why only wrong is happening.

Gehna falls asleep while studying in her room. Anant walks in. She wakes up hurriedly. He scolds her that he asked her to study, but she is sleeping; she is fit to do Dashrath’s chores like a servant and likes doing servant’s chores; she was awake stitching lehanga whole night, but is sleeping while studying; if her craving for studies ended during Saraswati pooja itself; when she doesn’t listen to him, why should he advice her. She says she will listen to him from hereon. He says she falls in Kanak and her team’s trap always and warns to stay away from Dashrat as he is planning something evil.

Dashrat invites Kanak and her team to his room and starts alcohol party with Pankaj and Chetan. Kanak reminisces seeking his help in breaking the house. Sagar says Papa bought these costly foreign whiskey bottles out of Gujrath with great difficulty; Dashrat says they cannot understand as Anant studied in a precious college and is fulling his dreams and they studied in a Gujrajti college, but now they should fulfill their dreams by buying them like their parents bought dreams for Anant and Anant got everything, now they should get Bapuji’s house and 1 crore retirement corpus. Kanak says they will not understand this and Anant may take all the wealth alone. Dashrat provokes them to raise their voice and take their right beforehand as a brother will snatch brothers’ right, and if they don’t, they will have to beg, etc. Pankaj says Anant knows English, but he doesn’t. Kanak thinks now nobody can stop house partition. Hiral hears their conversation and seeing Gehna coming hides. Gehna sees Dashrath’s room light on and walks towards it. Hiral calls Gehna. Kanak’s team gets alert and hides alcohol bottles, Hema invites Gehna in.

Precap: Pankaj and Chetan demand partition of house. Gehna thinks she cannot let his happen.

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