Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Shocked To See Anant And Radhika Hugging Each Other

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna with teary eyes tells Anant that if he is finding it hard to live with her, she will leave the room. She packs her clothes and walks towards door while Radhika smirks. Anant stops her and says this is her room and she will stay here, he will go instead. Radhika smirks and returns to her room where she hears Vinit postponing his meeting citing her injury. She asks him not to postpone meeting and risk business. He hesitantly agrees and says he will pack his bag. She says she will pack his bag. He says he will book flight then. She gets happy thinking finally Vinit is leaving and Anant left Gehna and went out of his room. Gehna thinks he will try to convince her, but she will not get convinced as she is very disappointed with him this time. He picks his files and says he came to pick his files and stuff. She gives him remaining file and it drops down. They both pick it and their hands touch and they withdraw their hands back. She gives him file and he leaves.

During dinner, Radhika thinks along with Anant she needs to win family’s hearts. She takes roti box from Gehna and asks her to bring more rotis, serves family, drops rice bowl and asks Gehna to clean the mess. Baa asks Radhika to clean the mess as she only dropped the rice bowl. Gehna looks at Anant. Anant orders to stop looking at him and clean the mess. Gehna reminisces Anant defending her before and bends to clean the mess. Radhika stops her and says she will clean it. Gehna says she will as its her house and Radhika is a guest and should leave in a few days. Baa and Bapuji grin hearing that. Tia taunts Radhika that she is running just like Radhika ji roamed in Vrindavan, when will she go to her house as her leg looks fine now. Anant says she cannot joke on Radhika like this. Kanak says she is insulting Radhika. Tia says she was joking. Kanak says if this was a joke, then it was really a bad one. Anant orders Tia to apologize Radhika. Kanak smirks seeing Anant openly supporting Radhika. Tia angrily walks away saying why should she apologize when she didn’t do anything wrong. Anant apologizes Radhika on Tia’s behalf.

Gehna injures her finger with a broken glass piece while cleaning the mess. Family concerned walks to her. Gehna says she is fine. Anant says he will first-aid her and asks to give her hand. She says when he has left her hand, he shouldn’t hold it again. He says this time he has not held her hand to leave and insisting her performs her first-aid saying her wound will heal soon. She says how will he heal the wound that’s inflicted on her heart. He says time will heal every wound. Radhika feels jealous seeing them and cries.

After sometime, Radhika stands crying in garden looking at the moon. Gehna also stands crying at her room’s window remembering Anant supporting her always before and their quality moments. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song plays in the background. Anant drapes shawl over Radhika. Radhika says I love you to Anant, then says she got emotional and couldn’t control herself. He says she is right, she shouldn’t have told him that, he should have told her I love you too. Radhika hugs him and sees Gehna watching them. Anant also notices Gehna. Gehna runs away shattered. Family notice Gehna, Baa and Bapuji ask why is she crying and what happened. Anant walks in with Radhika and informs that Gehna saw them hugging each other. Bapuji asks what does he mean. Anant says whatever he is thinking is true, good that Gehna saw them together as he was about to inform Gehna anyways. Baa asks what he wanted to inform Gehna. Anant says he wants divorce from Gehna. Each family member’s face is focused in shock.

Precap: Anant gives divorce papers to Gehna and insists her to sign them.

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  1. Must Anant hurt Ghena in this way just to right his mistake?

    1. Bhaswati Bharadwaj

      Anant is actually pretending infront of Radhika.It is actually revealed in yesterday’s episode that Anant got to know Radhika’s true colours.So he is hatching a plan to expose Radhika.Anant trusts Gehna lot.He is pretending to hurt Gehna’s feelings..

  2. So Anant want to pretend to hurt his wife to expose his ex, well he should have told Gehna his plan, why should she get hurt in the process of correcting his mistake? She would have pretended along. Means he still don’t want to hurt Radikha.
    Anant and family is very weird to have an ex living with them when she has a husband, he is super stupid to beleive Radikha lame stories of being abused by husband. Those ridiculous facial expressions of Khanak and Hema 😲
    The Sagar story is also lame, with him forever jumping up and down, children don’t even do that!! That family have yet to figure he is well and fooling them into thinking he lost memory and is childlike. Show is really nonsense

  3. It is said,Love is the seventh sense which destroys all the six senses and makes the person nonsense!
    The same is happening with these two ladies – Radhika and Gehna.They are literally attacking and doing cat-fights for a man.
    When Radhika made a comeback in the show,then only I said that the makers will turn her into a villain to show Gehna mahaan.(I said this in March)
    And look it exactly happened!
    Anyways,Anant is just acting…He will confront Radhika soon….I heard that he will ask Radhika to die with him as nobody will let them stay together…But let’s see what happens.

  4. How can Anant marry Radhika when she is already someone’s wife. Who will tell the writers to stop writing such nonsense. Why don’t Anant bring Radhikas truth in front of her husband instead of hurting Gehna.

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