Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna from the tempo sees Anant and calls him, but goon shuts her mouth. Krishna drives bike away. Anant asks Krishna to stop the bike as he heard Gehna’s voice. He returns near tempo and hearing someone pleading for help opens tempo door and finds some other girl who got stuck inside it. He breaks down remembering Gehna and thinks where did she go, where to find her. Aye Khuda Tu Bata.. song plays in the background. Krishna returns, consoles and takes him along.

Gehna wakes up and sees herself in a room with a goon lady. She asks where is she. Lady laughs and says she came at the right place and will go to the right place. Gehna pleads to let her go back to Anant. Lady stops her. Gehna pleads. Lady leaves her hand. Gehna tries to open door, but fails. Lady says its not easy to get out of this place as one who comes here cannot get out. Gehna pleads to spare her. Lady asks her to stop crying and bring brightness on her face as she has to look beautiful day and night from now onwards. Gehna knocks door again and asks being a woman how can she do this to another woman.

Kanak goes to meet Sagar in police station and gives him a tight slap. He falls down. She says instead of wasting her time, he should tell what he did with Gehna. He says he hasn’t planned anything evil for Gehna, she made her a key to get out of jail and once he is out, Gehna will be back home. Kanak says he is not that straight and insists to tell what he did with Gehna. He warns her that he will expose her. Kanak says she will expose Hema then and nobody will feel bad for Hema if she’s kicked out of house given the present situation; she then laughs and says whatever he did made her work easy.

Lady offers food to Gehna. She says she will not have food. She pleads to let her go. Lady forcefully feeds her. Once someone opens door, Gehna pushes the lady and tries to escape. Lady picks glass piece. Gehna collapses again. Sagar’s goon scolds her that what has she done. Lady says Gehna is acting as unconscious. The other goon asks her to get Gehna ready as her pic needs to be taken to prepare fake documents. He says if Gehna does not regain consciousness then their boss will not spare them. Gehna thinks who is their boss. Boss calls goons. Goons inform him they will prepare Gehna’s fake visa and take her out of the country tomorrow. Gehna hears their conversation.

At home, Kanak acts and requests Baa and Bapuji to have food. Anant returns. Baa and Bapuji ask if he found out Gehna’s location. Anant says yes, Sagar got her kidnapped and is demanding to bail him out if they want to know Gehna’s location. Bapuji says they will have to bail out Sagar and they will tackle him after Gehna returns home. Anant informs that lawyer will make bail papers by tomorrow and leaves. He searches for proof in Sagar’s room. Krishna asks what is he searching. Anant says Sagar is wicked and intelligent, but he must have left some proof and finds Sagar’s mobile. He finds a contact in his phone named as “boss” and realizes that Sagar has sent Tia’s dancing video to boss. Anant says what if Sagar wants to send Gehna out of country. Krishna asks Anant to call from his number. Anant calls boss, but boss blocks the number. Krishna asks now how will they find out about Gehna. After sometime, Anant dreams of Gehna returning home. Tia brings food and wakes him up. Gehna sprinkles lemon juice in lady’s eyes and runs out, but stands in shock.

Precap: Gehna stands afraid seeing a dog. Lady says now if she even moves, her dog will tear her into pieces.

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