Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Overhears Radhika’s Truth

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna continues playing game with Radhika and suggests her to leave the decision of victory or loss on fate. Radhika says until there is something bet, one cannot enjoy a game. Gehna asks what she means. Radhika says she means that in every game one gets a trophy or prize on winning. Gehna asks what she needs. Radhika says a challenge, whoever wins can ask anything from the loser. Bapuji and everyone insist her to agree. Gehna agrees. everyone clap for her. Gehna thinks in this way she will find out what Radhika wants. Hema asks Paresh to have sweets and tells that she will play the music. Paresh walks away tempted. Hema makes Gehna lose. Radhika tells Gehna that she won and she told her that she doesn’t like losing, says now she has to give whatever she wants. Gehna asks what she wants. Hema and Kanak insist Radhika to speak. Radhika says she needs a last competition as this game was based on luck, but victory or loss should be based on one’s capability; Gehna won many times due to her good fate, but it cannot happen always and only that person wins who is capable of winning; so let us have a singing competition one last time and thinks only she will win. Anant says its a one-sided game then as Radhika sings well. Gehna says she is ready for the competition. Radhika says whoever wins this competition will be the real winner, thinks Gehna lost already.

Competition starts. Gehna thinks she should listen to the words carefully and feel as if its connecting her to Anant. Radhika sings Mohe Rangdo Laal… song holding Vinit but looking at Anant. Gehna repeats the song. Radhika dances around Vinit continuing her singing. Gehna dances in front of Anant better with better singing, leaving Radhika jealous. Gehna dances thinking about the quality time spent with Anant. Radhika starts and twists her leg, thereby losing the competition. Everyone clap and praise Gehna. Vinit praises Gehna that she breathed a life in the song and her dance and emotions were really good. Gehna says thank you. Kanak tells Radhika that she herself hit an axe on her feet. Hema says this is what happens when two intelligent people think together. Kanak says Radhika only brought this defeat to herself, anyways better luck next time.

Gehna invites everyone for dinner. Sagar insists new mamma Kanak that he has a surprise for everyone and takes her along. Gehna says let us have something and let’s cut cake once Sagar returns. Anant praises Gehna’s singing and dance. Gehna shyingly thanks him and offers him cold-drink , leaving Radhika jealous. Anant asks Radhika if she is fine. Radhika says whenever Vinit is happy, he shows his evil side later, she is very much worried now. Sagar forcefully makes Kanak wear magician’s hat, makes her hold stick and tries to stick joker nose on her nose. Kanak angrily hits him with stick. Gehna rushes in and protects Sagar bearing the hit and asks why did she hit Sagar. Kanak shouts why is she interfering. Family rushes in, and Baa asks why did she beat Sagar. Paresh says even Gehna got hurt. Kanak justifies that Sagar forced joker nose on her, he is very strong and she was getting hurt. Anant asks the way she hit Sagar today did she hit him the other day. Kanak starts her acting and hitting herself cries that they all think she is childless and doesn’t love children. Baa stops her and asks what is she doing. Kanak thinks killing their doubt and cries that everyone blames her as she is modern and speaks truth; its possible that Sagar hit himself that day. Paresh stops her and says they will not talk about it again, they all should go out and have food. Everyone walk away. Gehna notices Kanak’s drama and says she told that she has no evidence against her, but today with her act, she herself brought her truth out in front of all, she hit herself and its god’s punishment for her; how much dark the night is, morning will be always bright, etc.

Next morning, Tia tells family that yesterday’s party was really nice. Vinit gets a call and informs Anant that he needs to attend a business meeting regarding their project and since Radhika is injured, he wants Anant to accompany him; they can have a good chat on the way. Anant says even he needs to chat with him. Sagar searches his toy car. Hema says it must be stuck somewhere and he will find it, where was he playing with it. Sagar says store room, terrace, and his room. Hema goes to search car. Baa asks Kanak to search Sagar’s car. Kanak angrily walks to store room murmuring. Radhika nervously walks to Kanak and informing about Vinit and Anant’s meeting says if Anant finds out that Vinit is really good, her plan will fail and she will have to leave this house, so Kanak should think of something. Kanak says she will think something. Radhika is shocked to see Gehna hearing her conversation. Gehna thinks she needs to inform Anant about Radhika’s plan.

Precap: Radhika alleges Gehna that she is jealous of her as she knows Anant will not give her a place in his heart. Gehna says its her misunderstanding and she will expose in front of everyone how cheap she is. Anant stops her and prays to God that he made a mistake and now he should correct it himself.

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  1. Radhika should fall so low in Anant’s eyes that he should be ashamed that he fell in love with and supported such an evil woman. This is the only way that Anant can forget his past love and move on with Gehna. And they are dragging this matter unnecessarily now. Please expose the wrongdoers and punish them, especially Kanak cause she’s been long due with all that she’s done.

    1. I agree with you. This has dragged on too long.

  2. Boring bna rkha h serial ko radhika drama kr rhi h Anant ko dikhayi nhi deta

  3. Didn’t like the way the actor playing Gehna danced.It seemed forced.She was jumping not dancing.I must say the other characters in this show dance well.Even in other serials,such dance sequences are really gracefully done.One of the example of this is the character Naira from yrkkh.She gave amazing dance performances in the show.Even season 1 of this show had better dance sequences….

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