Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant trusts Radhika over Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna tells Anant that Radhika lied about Vineet, her marriage. She lied that Vineet troubles her, threatens her, that their relationship is not good. Vineet loves her a lot. She came to the house by lying. Anant asks why she would lie. Gehna says to make him guilty and win him. She further says that now she understood why he was so worried for Radhika since last few days because she had brainwashed him by lying. Radhika starts crying and tells Anant that this is why she told him not to tell anything to Gehna, but he kept saying that they won’t hide anything from Gehna. She told Gehna everything, but what she did? She’s proving her (Radhika) wrong instead. Gehna asks Radhika why she’s lying. She was telling Kanak about Vineet’s true nature and she (Gehna) heard their conversation. Radhika saw Gehna and locked her in a cupboard, so that her secret doesn’t come out. Radhika says enough. Last time she accused her of lying and now she’s questioning her character. Radhika further says that Gehna is doing all this because she’s jealous of Radhika, she is scared that Radhika might take Anant away from her because she knows Anant doesn’t love her, and nor will he ever. Radhika says she is Anant’s first love, but she will never be a second woman in Anant’s life. Gehna asks her to stop lying. She is not like her who gets jealous. They both continue attacking each other. Anant interrupts and says enough. Anant asks Radhika why she did all this. Radhika says she didn’t do anything. Gehna can’t see her in this house. She told the truth to Gehna and she’s now twisting it. Now Anant questions Gehna when Radhika told her the truth, why is she not believing her. He says Radhika can never do this. Gehna says she heard it herself. Radhika says then call Kanak and ask her. Anant says he is tired of them and leaves. Radhika thinks she must make Anant believe that she didn’t lie. She goes behind him.

Radhika asks Anant why did he leave like that? Whether he also thinks she’s lying. She doesn’t know why Gehna is lying. Anant thinks Gehna never lies. He had doubt on Radhika already and that is why he left the room to see whether Radhika follows him. She said her leg is injured and she is not able to walk, but she came running behind him. Radhika asks him why is he quiet? He says that he knows who is lying and who is telling the truth. He tells her to relax, he will take care of everything. Radhika now pretends to be having pain in her leg. She says she will go and rest. She is happy thinking she won.

Baa and others come to Gehna. Gehna hugs Baa. Sapan does Gehna’s checkup. Sapan asks her how she got locked in the cupboard. Kanak gets scared. Gehna thinks when Anant didn’t trust her, why would others trust her? There is no point telling the truth. Sapan tells her to rest and he will get medicine. Baa goes to get juice.

Radhika gives 5 lakhs cheque to Kanak. Kanak is confused thinking how come Anant didn’t trust Gehna when he’s blindly believing her after court case. How did he come in Radhika’s trap? Radhika says not trap, he fell in love with her and love is blind, so he is blindly believing her. Kanak says she hopes whatever Radhika is saying is true.

Anant stands in front of Kanhaji. He says Gehna kept telling him the truth, but he didn’t believe her. He messed everything and now only he will solve everything. He will have to do something so that Radhika confesses all her evil acts. He prays to Kanhaji to give strength to Gehna as he will have to hurt Gehna while trying to expose Radhika. He knows Gehna is disappointed, but he won’t let her efforts go waste. He will complete what she started.

Radhika comes to Gehna and teases her. Gehna asks how low she will go. Radhika says there is a saying in English, fall in love. So yes, she has fallen a lot in Anant’s love and that is why she lied. She wanted to win Anant and that is why she did all this drama. And as they say, everything is fair in love and war. Radhika further says that Anant still loves her and that is why he supported her and not Gehna. Today it’s proved who is in Anant’s heart. She tells Gehna to do whatever she wants now. Gehna says this is not old same Gehna, this is Gehna made by Anant who doesn’t give up so easily.

Gehna further tells Radhika that today she survived, but for how long? One day, she will get exposed and it will be her (Gehna) who will expose her (Radhika). This is her promise. Radhika gets mad and picks up a hot tea cup to throw tea at Gehna, but Gehna grabs her hand and blocks it. She tells Radhika that she is Anant’s wife, so don’t even think about throwing tea at her. Anant comes there. Radhika sees him and starts her drama. Anant scolds Gehna and says it’s impossible to make her understand. Anant says it’s getting difficult to spend even one moment with her. Gehna says if that’s the case, then she will leave the room. Radhika gets happy. Anant wonders what to do now.

Precap: Gehna gets hurt seeing Anant and Radhika hugging each other. Gehna is crying. Baa asks her why she is crying. Anant says she saw him and Radhika hugging each other. Bapuji asks what does that mean? He says he was going to tell Gehna that he wants divorce from her. Everyone is shocked.

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