Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2014 Written Update

Sahir says Rashi that he will ask sorry to Kokila. Sahir, Samar, Vidya leave for Kokila’s room. Radha thinks if the kids patch up with Kokila, she can think of Gauri then.

Dhaval says Kinjal that Prateek heard our conversation and don’t know how he would have felt. Kinjal says Prateek is going for a camp tomorrow, so not to worry. She says she will borrow money from Ahem. Dhaval says she should not borrow money from him as he is very tensed regarding Kokila’s health.

Kokila wakes up and asks Meethi to bring tea. Sahir gets her tea and snacks. He gives her rose and asks her to forgive him. Kokila emotionally hugs and forgives him. Rashi, Gopi and Ahem watch Sahir and Kokila. Rashi pushes Gopi on Ahem. Ahem gets angry and goes from there. Kokila says Rashi that to ask her forgiveness, Ahem did all this. Rashi says kids if they are thinking of going for boot camp with this, she will not permit them. Kokila asks about boot camp. Rashi says it s a camp where kid’s mental and physical strength are enhanced. Kokila says if that is the case, she will allow the kids to go. Radha gets happy that kids are going for boot camp leaving Gauri at home.

Urmila scolds Dhaval that neighbours are telling that he did something wrong that police is coming home. She says he kept the money, else how will Kinjal buy ear rings and Prateek go for a boot camp. Kinjal says she bought ear rings from her aunty’s money and Prateek got scholarship. Urmila does not believe her. Dhaval gets angry and says it is enough of her, once his police case solves, he will go with his family from there. Urmila’s husband scolds her that because of her bad mouth, nobody will stay with her. Urmila gets a flashback of her future where she gets old and nobody is there to help her. Door bell rings. Kinjal asks her why did not she open the door as someone is ringing bell from such a long time. She goes to open the door.

Kinjal triesw to talk to Kinjal. Kinjal says she does not want to talk to her and says she will be happy once the leave her house. Urmila says she will give money to Dhaval as he is his niece and says she will bribe inspector. She says we will meet inspector and asks if she needs her help or not. Kinjal gets happy and says she will need her help.

Radha sees Kokila with water mug. Radha says she will bring water and goes into the kitchen with mug. She drops utensil purposefully. Kokila scolds her for dropping it. Radha says Meethi that these people are very arrogant. She says they could not save their kids from kidnapper, she feels they should go with kids on a boot camp to protect them. Kokila hears her. Radha gets happy that Kokila heard her.

Kinjal gets ready and says Urmila to come now. Urmila scolds her for getting ready so well and says they are going to police station and not on a party. They both leave for the police station.

Jigar asks Rashi if she is coming with him to drop kids. Rashi says she took Kokila’s permission and will enjoy with him whole day. She is about to get into the car when Kokila sees Rashi and asks her not to sit with driver in front seat. She says we all are coming with her for a boot camp to protect kids. She says Gopi she can come with them for boot camp. Gopi says Gauri is alone, so she cannot come with them. Radha says she is there at house, so not to worry. Kokila says Radha/Mani is right and says on kid’s insistence, she is taking Gauri with them. She then says we all go out, she can spend time with her husband. She asks Hasmukh/Jigar to drive safely. Radha gets tensed.

Precap: Jigar brings Gauri home and informs Gopi about it. Radha thinks it is the best time to get Gauri out of the house.

Update Credit to: MA

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