Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gehna And Surya’s Haldi Ceremony

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna walks down with Sarika ready for haldi ritual. Surya stands mesmerized with hre beauty. Kanak walks away feling jealous. Hema suggests munching sweets to have snacks as her plan is failing. Kanak says she is interested in the drama and not snacks. Hema asks what is her plan. Kanak walks to Sarika and says her plan of showering flowers on Gehna is amazing. Sarika says they did the same during her friend’s wedding and walks away when Hema tells her that her mother is searching for her. Kanak breaks glass and mixes glass pieces in flowers to take revenge from Gehna; she thinks she will enjoy seeing Gehna being colored with yellow and red.

Ladies dance on Sasural Genda Phool.. song. Gehna joins them and dances along. Men join them later. Surya applies haldi to his cheek and rubs his cheek to Gehna’s cheek to apply haldi to her. Dadaji praises his idea. Daadi says lets end the dance and start haldi ritual as muhurat is passing on.

Ladies perform Gehna and Surya’s haldi. Surya signals Suhani looking at flower potli. Kanak thinks Gehna will turn into blood when glass strands fall on her. Surya sensing something wrong runs and protects Gehna. Kanak fumes thinking why did this donkey interfere. Gehna notices Surya bleeding and gets emotional. Surya says small issues happen during big functions. Hema says Gehna got her fate written with golden pen. Surya tells Gehna that he felt more pain when she threw her down and asks to hug him. She says she will not and reminds Baa that panditji’s words are coming true, marriage is not in her fate. Surya hugs Gehna and says risk is the USP of their love story.

Doctor treats Surya. Gehna asks if he is fine now. He says yes. Dadaji asks Surya if he knew what was in the flower potli. He says yes. Gehna asks why did he bear injuries then. He says he wanted to test the limits of madness, how much that person wants to harm her. Suhani asks who is it. Surya says let it be. Gehna and others insist him to reveal the name. Kanak gets tensed. Surya says Kanak bhabhi. Everyone look at Kanak angrily. Kanak tries to leave. Baa stops her. Kanak nervously blabbers that Surya is lying. Baa slaps her twice. Bapuji says she made their head bend in shame. Pankaj asks till when they will bear her nonsense. Kanak says they are trusting an outsider instead of protecting her. Gehna warns her to stop lying as she trusts Surya more than herself. Sarika says Hema and Kanak were present when the girls were tying flower potli. Gehna asks Kanak to stop troubling her and leave from there. Surya asks Gehna to apply haldi to him now.

After some time, Surya tries to write Gehna’s name with mehandi on his hand and seeks Suhani’s help. Suhani asks why he is doing everything alone, he even got injured trying to protect Gehna, did he divert from his mission and fell in Gehna’s love again. Gehna calls him and chats with him. He insists her to say I love you to her would be husband. She hesitantly says I love you very very much. He says I love you too and disconnects call. He then tells Suhani that only he can hurt Gehna, today he saved her and won Desai family’s trust, they will feel more pain when they trust him more. He will love Gehna immensely and when he will attack her, she will shatter. She says he proved that he is Sikandar’s brother and writes Gehna’s name on his hand.

Precap: Gehna goes back to her illiterate servant avatar and troubles Surya. Surya angrily orders her to get out of his view. She thinks they will see how an ant will trouble an elephant now.

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