Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Kanak Accuses Gehna Again

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak thinks if Gehna went to clinic for a second opinion or treatment. Hema says nobody is trusting her at all. Kanak scolds her to stop her drama and says if Gehna finds out that she can get pregnant, she will confront the doctor who gave her wrong report and will send him to jail. Hema says Kanak will go to jail again. Kanak says her plan cannot fail, she will destroy Gehna’s hope before she gets pregnant again and will ruin her life tomorrow.

Gehna returns home and feels excited seeing Baa with others preparing sesame jaggery/till gud laddu for makar sankranti festival. Rasika as usual starts yelling at her. Bapuji asks her to stop. Baa asks why he shuts their mouth always, truth cannot be hidden and comes out for sure. Bapuji pampers Gehna and informs her that Anant has gone out of station and will return tomorrow. Gehna walks to her room and gets angry thinking how can Anant go without informing her. She calls him. Anant rejects her call and switches off phone, making her more angry and breaking thinks around. Krishna enters and asks why she is so angry, she can’t be his cuckoo. She asks him to go out. He says he was out for sometime and wasn’t around to help her. She forcefully pushes him out and his head gets hit to a door. He gets injured. Tia notices that and takes him away.

Sapan nurses Krishna’s injury and says its a simple injury and he will be fine soon. Baa says she cannot tolerate Gehna’s nonsense anymore and hence she should leave this house. Kanak gets happy hearing that. Tia says they cannot force her bhabhi to go. Sapan says Gehna must be going through PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) which happens after a person goes through a big mental trauma, so they should support Gehna instead and hire a psychiatrist for her. Bapuji thanks him for understanding his point. Rasika asks if Gehna has gone mad. Sapan says anyone can visit a psychiatrist even for their small issues. Tia asks Rasika not to exaggerate the issue. Krishna says Gehna will feel good tomorrow during makar sankranti festival celebration.

Next day, Gehna enjoys festival with Tia, Krishna, and others. Bapuji feels happy seeing her happy. Hema asks Kanak what is her next plan. Kanak stuffs till gud laddu in her mouth and asks her to just enjoy it and not bother about her plan. Gehna waits for Anant to return to give him good news that she can get pregnant again. She sees Anant’s car entering home and runs down to him happily. Anant still angry on her ignores her. She holds his hand and says she knows he is angry on her for hiding things, she wanted to surprise him. He asks if she wants to give a surprise or shock. She says they can become parents again, will that be a surprise or shock for him. He asks if she is joking. She says she is not and was getting treatment secretly. He says she will be punished for hiding such a big secret and happily lifts her up. Family walks down. Baa says she heard everything. Bapuji says this good news has increased his happiness and calls for a double celebration. Gehna gets out of imagination when she hears Kanak jumping while flying kite. Baa scolds her to be careful as she is pregnant. Rasika comments again.

Gehna rushes down seeing Anant returning home. Anant ignores her. She holds his hand and apologizes him for hiding secret. He says he is not interested in her secrets and walks away, disappointing her. Kanak tells Hema that there is a dhamaka waiting for Gehna. Her hired fake doctor walks in. Baa asks doctor what is he doing here. Kanak says she called him here to prove that Gehna is wrong and says she went to hospital and found out that not only Gehna aborted her baby but also gave huge bribe to doctor to prepare fake reports that she cannot get pregnant again. Gehna gets angry hearing that. Anant holds her hand. Doctor lies that Gehna bribed him to prepare fake reports as she doesn’t want to become a mother. Gehna angrily whisks fake doctor. Anant stops her. Hema says she already told them that she saw Gehna with a man. Rasika tells Anant that his wife is having an affair. Gehna says doctor is lying. Doctor denies. Baa shouts why would everyone lie against her. Gehna says they all are jealous of her and tells Anant that she loves only him. He give his oath and asks to inform if she knew that she can get pregnant again. She says yes but. He shouts he doesn’t want to listen anything. Kanak grins seeing that.

Precap: Gehna threatens to commit suicide if Anant sends her away from him. He says he will not and gets her down. Nurse injects her a sedative and takes her away.

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