Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Connects With Anant

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna opens door to escape from brothel and stops seeing a dog. Goon lady warns Gehna that now she cannot escape and if she even moves now, her dog will tear her into pieces. She shoos dog on Gehna and locks door from outside. At home, Tia blames herself for trusting Sagar instead of Anant and Gehna and putting Gehna in trouble. Anant says Sagar’s nature is to betray, he will find Gehna at any cost. Lady brings food for Gehna and asks her to finish it, she will be decked up and only then they will take her out. Gehna gets tensed thinking where these people want to take her. She hears mobile ringing and realizes lady left her mobile there. Dog barks at her. She prays god, then fills water in a bowl and serves it to dog, pleads him that nobody is there to help her and hence if he can, she needs phone to call her family and serves him food. Dog starts eating. Gehna picks lady’s purse that has mobile in it.

The next morning at Desai house, lawyer informs Anant that he prepared Sagar’s bail papers. Kanak thinks her plan is working and once Sagar is out, she will execute her further plan with Sagar. Gehna calls Anant. Anant goes aside and asks her where is she as he will come to pick her up. She says she doesn’t know where she is, tells that 2 goons brought her here, a lady told that this place is not a human place but a brutal jungle, this place must not be far away from Surat. Dog barks hearing the lady coming. Gehna disconnects call and sits down. Lady returns and says if dog is silent means she was also silent, gives her clothes and asks her to get ready as they have to leave from here. Gehna asks her to go out. Lady waits outside. Anant returns to family and says he doesn’t want Sagar’s bail. Lawyer leaves. Bapuji asks what happened to him suddenly. Anant says he will inform them later and takes Krishna along. Kanak thinks what will happen to her plan if Sagar doesn’t come out of jail. Krishna asks Anant where are they going. Anant says Gehna had called and told she is in some jungle around Surat, hence he is going to search her in jungle, asks Krishna to go to police station, track his GPS and reach the jungle with police. Anant drives his car searching Gehna. Gehna calls him again. He asks her to tell where she is, hears back car honking and asks the driver to pass on from side, asks Gehna to at least tell the direction she is in. Gehna says she doesn’t know and seeing a water bowl says she can find out the direction. She says she will inform him in 20 minutes.

Kanak thinks she has to make a counter plan now and thinks to use Bhavani to get Sagar out of jail. Hema walks to her and informs that her parents returned to Jamnagar. Kanak thinks all her plans are failing.

Gehna searches leaf to find out direction and reminisces Anant teaching her to use compass which Bapuji taught him. Gehna says like his Bapuji taught him to use compass, her Bapuji taught her to find direction via leaves. Out of flashback, she finds a leaf under dog’s foot and tries to pick it. Dog barks at her. She prays Kanhaji to get her leaf and tries to pick it again, but dog barks again. She prays god again and dog lets her pick leaf. She then puts leaf in water bowl and puts hair pin on it to find the direction, calls Anant and informs that she found out a way to find direction. He says he reached jungle and will honk the horn, she should find out the direction. She hears horn sound and checks all 4 walls and says its coming from south direction. He says that means he reached very near to her and will reach her soon.

Precap: Anant reaches Gehna’s place and finds her earring on floor. Gehna escapes from goons, injures her leg, and hides under bushes.

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  1. I must say Gehna is one smart lady.
    Get rid of Khanak, Hema and Sagar don’t even try to reform them, just get rid of them

  2. Agree. Time to get rid of those three and let them pay for their evil crimes.

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