Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari thinks she cannot sit idle without doing anything and goes to Jigar’s room. She gets irked seeing kids there and asks what are they doing here. They say it is their papa’s room and she does not have any right to question them. Kids joke that she can only listen to music and conspire and cannot paint like this. Pari accepts her their challenge and opens up paint box, and finds oil paint instead in it. She gets her hands smeared with pain and goes in to wash her hands. As soon as she goes in, Kokila, Urmila and Gopi check her mobile. Kokila calls the last dialed number and it is a wrong number. She gets a call from a goon who threatens pari to get money, else he will reveal her secret. Kokila asks Gopi to note down goon’s number and to keep it back in Pari’s room. She keeps it back, but Pari comes out of room and scolds Gopi for entering her room.

Kokila and her team follows reach market place where goon is waiting for Pari. Kokila doubts the man, but Urmila says he is the same goon. Gopi calls him and confirms. Pari meets goon and gives him 1 lakh rupees. He asks her 2 lakhs, else he will tell Modi’s that she is not married to Jigar. Gopi records her whole conversation. Pari asks him to do whatever he can and leaves. Kokila says we should exposure Pari in front of everyone now. Gopi shows her recording and says she got the proof now.

Kokila reaches with her team and calls Pari to come out. Pari asks why is she shouting. Kokila says she got a proof against her now and she has to leave her house. She asks Gopi to show her recording. Gopi shows it. Pari is shocked to see that. Pari says this is fake and says they are trying to trap her. She asks Gopi to show it to her again. Gopi gives her mobile and Pari deletes video. She says she is is a technical expert and says she will now go and relax. Kokila plays video from her mobile, even Ahem, Jigar, and other family members also play video. Pari gets tensed. Gopi asks what will she do now. Kokila says she used to think you Pari loves her mobile so much, now she knows the reason. Jigar asks Pari to leave her house, else she will be put behind bars. Pari says she accepts her mistake. Urmila asks not believe her. Pari says sheis repenting her decision and asks Kokila not to kick her out. Pari says she will leave her house and asks her and other family members to come till the door. Kokila says we are happy to send you out. Pari thanks her for forgiving her and says she did this as she loves Jigar. Modi family drops her till the door. Pari starts her drama and shouts near the door, so that neighbours can hear that. She hugs everyone and asks Kokila to forgive her again. Kokila asks her to leave silently and not to dare think of entering her house again. She then scolds neighbours for watching their drama and sends them from there.

Urmila steals Rashi’s jewelry and thinks it will be safe in her house. Kokila on the other side think a big trouble is gone from her house. Gopi goes to check Urmila and is shocked to see her with jewelry.

Precap: Pari brings police and gets Modi family for domestic voilence.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. fast plz

  2. Update fast plzzzz

  3. Boring…..completely fed up with the same storyline which has been repeating since years ago….from the very starting some or other enters the modi bhavan n creates problems n the will solve the problem this is all the thing going on from the very beginning up to now…n why everyone will try to trap the people in modi bhavan as if it is some Raj bhavan….idiots…first kick this paridhi out I can’t bear her over action any more…..”QUEEN OF FOOLS”….paridhi trying to delete the proofs from C.I.D team….n plz don’t get any other twists by bringing that paridhi back with new plans…..precap is so horrible…n I think the same thing was done by kinjal in some previous episodes….

  4. WTH is happening!!! This show is no more a saas bahu types; now its become a comedy show with Paridhi and her stupidity……

  5. WTF is happening got happy readin dis untill i read da precap.ugh so annoyd wid dis paridhi.she needs a lap

    1. dnt u mean slap??

      1. yeah lol whateva

  6. I am desperately trying to write something good about today’s show. Let me recollect, Yaa, Paridhi’s dress was nice.

    1. yea it ws buh she isnt

  7. slap,lap, u knw wat i mean

  8. lol i get u

  9. I don’t know why pari brings the police to get the modi family for domestic violence?????…….

  10. Oh god. .. this serial has become so horrible aftr rashi’s death… if rucha wanted to leave they could hav actually replaced her. I guess that was better than this paridhi and her stupidity

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