Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Feels Jealous Of Krishna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paresh suggests Krishna to stay in their house if he staying in Surat for a month. Krishna says he spoke his mind, he will bring his bags from hotel tomorrow. He asks cuckoo/Gehna to help him in shopping tomorrow and meet him in the market. Once he leaves, Hiral asks why he insisted Krishna to stay here. Paresh says when Radhika can stay here, why not Krishna stay here. Everyone walk away fuming. Anant then asks why did he ask Krishna to stay here. Paresh sings a song and asks what he wants. Anant says Gehna will miss her studies even tomorrow if she goes on shopping with Krishna. Tia taunts him that Krishna is handsome and has 8 pack abs. Anant feels jealous. He returns form exercise in the morning thinking even he is fit. He sees Gehna studying in her room and asks if she didn’t go for shopping. Gehna says she cannot miss her studies everyday. He gets happy.

Hema video calls Kanak and informs what is happening in Desai house. Jigna yells that she is sitting silently instead of punishing Gehna for ruining Kanak’s life. Hema thinks she will punish Gehna and take her and Kanak’s revenge. Anant teaches Gehna. She pronounces storm wrongly. He teaches her. She says let us watch a movie. He says he is teaching her and she wants to watch a movie. She says her English is weak, so she wants to learn English by watching people’s conversation. He thinks she is right and says today’s class is finished, but she should focus on studies more. He gives her a break. She ties her tresses. He says let her hair free as they look good on her. She feels shy and walks towards wall lost in Anant’s dreams. Tia stops her and asks where is she lost, she would have hit the wall if she had not stopped her. Gehna says Anant praises her for the first time and said open hair look good on her. Tia taunts that bhai is falling in her love. Gehna says never wanted Anant to pity on her and consider her as responsibility and wants him to love her by heart, she wants Anant to consider her as last love if not first and choose her among 1000 girls. Tia says her Gehna is very beautiful and Anant will choose her among crores. Gehna says she is friend more than a nanad. Tia hugs her saying she is her best friend.

Krishna walks in with his bag and gifts marbles to Gehna. Gehna gets very happy and says he brought back his childhood. Family gathers, and Anant asks if she used to play with marbles. She says except marbles, she never played lagori, pitthu, etc. Krishna says she was champion in all these games and only he could defeat her. Gehna says he used to lose. Krishna says he always used to win. Tia challenges him for a game. Hema gets a call from her aide that her special parcel/time bomb will reach her in sometime. She thinks Gehna will open the parcel and will fall prey in her game. Krishna says who is in girl’s tema. Pankaj says Gehna, Hema, , Tia, Hiral, Kanak baby, gets sad and leaves. Krishna asks who is in boy’s team. Sagar says he will. Anant walks away saying he will not play such games. Chetan says they should play the game in garden. Krishna tells Gehna that her teacher cum husband is very boring, she wanted to marry a handsome stuntman with well-build body, good humor, wearing sun glasses, etc. She scolds him not to speak against her husband. Anant hears their conversation. Family starts lagori game in garden. Anant wearing goggles joins them. Paresh becomes referee. Game continues. Gehna hits tiles and rearranges them. Krishna asks Anant to hit Gehna with a ball, but Anant stops. Gehna wins and taunts Krishna. Tia also taunts him. Krishna says they lost because of Anant. Anant says he doesn’t know game rules. Paresh says he didn’t want to hit Gehna. Anant nervously says there is nothing like that. Hema informs Gehna that she got a parcel. Gehna excitedly rushes in and picks parcel, thinks there is no sender’s name on it, so she should open it and find out. Hema watches hiding and thinks real game will start now. Gehna opens parcel.

Precap: Anant sees Gehna in a black sari, gets mesmerized with her beauty and dances with her. Hema mixes poison in Gehna’s cake.

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  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    I want Hema’s children to grab the cake from Gehna 😡 apparently she forgot she has two children and what child can resist cake…she is so foolish 😡

  2. Krishna is such a joy to watch. He is a breath of fresh air to the show. Hope he stays around for a while. He and Gehna are so good together, maybe Anant will realize Gehna’s worth now. Please enough of Hema and her nonesense. Can’t stand watching her anymore. Time for her to be caught just like Kanak.

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