Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Hema and Kanak’s Evil Plan Works

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hema follows Gehna in an auto and asks driver to drive fast as she cannot let Gehna go today. Auto breaks down. Hema pays auto driver and runs behind Gehna’s auto.
Gehna feels guilty for slapping Kanak. She reaches Dr. Abhay’s clinic and walks in. Hema gets tensed seeing infertility clinic and informs Kanak. Kanak busy with Pankaj says its a wrong number. Hema repeats that Gehna went inside an infertility clinic and her problem will be solved. Kanak gets tensed. Dr. Abhay asks Rohan if he knows what he should do. Rohan drops water glass in fear and injures his finger trying to pick glass pieces. Gehna enters and stops him. Abhay brings first-aid box. Gehna nurses Rohan and says he will be fine. Abhay signals Rohan to speak. Rohan asks Gehna if she will be his mummy, remembering Abhay threatening him to say that. Abhay acts as scolding him and asks him to go and play outside. Gehna asks him not to scold a kid. Abhay says Rohan is in deep shock after his mother’s death and gets sad seeing his friends’ parents and especially their mothers. He apologizes her on Rohan’s behalf and holds her hands. She frees herself and seeing Rohan standing outside asks him to come in.

Hema returns home and lies that she saw Gehna in a park with a man. Kanak says he must be a friend, cousin, or some relative. Hema says Gehna was sitting intimately with a man and hugging him, she cannot describe how they were romancing and having single ice cream. Gehna offers ice cream to Rohan and says she cannot be her mother, but will pray Kanhaji to give him a loving mother soon. Abhay asks her to wear a red dress during her next appointment as he celebrates his clinic’s anniversary that day with a red theme. Gehna agrees. He asks nurse to get Gehna ready for treatment. Gehna accompanies nurse. Abhay snatches ice cream from Rohan and munches it saying Kajal liked red color, let him see how beautiful Gehna looks in red dress.

Bapuji tells Hema that she must be mistaken. Hema says she is not. Rasika yells against Gehna. Kanak asks if Gehna got abortion as she is having an affair with another man. Anant enters and asks whose affair they are talking about. Rasika says Gehna. Bapuji says Anant doesn’t know her relatives, so she shouldn’t talk about it to him. Baa says they are talking about Gehna. Bapuji signals her to keep quiet. Paresh says they are talking about Rasika’s relative’s extramarital affair and asks him to go and freshen up. Anant says he needs to get ready for a trip. Kanak says Gehna is not at home. Anant walks away saying Gehna never stays at home these days. Baa confronts Bapuji that her son’s life is ruined by Gehna. Bapuji says Anant is also his son, alleging someone’s character is a sin.

He walks to Anant’s room and sees him packing his bag and waiting for Gehna’s call. He asks if packing is done, did he inform Gehna that he is going out. Anant nods no. Bapuji says they faced many storms in their lives, Gehna fought against the storms and protected their family; she even risked her life to protect him, so he shouldn’t let small issues bother him. Anant calls Gehna. Gehna during treatment notices Anant’s call and requests Abhay to give her phone as its Anant’s call. Abhay says no phone call during treatment. She says then she will stop treatment. He gives her phone. Anant asks where is she now and what is she hiding. She says she is out and will inform him everything once she returns home. Abhay purposefully calls nurse. Anant asks whom she is talking to. Gehna says no one and says she will speak to him after returning home. Anant gets angry hearing her lies. Gehna tells Abhay that she will inform Anant about her treatment. He gets tensed and gives her a hormonal injection. She asks till when treatment will continue as she needs to reach Anant soon.

Precap: Kanak makes doctor lie that Gehna bribed him to abort her baby and prepare fake reports. Gehna gets angry and whisks doctor. Anant stops her and says he is tired of her drama and wants to end their relationship.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Faster end the relationship n let Gehna free! Free of humiliations n insults n move on to become a prominent lawyer better than being a doormat n since no one except Babuji appreciated her sacrifices! Its also better off without Kanak n Hema conspiracy tat nvr ended!!

  2. These kanak and hema is so evil I wish Gehna take a strong for her characters put them in there 💪😠 but there Abhay is such evil very sad 😢 for rohan

  3. Candiva007

    I can’t…Gehna needs to leave this stupid family. I want Gehna dismiss Baa and this Rasika lady when they find out that the poor girl was telling the truth. How come Baa didn’t want her older son to remarry when Kanak couldn’t have children? How come she wanted Anant to remarry? That woman is horrible. That slap to Kanak was soooo good.

    As for Anant, I want Gehna to leave his stupid a**. A man who does not trust his wife who has sacrificed everything for him and his family is not a man at all.

    1. hauwau abdallah

      Well said agreed with you they are so selfish and self centered.
      How can they question her after all she had done and go through for them most especially the stupid Anant

  4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Desai family waits for anything to happen just to blame Gehna 🤦
    They also know that Kanak is bad but still gives her benefit of doubt always…
    Gehna needs to slap the remaining negative members of that family… including Anant 😐 …more hormonal drugs please doc 🙄

  5. Baa is such a two faced woman, she forgot everything Gehna did for the family and Anant is another fool.

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