Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Curiosity

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guruji establishes asthami akhand jyot/lamp and tells Jamna that it should be on till Ramnavami tomorrow and someone should protect it whole night. Kanak says she is elder bahu and will protect it whole night. Chetan and Hema fume seeing her drama. Guruji says if jyot blows off, it wouldn’t be good for family. She assures that she will stay awake and protect it whole night. Pankaj thinks she will sleep. Hema says she surprised her and didn’t inform her about plan. Kanak says they failed all her plans till now and will execute this plan herself. Chetan and Hema think she kicked out her own team and is planning something big.

Gehna asks Gopi to describe about her lengha and draws its sketch. Gopi says its exactly the same and praises her talent. Kokila tells Anant that Praful bhai told Ahem was found by Gehna at river bank and would have died if he had stayed in water even for a few minutes, Gehna risking her life saved him and is very kind hearted, she moved aside to get Guruji’s kamandal and she is a boon to this family, so one cannot be angry after getting boon. Anant calms down. Gehna tells Gopi that she will prepare lehanga by morning. Gopi says she doesn’t have to be awake whole night and strain herself. Gehna says she has to be awake to protect jyot anyways, she means for navratri’s jagrata. Kokila hearing their conversation checks sketch and likes it. Gopi asks Kokila if she can visit outhouse one last time. Kokila permits. Kanak hearing their conversation thinks now saas is sending bahu to outhouse, something is really wrong. Kokila noticing her asks if she needs anything. Kanak says she has to be awake whole night protecting jyot, so gehna should correct even her lehnga, who knows with her dedication her husband’s business may improve. She asks Gopi why she doesn’t discuss about her husband. Kokila warns her to mind her business or else she has ordered Gopi to give a befitting reply if someone troubles her. Kanak says she got angry unnecessarily and asks her to bless her so that she succeeds in her goal, she means in protecting jyot, and bends to touch her feet. Kokila asks her to touch her feet properly and blessing her says nobody should try to taunt or interfere in her issues, else she will not keep quiet. Kanak asks Gehna if she is preparing lehanga for herself. Gopi says its for her. Kanak says she is making her work hard unnecessarily, she means she has many heavy lehangas and Gopi can use one. Gopi says its okay, she will use Gehna’s prepared lehanga. Kanak walks out and thinks she needs to know what they are up to and should use Hetal, who is a weak link, to know their secret. She calls Hema and asks to come in garden.

Hetal makes Urmila forcefully walk in garden. Kanak walks to them and chats. Hema standing far behind shows ice cream to Urmila and she leaves. Kanak tells Hetal that they didn’t speak much and she came to chat with her. She says that she heard Kokila lost her son and can understand her pain, wants to know what had happened. Hetal describes in detail and shows Ahem’s pic. Kanak says he is Jaggi. Hetal says Jaggi is Ahem’s doppelganger, Gopi had lost hope after Ahem died and Jaggi brought back colors in her life. She requests her to let her send Hetal’s family memories to her phone and transfer all pics to her mobile. She realizes that Gopi Kaka is Ahem and Gopi is trying to revive her lost love.

Gopi kaka in outhouse sits sadly reminiscing Kokila’s incident when Gopi disguised as Ahem walks in thinking Gopi kaka has to become Ahem at any cost and keeps hand on him. Gopi kaka gets flashback of Gopi and asks where was he, he had brought khandvi for him and ate it when he didn’t come. Ahem says maybe his love is not in his fate and informs that he is going tomorrow. Gopi kaka says his training is not yet complete. Ahem says a new chapter is starting in his life tomorrow and it would be a tough one.

Precap: Ahem’s memory returns and he walks into dandiya function. Gopi gets happy seeing him and runs to him. Jaggi shatters seeing that.

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