Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Returns To Desai House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

NGO activist tells Desais that she doesn’t know what happened in their house, so she will hire their associate who is expert in solving these type of cases. Baa agrees. Another activist says their associate will reach here tomorrow and walks away with the team. Kanak smirks at Desais and walks to her room. Gehna prays Kanhaji that tomorrow’s morning should be good and whoever is coming should prove what is right and what is wrong. Next morning, she gets a call from NGO lady that their associate is reaching there. Associate in her car heads towards Desai house. Hema taunts Kanak that all her drama will end in front of NGO associate. Associate gets out of her car and enters Desai house holding her bag. Gehna shouts in shock seeing Radhika entering. Desai family also stand in shock. Anant shouts how dare she is to reenter this house. Gehna stops him and asks Radhika if last time’s drama was not enough that she returned, she should leave as her plans will not work. Radhika says she came here to stay. Anant shouts to dare not even think of it and tells her to get out. Radhika says he should know who she is before speaking. Hema says she is the one who snatches other’s husband. Radhika says she is the one who gets back a woman her husband and showing her ID card says she will stay here for the next 7 days and will decide if Kanak is telling truth or lying; she comments that she came here last time for her right and now to erase someone’s right; she challenges Gehna that they will clash for 7 days and in these 7 days, they all will have to face this storm called Radhika.

Gehna says she will not let her stay here even for 7 minutes and calling NGO lady Vimla asks her to come here as she needs to discuss about her NGO associate. Vimla and her aide walk in and yell at Gehna to stop wrongly alleging Radhika. Gehna says Radhika couldn’t handle her house and came here to ruin their house. Vimla says they know that Radhika was about to marry Anant, but he married Gehna due to personal reasons, so its not Radhika’s mistake. Gehna requests to listen to her, but they yell that she has problem with Kanak and now with Radhika, looks like she has problem with everyone. Once they leave, Radhika asks Anant to come near her. Family fumes. Radhika asks Anant to pick up her bag. Vimla thinks may be Gehna is right and they need to be alert. Gehna tells Anant that she will lift Radhika’s bag. Radhika says she ordered Anant. Anant carries Radhika’s bag to guest room.

Hema taunts Kanak that Radhika will not support her as she is an injured lioness and will attack even her for her past mistake. Anant carries Radhika’s bag to guest room. Radhika orders him to keep her bag in cupboard, cross legs him, and makes him fall. Anant stands up and angrily throws water on her. Radhika fumes. Gehna enters and offers her towel. Radhika warns her to control her husband as she will not tolerate his misbehavior next time. Gehna gives her towel and takes Anant from there. Radhika thinks she will make Desai family’s life a hell.

Anant walks to his room fuming and tells Gehna that he cannot tolerate Radhika. Gehna asks to calm down. He says he cannot forget his past. She says he should forget the past and think of the future and they will handle everything. Anant says if Kanak and Radhika unite, they will create problems for them. Kanak enters Radhika’s room silently and excitedly says they both will punish Desai family. Radhika says she doesn’t need her help and alone can punish Desais. Kanak says they can together form a team. Radhika asks her to bring something for her as she feels hungry. Kanak asks why is she disrespecting her. Radhika warns that she can disrespect her more, so she should go and bring her food first; she throws towel on her and orders to wash it. Kanak walks away fuming. Radhika thinks there is too much silence in this house and she didn’t hear anyone shouting yet. Someone shouts, and Radhika smirks.

Precap: A woman alleges Anant of eve teasing her and walks towards him to blacken his face. Radhika shows video to Gehna and says Anant has become a goon.

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  1. Disgusted Viewer

    This drama is all nonsensical. Nowhere in the world does any NGO member walk into housers and plant themselves to sort out family matters. Be a little realistic. I watched this drama after a long time and will not watch it again. Never ending revenge. Gehna is always found to be the bad one. Kanak after so much vengeance still wants to creep shamelessly. Foolish Hema. Radha is supposed to be neutral but by the looks of it is in for revenge.

  2. Sir lankan fans of star plus ♥️✝️

    wasting everyone’s time better replace a new story .always inside the house everything happens with all round gatherings jokes of series

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