Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Anant

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anant returns to his room after office and feels concerned for Gehna. He notices Gehna’s belongings missing, calls Baa, and asks where is it. Baa says she took them away as its already a week since Gehna is gone and hence she wants him to move on. Anant says Gehna is in mental health clinic. Kanak says Gehna is mentally sick and will be in mental health clinic forever, she cannot return back to Desai house. Baa says she wants him to marry another girl and has already called one tomorrow. He says he wil not as he loves Gehna. Baa walks out with Kanak ordering him to obey her.

Kanak feels heavy after a heavy dinner and goes down to living room to exercise. Hema munches snacks on sofa. Pankaj doesn’t find Kanak on bed and walks out to check. Anant gets a dream of Gehna entering his room and requesting him to save her as she doesn’t want to return to mental assylum. He wakes up and realizes it was his dream and thinks Gehna must be in trouble. Pankaj walks to Kanak and asks why is she exercising during her pregnancy and asks hema why didn’t she stop her. Hema says Kanak is suffering from gas. Pankaj says she needs to have small meals at regular intervals and goes to bring something for her. Kanak scolds Hema for giving weird excuse. Pankaj brings milk and choc for Kanak and forces her to have it. Kanak feels frustrated thinking she wanted to lose weight, but her hubby is overfeeding her and making her overweight. Pankaj takes her to room. Hema thinks now she is sure that Kanak is not pregnant and is just acting, she will reveal this secret when she will benefit from it.

Next morning, Anant leaves for office. Baa stops him and asks where is he going early morning. Anant says he has an important work at office. Baa asks him to return home early in the evening as she has called a girl for alliance. He nods okay and leaves. Bapuji notices that and tells Baa that she is hurrying and making a mistake. Baa says she is not and walks away. Bapuji gets concerned for Anant. Anant reaches mental health clinic and asks receptionist about Gehna’s room. Receptionist checks and says there is no patient named Gehna admitted since a month. Anant says she doesn’t know to check and calling doctor says he admitted his wife a week ago and receptionist says he didn’t. Doctor says he is working here since long and there is really no patient named Gehna Desai. Anant threatens to tell where his wife is. Doctor calls ward boys and threatens to file a police complaint. Anant says he can. Doctor says he admits each patient and if he has really has admitted his wife here, it would been captured in CCTV footage. Anant agrees and asks him to show the CCT footage. Doctor shows CCTV footage. Anant is shocked to see him and Gehna missing from footage and says even his father was present with him, so he will bring his father. Doctor agrees.

Anant drives his car back towards home remembering doctor’s conversation and stops at a signal where he notices Gehna passing by in a car. He runs behind her and then follows her car. He finally finds her in a market and asks if she is upset with him and says he went to healthcare facility to meet her, but she wasn’t there; he even got a nightmare about her, but thank god she is fine. She asks who is he. He says he is her husband and asks why she has changed her dressing style, mangalsutra, and hairstyle. Mob gathers and asks Gehna if this man is troubling her. Gehna says this man says he is her husband, but her husband is someone else. Anant says she is his wife Gehna. Gehna says she is Kajal and not Gehna.

Precap: Abhay punishes Gehna for getting out of house and insists her to apologize him. She apologizes.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    That Baa is just a two faced piece of crap 😡 always waiting for something to go wrong to blame Gehna and threaten to throw her out … 🤐-you Baa 😑
    I still want Bapuji to leave her 🙄
    Hahaha… No Gehna around so Hema is backstabbing Kanak 😂 idiots…
    So let me get this straight 😐 Anant never visited Gehna…not even once while she was in the asylum… not even to find out how she was doing… and for more than a week ?? 😳
    That Desai family needs to suffer a bit… smdh

    1. I’m telling you they don’t deserve Gehna if they can forgive kanak and hema. I hope kanak drives them out of the house this time maybe that’s when they will get their sense back
      And also an ant is just so unbelievable after all gehna have done for him including putting up with radhika and his stupid family

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