Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak Visits Irani Builders’ Office

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanak calls Gehna and when she doesn’t come asks other family members about her. Paresh says Gehna and Anant have gone to buy vegetables. Kanak says its his duty. He says he is having knee pain. She yells that he is lazy and will have vegetable peels as today’s food as a punishment. Paresh calls Anant and informs him that Kanak is asking about them, so they should return home. Anant’s friend Jagadish asks them to return home as he will handle Kanak if she comes to Irani builders office here. Anant thanks him and leaves with Gehna. Kanak continues humiliating Paresh. Anant with Gehna returns home. Kanak asks where they had gone, Paresh said you both have gone to get vegetables, but she can’t see any vegetable in their hands. Paresh says maybe they didn’t get the vegetables which were in the list given by him. Kanak orders Paresh to stop making weird faces and sit near the pillar facing his back. She further humiliates Anant and Gehna and orders them and Paresh to wash her and her mother’s clothes as a punishment. She then walks away informing her mother that she is going to Irani Builders’ office and asks her to keep an eye on the servants till she returns.

Paresh with Anant and Gehna washes clothes. Gehna apologizes him for getting into trouble because of them and asks him to rest while they wash clothes. Paresh asks not to make him emotional, they together will wash clothes. Neighbors pass by and seeing Anant washing clothes taunt that a scientist is jobless and is washing clothes with his wife. Paresh scolds and sends them away. Gehna asks Anant what if Kanak gets suspicious on finding them at Irani office. Paresh asks what are they discussing. Anant tells him their whole plan. He emotionally cries and says that he knew they both will do something for the family. Anant asks him not to inform about their plan to anyone. Hema enters asking what plan they are talking about and walks away giving her dirty clothes to wash.

Kanak reaches Irani Builders’ office and introduces herself. Jagadish acts and asks if Mr and Mrs Irani had gone to meet her. She says yes and asks who is he. He says he is manager Jagadish and asks what would she like to have. She insists to meet Mr and Mrs Irani first. Coffee comes for Kanak. He asks her to have coffee, he will call them. He calls Anant and informs that Kanak has come here. Anant informs same to Gehna and Paresh and gets tensed. Paresh asks them to go and meet Kanak and he will wash the clothes. They agree, but seeing Jigna, Gehna asks Anant to go via back door, she and Paresh will handle Jigna. Jigna walks to Gehna and asks where are Paresh and Ananth. Gehna says they are drying clothes in balcony. Paresh acts as drying Jigna’s sari with Anant. Jigna leaves. Anant hurriedly disguises himself as Mr. Irani in cab. Cab driver asks if he is an actor. Anant asks him to mind his own business. At office, Kanak continues throwing tantrums. Anant reaches there. She asks who is he. He says he had visited her house. She says she doesn’t know anything else about him except that. He says he has many projects going on and has to visit all the construction sites. She insists to visit his construction sites before taking a decision. He agrees.

Jigna sits in front of Gehna. Gehna whisks clothes in front of her to shoo her away. Jigna yells at her and says she will go and check why Anant and Paresh are taking so much time. Gehna drops soap water on floor and makes her fall down. Jigna yells at her and threatens to inform Kanak. Gehna hopes Kanak accepts the deal.

Precap: Kanak informs Jigna that house deal is finalized. Jigna asks for how much. Anant informs Gehna and Paresh that Kanak demanded 10 crores in cash.

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