Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Radhika Locks Gehna In A Cupboard

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika notices Gehna hearing her and Kanak’s conversation and gets tensed. Gehna hides in cupboard seeing her coming. She closes cupboard door and hurriedly takes Kanak from there and locks door from outside. Gehna hearing door closing sound thinks they must have gone, so she should meet Anant and inform him Radhika’s truth. She finds cupboard door locked. Radhika informs Kanak that Gehna heard their conversation as she was in store room already and she closed the cupboard door from outside. Kanak gets tensed. Hema hears their conversation and says if Gehna suffocates and dies, they will be trapped. Kanak says she had gone to store room to search Sagar’s toy car on Baa’s order and she will be blamed if Gehna dies. Radhika says if she hadn’t locked Gehna there,she would have gone and told everything to Anant. Kanak asks if she will kill Gehna to get Anant. Gehna gasps for air and knocks cupboard door. Kanak says let’s go and get Gehna out , but Radhika stops her. Baa walks to them and asks why they look tensed, if everything is alright. Kanak says yes. Baa asks Kanak and Hema to go and cook in the kitchen and tells Radhika to go and help Anant in the office work. Kanak thinks even if she hates Gehna, she doesn’t wish this much bad for her.baa asks them to go now. Gehna gasping for air tries to open locked cupboard with her safety pin.

Anant walks to Radhika. Anant asks why she looks tensed, gets Gehna’s call and picks it thinking if she has gone out. Gehna informs that Radhika locked her in cupboard and she is feeling suffocated, so he should get her out soon. Anant says he cannot listen to her and calls her back, but her phone is not reachable. Gehna collapses. Hema while preparing tea picks salt to add. Kanak alerts her. Hema panics that if Gehna dies, they will be in jail. Kanak rushes to get Gehna out of cupboard. Hema prays god to protect Gehna. Kanak rushes to store room and finds cupboard missing. Anant informs family about Gehna gone missing. Family gets worried for Gehna. Paresh asks where did Gehna go. Bapuji asks if he checked whole house. Anant says yes and tells that she is not picking the phone. Kanak returns to her team and informs them that cupboard is missing. Hema asks where could cupboard go by itself. Kabadiwale/scrap dealers bring cupboard out. Hema informs that Bapuji called the scrap dealer. Kanak asks what will happen now. Tia returns and informs that Gehna is not on terrace. Baa gets more tensed. Kanak tells Hema that Gehna is not moving in cupboard, that means.. Sagar cries that mamma left him and prays god. Kabadiwala pays Bapuji and carries cupboard along.

Anant calls Gehna again, and phone rings in cupboard. They all realize its coming from cupboard and realize Gehna is stuck in. Bapuji says cupboard’s door gets jammed easily, so he sold it. Anant breaks lock and opens door. They are all shocked to see Gehna there. Anant picks her worried, Tia sprinkles water on her face, Anant calls Sapan and informs him situation. Sapan asks Anant to take Gehna to her room, not let family around, and open all windows and doors for ventilation. Anant does same and informs Sapan that Gehna is still unconscious. He rubs her hand and foot. Sapan says Gehna has lack of oxygen, hence Anant has to fill oxygen in her mouth via his mouth as they don’t have much time to take her to hospital. Anant hesitantly does same. Gehna wakes up gasping for air. Anant gets happy, thanks god, and says what would happen to him if something had happened to her. Radhika enters and gets jealous seeing that. She thanks god that Gehna is safe. Anant asks Gehna how was she trapped in the cupboard. Radhika offers water to Gehna. Gehna throws it away. Gehna walks to her and informs Anant that Radhika locked her in a cupboard. Anant asks why would Radhika do that. Gehna says she got afraid as she heard Radhika’s conversation. Anant asks what conversation. Gehna says Radhika lied to him regarding Vinit, she is fooling him.

Precap: Radhika alleges Gehna that she is jealous of her as she knows Anant will not give her a place in his heart. Gehna says its her misunderstanding and she will expose in front of everyone how cheap she is. Anant stops her and prays to God that he made a mistake and now he should correct it himself.

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  1. Candiva007

    Just when you thought the gig was up, i’m sure Radhika will find a way to get out of this. Anant is a fool.

    I’m not shocked that Hema turned on Gehna but I hope it’s all a plan to find out who really beat her brother.

  2. Radhika ko expose kro

  3. It’s a nice very drama…I used to see it.

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