Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant And Gehna’s Funny Moments

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heavily inebriated Anant imagines Krishna in Gehna and gets angry on him for interfering everywhere. He pulls her nose. Gehna says her nose is paining a lot. He asks where did Krishna go. He picks stick and says he will punish Krishna. Gehna jumps on sofa and says Krishna is not here. He drops stick. She says she can see multiple Anants, counts, and says he is in multiples. She catches each one. Anant says he is here. She falls on table and injures her elbow. He brings bandage and asks where is she injured. She shows her elbow. He bandages at her image in the mirror. He asks if she’s feeling pain. He blows at the mirror. She asks what is he seeing in mirror, she is here. He holds her and looks at her bindi. She closes her eyes. He says he really likes her, she is like a princess and a flying bird. She asks if he likes her so much, then why doesn’t he loves her.

Baa scolds Hema and asks how could she think that Krishna and Gehna are in a same room. Chetan also scolds her. Hema thinks her plan failed and she is bearing their scolding. Hiral says they should find out how Anant and Gehna got inebriated and who spiked their food or drink. Kanak picks cake bowls and tells Baa says these bowls smell a chemical as if someone mixed a hypnotic. Baa smells it. Paresh asks how did hypnotic come in the house. Hema thinks if she is caught, Chetan will kick her out of house like Pankaj kicked Kanak out of house.

Gehna insists Anant to tell her why he doesn’t love her. He says he doesn’t love her as she has horns on her head. Gehna asks how did horns come on her head and laughs saying even he has horns on his head. Their jokergiri continues.

Back in hall, Tia says Sagar did this thing last time, but now he is not in his senses, if Sagar didn’t do this then who has done it. Hema brings Krishna’s bag and says she found hypnotic inside his bag. Krishna realizes Hema’s plan, says he kept it in his bag as its an arthritis medicine and he gives it to one of his play actor, asks Hema how she knows that he kept it in his bag. Everyone looks at Hema. Hema gets tensed, says they are questioning her instead of questioning Krishna. Baa asks how does she knows and why did she go near his bag. Hema says she saw Krishna keeping snacks in his bag, so she thought of stealing snacks; she apologizes Krishna for checking his bag uninformed. Krishna thinks he is sure that Hema is planning against Cuckoo. Hema shouts at him. Baa scolds her and asks her to behave properly with their guest and apologizes Krishna on Hema’s behalf. Krishna says she shouldn’t apologize as he is sure Hema must have picked his bag to take snacks. Hema says he is right.

Next morning, Anant wakes up and tells Gehna that he feels headache. She says even she feels headache. He says that means they were inebriated last night. She says he was telling something. He asks what. She says he told she is a princess, flying bird, etc. He says he must be talking about his bungie jumping experience and asks her to get ready and come to terrace in 1 hour as he wants to make her experience the beautiful moments of life. She hesitates, but agrees. Hema hears their conversation and plans to harm them. After one hour, Anant eagerly waits for Gehna on a table at terrace edge. Gehna walks to him and gets afraid seeing height. He asks her not to worry and come up holding his hand. She stands on table holding his hands with closed eyes. He says she doesn’t have to be afraid.

Hema walks to Kanak and says she wants to give wedding anniversary gift to her and she will jump in happiness seeing that. Kanak asks what does she mean. Hema says Anant and Gehna have gone to terrace to experience life’s best moments, Kanak should just wait for the sound of Gehna falling down. Kanak asks what did she do. Hema asks to just watch the dhamaka, thinks she tied a rope to the table and once she will pull it, table leg will break and Gehna will fall down. Kanak gets tensed thinking what Hema is up to. Anant holds Gehna in a titanic pose and asks her to experience the feeling of freedom fearlessly. Gehna opens eyes. Anant says she should remove all fears from her mind. They both close eyes and experience cool breeze. Hema pulls rope which breaks table leg. Gehna falls down and rolls towards terrace edge.

Precap: Kanak tells Jigna that she needs to fight with whole Desai family this time and tells Sagar that they have induced suspicion against Gehna in baa’s mind, its time to execute their plan’s stage 2.

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  1. Time for Hema and Jigna to be caught. Hate that Gehna is the only person being plotted and attacked on in this show. Hema should be kicked out this time and by Kanak. Would that not be interesting since she saved Hema before.

  2. Whether Sagar and Tia will get married??

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