Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Gets A Job

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna tries to read sentence while studying. Anant helps her. She asks his help in another word. He leans on her and reads it and then starts explaining. She feels good and just looks at his face. He asks where is she lost, if she heard what he read, asks to repeat that. She says study for the exam. He says he will read it again and questions her. She answers confidently. He praises her for byhearting whole answer and asks her to practice writing speedily. She searches her pen. He sees it in her hair and pulls it out. They get engrossed in each other’s eyes. Radhika enters with coffee for them and alerts them jealously. They get alert, and Gehna shies while taking pen from him. Radhika offers them coffee and asks Gehna if she can help her in studies. Gehna says its okay as Anant is there and thanks her for coffee. Radhika asks to have coffee first and thinks that after having this coffee she will go into deep sleep whole night and will not study at all. She wishes her all the best and leaves.

In the morning, Baa with family waiting for daily pooja is surprised that Gehna didn’t wake up today yet. Kanak smirks that Gehna will fail in exam. Gehna walks down, leaving Kanak and Radhika jealous. Gehna tells Baa that she has exam today, so she performed pooja early and touches elders’ feet. She tells Baa and Bapuji that she is going to fulfill the dream that Anant showed to her and needs their blessings for her exam. Baa says their blessings are always with her and offers her prasad ladu. Radhika thinks why didn’t Gehna sleep after having hypnotic laced coffee. Anant walks down yawning and says don’t know why he didn’t wake up on time. Gehna smiles reminiscing exchanging her coffee with Anant by mistake and Anant falling asleep on her shoulder. Kanak says Anant drank Gehna’s coffee instead. Anant asks Gehna if she studied at night.She says she has memorized all that he taught her. Family wishes her all the best. Kanak wishes her best of luck and asks to make Baa and Bapuji proud. She hugs her and murmurs that she will wait for her sweets. Gehna says she made her determination more strong.

Anant thanks Kanak for thinking good for Gehna today. Kanak thinks he will know her thinking in 2 minutes. He gets a call from company for interview at 10 a.m. and informs Gehna that they are calling for interview in 15 minutes, so he will deny them. She asks him to attend interview while she goes for her exam. He says they need to search her eroom number and seat number and the school is very far , so somebody will have to go with her. Radhika says she studied in that school and knows all classrooms, so he should attend interview while she will drop Gehna to her examination center. He thinks that don’t know why is he feeling that he shouldn’t leave Gehna alone. Gehna asks him to have laddu. Radhika offers choc before him. Anant takes laddu, saying first comes prasad. Anant eats laddu and says he will eat choc later. He takes his parents’ blessings and reaches interview venue where receptionist asks him to sit till interviewer calls him. He sits and hopes Gehna packed her stuff properly.

Radhika takes Gehna in her car to drop her to exam center. Gehna thanks her. Anant sees its already 10:30am and asks receptionist if there are other interviews happening. She says there is only his interview. He sits and waits for interview and at 11 a.m. thinks of calling Gehna and wish her. Receptionist informs him to go in. He enters interviewer’s cabin and noticing Radhika’s favorite flowers and company’s name RV Global Communication thinks if he came to Radhika’s office. Radhika stops car midway and acts as checking engine thinking Gehna will not even get an auto now to reach exam center on time. Gehna gets tensed and sees time passing by. Anant gives his certificates to interviewer. Interviewer says his boss already selected him and he is called here to take his appointment letter. Anant says to interviewer that he doesn’t know about him much. Interviewer says his boss knows everything about him and describes. Anant asks how does he know so much about him. Interviewer says via internet and asks his last salary. Anant says 1 lakh per month. Interviewer offers 2 lakhs per month and gives him appointment letter. Anant walks out and sees Gehna’s message to call her after he’s done with his interview as she’s stuck. Anant calls Gehna. Gehna tells car broke down, they are standing on the road. He gets tensed.

Precap: Radhika tells Gehna that she is trying to start car, but its not starting. Gehna noticing her drama starts car.

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