Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Succeeds In Her Evil Plan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia while having dinner tells Baa that its good Radhika didn’t accompany Anant for his boss’ party, now Bhai and Bhabhi can spend quality time together. Baa says yes. Tia gets Hema’s call and she asks how’s the party going. Hema informs that Anant joined Radhika’s husband Vinit Virani’s company and Radhika is Anant’s new boss. At Radhika’s house, Vinit calls Radhika. Radhika brings dish and sits for dinner with them. Anant thinks that Vinit is Radhika’s husband, so did she tell him the truth about Vinit before. Vinit tells Anant that he heard he and Radhika were college mates. Pankaj asks if Radhika informed him only this. Vinit asks what does he mean. Kanak says he means Radhika and Anant were close friends. Vinit says he saw Anant’s excellent record and feels he is best suited for the project head post and tells that Radhika is the leading project. He kisses Radhika’s hand and says his life changed since she came in his life. Anant reminisces Radhika telling that she couldn’t sleep well a single night since marrying Vinit fearing he may harm her. Gehna thinks if Anant is feeling bad seeing Radhika with Vinit. Vinit asks Anant to start food. Gehna serves Anant and Radhika looks at him nervously. Gehna sees food stuck on Anant’s lips and points at it. Hema signals her to clean it. Gehna cleans it, leaving Radhika jealous. Kanak offers dish to Radhika.

Bapuji asks Paresh if he is thinking same what he is thinking. Paresh asks why didn’t Radhika inform them before, its weird that Radhika came to their house and Anant got job in Radhika’s husband’s company, its very confusing. Baa says he is right.

After dinner, Vinit tells Anant that 5 companies rejected him, so he decided to work for himself and since then he got whatever he wanted. Radhika tells Kanak that poor Vinit doesn’t know that she is using him to get Ananth, Anant thinks Vinit is dangerous for her, Vinit is so innocent to blindly trust her; her plan was going well with Anant trusting her again when Vinit spoilt it by showing his sweet and kind nature. Kanak says let us change the situation by provoking Vinit and getting out his evil side. Radhika says she got an idea to show Vinit as evil in front of Ananth, then Anant will rescue her from Vinit. Kanak says Anant’s love for her will rekindle and he will get more protective about her, says let us execute their plan. Radhika says she will bring dessert. Gehna says she will accompany her. Vinit says she is their guest, so she should relax. Gehna says Radhika is her good friend and so she will help her. Radhika takes her along.

Pankaj asks Vinit to continue success story. Vinit says whatever he is today is because of his mother. Kanak cross legs Gehna and makes her fall on Vinit and his mother’s photo frame which breaks. Vinit gets angry seeing that and badly insults Gehna. Hema thinks Gehna is targeted again. Anant warns him to behave with his wife. Vinit continues yelling. Radhika takes him from there. Anant says he will not stay here for a minute. Chetan says he shouldn’t dishonor his boss as Gehna made a mistake anyways. Kanak says anyone can make a mistake, Anant got Gehna after rejecting Radhika, but Radhika got Vinit who is very bad. Gehna cleans the mess. Kanak smirks.

Radhika takes Vinit to a room and asks him to calm down. Vinit shouts that she was right that Gehna is very ill mannered. She makes him sit. Kanak messages her congratulating her for their plan’s success. Radhika reminisces lying to Vinit that Anant had to marry an illiterate woman , she (Gehna) broke Anant’s family’s ancestral antique piece and even her favorite makeup kit which he gifted her. Out of flashback, she asks Vinit to calm down while she attends guests. Gehna walks in holding Vinit and his mother’s photo frame. Vinit shouts what she wants to break now. Anant tells Radhika that Vinit is more cheaper than she informed him, he doesn’t know how to behave with women, he will not let her stay such an evil man. Radhika thinks this is what she wanted, her plan worked.

Precap: Hema asks Gehna if she cannot see what Radhika and Kanak are doing to her. Gehna says when they cross their limits, she will fight for her rights.

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  1. Why can’t tapan or mamaji find out truth about radhikaa evil plan instead of sitting and doing nothing rubbish story change everything or people won’t watch please reply me on my email as nobody reply

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