Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2014 Written Update


Koki give promise to Gopi that soon she will find real victim of Umang’s murder. Police brought Gopi along them.. Koki say to Ahem they should also go to Polics Station cant send Gopi alone there.. Ahem Koki about to leaves when Rashi Jigar also went with them..

Jitu Bhai ask Urmi how her aram get hurt.. Urmi scold him.. Madhu cries for both her daughters condition.. Kinjal try to console her.. Urmi say why you cry when Gopi herself aceept her crime… Hetal get disgust listening Urmi words.. Kinjal said her wheather suppose if she had murder or she said Im the victim so wht we have to accepted or not.. Urmi gets more scared and says why i would do nurder.. Im not the murderer..


Gopi was in police jeep behind

Ahem car following her throu entire way.. Ahem gets sad seeing his Gopi in cops jeep.. They reach and Gopi went behind bars… Ahem ask her say the truth why she hiding real murderer.. but Gopi keep quite just stare him… when cops give some stuff whom they get from in Umangs room.. where they found wristwatch of murderer.. Koki overhear it and comes to wonna sees wristwatct but inspector refused to show her. She ask Ahem that she want to go back MM right now.. Ahem agreed to go but she says no Ahem and Rashi remained with Gopi… She will go with Jigar… Jigar agreed or the moves..


Dhawal worriedly said he cant believe Gopo had killed someone though.. Kinjal angerily said whtever Gopi Bhabhi does was perfectly fine… Umang deserved all.. also she says at once she herself feel to kill him..

Urmi worriedly roaming in her room.. Jeetu Bhai says her He undestand her worry but why she roaming have sat fir bit.. Urmi get anger at him.. if real has nothing to do so go and sleep. Urmi is only worried for herself..


Koki and Jigar comes Hetal Baa everyone asking for Gopi.. Koki replied that Gopi hasnt get ball yet… she ask them to go for sleep.. Jigar and she went in murder room but room was sealed by cops Koki insisted to go inside the room in any cost.. Jigar get idea that they lose lock screw and then open the door with touching the seal.. Koki praise Jigar that nor he only a good borther infect today he proved that he also a good dever aswell..

They open the door and come inside.. They start finding evidence after bit search Koki found one earring she suspects that this would be diffinatly of real Murderer.. she says murderer will diffinatly comes to get her earring back and on that time we will caught her..


Kinjal drink water when she notice her wristwatch was missing.. She gets worried when her wristwatch lost.. otherside Urmi found her earring was missing she decide to go MM in morning fir finding her earring..


Ahem loving asked Gopi looked in his eyes and tell him abt real victim.. but Gopi moves her eyes away and said she kills Umang.. Rashi bring tea for Gopi so lady constable stop her to bring tea inside.. Rashi start arguing wih her… Ahem comes and stop their argument..


Jigar comes to tell Koki that Ahem calls him that becoz Gopi accept her crime itself so her ball is not being possible.. Koki said they have to move at police station.


Ahem give tea to Gopi.. he also ask her first she always hates to speak lie but now she hesitate to spoke truth.. why she not tell the truth to cops why she hidding someone.. Gopi yet again give him same reply. that she kiiled umang only.. Ahem gets pissed off and moves away Rashi comes to him and says dont get upset Ahem why she not accept truth this newyear she have to spend in jail..

Rashi talking on phone with someone.. She asking whtever she said bring all things she have plan to put Gopi out from jail but just Koki will not get to know abt her plan.. She cut her phone and moves back so Ahem stand there..

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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