Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Tia Rejects Krishna’s Proposal

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna asks Kanak being herself modern, how can her thinking be old and says she will take up responsibility of Tia’s wedding. Anant says there is no need to find a groom as groom is.. Gehna stops her. Kanak thinks they both are up to something and she should find out. Anant tells Gehna that its good Krishna loves Tia even after so much happened. Gehna says Tia doesn’t know that Krishna loves her and she doesn’t want them to follow a relationship which doesn’t have a love in it, reminiscing Anant saying he will care for her always as she is his responsibility. She then asks Anant to ask Krishna to speak to Tia and find out her opinion. Kanak hears their conversation and thinks they are planning Tia’s wedding, she will make her move now. Anant sees Gehna’s bruised hand and makes her sit to apply ointment. She says she will apply the ointment on her own, calls him Anantji. He says why is she again calling him Anantji. She says because she likes to call him Anantji. Once he leaves, she thinks Anant doesn’t love her and considers her only his responsibility, she will call him Anant when he will start loving her.

After sometime, Kanak walks to Gehna and beats thali. Whole family gathers. Hema asks why is she beating thali. Kanak says in olden days, people used to beat thali to announce good news. Baa asks what is the good news. Kanak says Gehna has fixed Tia’s wedding. Bapuji asks who is the boy. Kanak says Gehna’s best friend Krishna and tries to feed laddu to Gehna. Baa stops her and asks Gehna when she became so big that she took such a big decision without their consent and who gave her this right. Kanak thinks now Gehna is trapped. Gehna says she didn’t speak to Tia yet that Krishna likes her. Kanak says Gehna hid the truth, says to baa that Krishna is eyeing badly on Tia. Gehna says Krishna is not a bad boy. Kanak says but he is a boy and they should confront him. Baa asks where is Krishna now. Hema says where else than in Tia’s room.

Tia dries her hair after bathe. Krishna knocks door, walks in and asks if she needs something. She says its her house and if she needs anything, then she will take on her own. He says he wants to tell her something. Tia slips and he holds her. Baa with Kanak, Hema, and Gehna walk in and shout at Tia. Tia asks what happened. Kanak tells Hema that her prediction was right that Krishna is in Tia’s room. Gehna says Krishna must have come to express his feelings for Tia. Krishna nervously stammeers. Baa takes them to living room. Anant joins and asks what is happening. Gehna says Baa found out Krishna’s feelings for Tia. Tia asks what. Kanak says Krishna loves her (Tia). Tia asks Krishna if its true. Krishna tries to say… but just then, Gehna comes to her and says yes. Baa yells at Gehna that she made a big mistake by hiding the truth from family. Anant says he knew about Krishna’s feelings from before, he wanted to talk to Tia first, but Sagar started the wedding drama. Baa yells that they both betrayed her. Anant says Krishna is Gehna’s friend, from her village, and from a good family. Baa yells that Krishna is a villager like Gehna and they don’t know about his family. Krishna says with their permission, he wants to marry Tia. Tia says she doesn’t want to as she is still in shock with Sagar’s betrayal and she didn’t see Krishna that way at all. Anant tries to explain her, but Gehna stops him and says they shouldn’t force Tia if she doesn’t want to marry now and give her some time. Kanak and Hema grin seeing Tia’s denial.

Anant returns to his room thinking what Gehna is up to, picks her books and falls down. Gehna asks him to be careful. He says he fell in front of family as she wanted Tia and Krishna’s wedding and she herself denied for it in front of all. Gehna says it should be Tia’s decision as its her life. Anant says she is speaking too much, Tia’s decision regarding Sagar was wrong. Gehna says just because one decision was wrong, all decisions cannot be wrong; a forceful marriage cannot stay long. He asks what does she mean. She says like he married unwillingly due to Bapuji’s pressure and it was not his decision, hence she is still his responsibility and not his love; she doesn’t want Tia and Krishna’s marriage like them as Krishna loves Tia and will be hurt most.

Precap: Gehna suggests family to send Tia and Krishna on trekking to see if they are compatible with each other. Baa gets angry, and Paresh backs her. Kanak says Baa got angry when she brought marriage problems news, and now Gehna got honeymoon proposal directly.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    🤔 so Tia wanted to marry psycho Sagar but don’t want to marry Krishna, who she likes… hmmm… what is wrong here ? 🤔🙄 and why do I feel that this serial is heading towards another “what will society say” track with Tia and Krishna ?? Is this all Starplus serials are going to show us ?? 🙄😔

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