Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Hema Surprised With Kanak’s Changed Behavior

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak tells Desai family that she wants to serve them like Gehna to repent for her sins. She says she did many sins for wealth, but when Pankaj threw jewelry on her face and kicked her out of house, she realized that when relationships are broken, wealth is of no use and real wealth is family. Pankaj says when a person realizes his/her mistakes, he repents. She hugs and forgives her. Baa says she was angry on her, but forgave her even seeing her repention. Hema thinks he can understand Kanak’s apology but cannot understand why she wants to live like Gehna, don’t know what Kanak’s plan is. Next morning, Baa with Bapuji and Paresh walks towards temple hearing aarti and says her day starts really well hearing Kanhaji’s aarti by Gehna. They see Gehna and Anant coming out of their room and think who is singing aarti then. Whole family walks down and sees Kanak singing aarti. After shows aarti to everyone. Baa says she she sang aarti really well and wishes happy wedding anniversary to Pankaj and Kanak. Krishna realizes she is this family’s elder bahu Kanak Desai.

Gehna says she will prepare breakfast for everyone. Kanak says she will prepare it and walks to kitchen. Gehna walks behind her and is surprised to see Kanak already finished most of the work, asks why she is working on her wedding anniversary. Kanak says she likes serving everyone their favorite breakfast, asks her to go and speak to her friend or study for her computer class. Gehna leaves. Sagar walks in and insists Kanak to play with him. Kanak calmly requests to let her finish work first. Hema walks in and sending Sagar away asks Kanak why she has turned from Prem Chopra to Priyanka Chopra. Baa walks in and gifts her gold bangles as wedding anniversary gift. Kanak burns her finger while trying to hold it. Baa gets concerned. Kanak says its a small injury and she will be fine. Baa asks why is she here instead of being with Pankaj, where is Gehna. Hema says she is chatting with Krishna. Baa reminisces Krishna lifting Kanak. Kanak says let Gehna chat with her friend, she will prepare breakfast. Baa says she will help her. Hema thinks she needs to find out why Kanak is wearing a mask of goodness, its definitely because of Gehna.

Gehna dries her hair after bathe and smiles reminiscing Anant praising her, thinks she will get ready for him. Hiral walks in and seeing her getting ready thinks of informing everyone. Anant walks in and stands mesmerized with her beauty. She notices him and thinks she looks gorgeous today, she never used to get ready like this, if its because of Krishna. Gehna says let us start class. He starts teaching her. She gets tensed hearing her earring sound and thinks Anant will get angry on her, says she will remove them. He says she made a mistake and will be punished for it. She thinks what would be his punishment. He brings her bangles and says these were missing, fixes them in her hands. She feels pain, he apologizes, she smiles, he says now its perfect.

Kanak serves tea to family. Baa praises her. Hiral says since Krishna came home, Gehna’s attitude has changed. Baa scolds her not to speak ill about family bahu and asks her to help Kanak in kitchen. Anant finishes lesson and says she needs to concentrate more on her studies. She nods yes. He remembers Krishna describing Gehna’s dream mana and saying he doesn’t find any of those qualities in Anant. He says he looks boring, but is very adventurous like a stuntman, he did paragliding, river rafting, bungie jumping, etc. She doesn’t know what bungie jumping is. He says he will show her, takes her to balcony edge, and asks her not to get afraid. Gehna panics due to fear of height and holds him tightly closing her eyes. He asks her to open her eyes. Krishna walks there and asks if he cannot see she is afraid, she has agoraphobia/height phobia, can’t he know this being her husband. Gehna says she fears height since childhood. He remembers her saving Radhika and says she jumped from terrace to save Radhika. She says she can risk her life for others. Krishna praises kuckoo. Gehna says she is surprised that he is praising her and asks him to go and concentrate on his play. Anant tells Gehna that he will drop her to class and remembers Krishna’s words. Krishna brings scooty and says he will drop Gehna to class. Anant insists he will. Gehna says she will go with Anant. Anant says car is more comfortable than scooty and gets car. Gehna gets in. Car breaks down. Gehna says she is getting late for her class. Anant fumes on car, walks to Krishna and asks him to drop Gehna to her class. Krishna asks him to say please. Anant says please. Krishna asks him to repeat and says he felt nice, tells kuckoo that he will drop her to class and will get a surprise gift for her. Gehna gets excited hearing that and leaves with him. Paresh notices that and walks to Anant.

Precap: Gehna and Anant dance. During dinner, Hiral says Gehna, Anant, and Krishna are missing. Hema says she saw Gehna walking towards her room and Krishna walking behind her. Baa gets angry hearing that.

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  1. Hmmm.Anant is getting a dose of his medicine,just as he did to Gehna with Radika,but Gehna must be careful,I don’t trust kanak,this is another ploy to make Gehna make a mistake and be sent out of the house.

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