Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2013 Written Update

Kokila and everyone is shocked why the door is closed . Finally Gopi’s father comes and opens the door . He welcomes everyone . Kokila asks why there’s a partition between the door and the hall . Gopi’s father says a surprise is awaiting for them . Gopi’s family comes and welcomes them . Does pooja and that . Her father takes off the cloth covering the MM hall . Everyone is shocked . There are jokers,dancers and every form of art . Kokila is about to ask what it is but Baa held her hands and says not to . Gopi drops her phone and its drops to the water. Its raining heavily and Gopi thinks how to reach home.

Urmila brings some ladies to show Gopi’s father’s mustache. Before Urmila comes Gopi’s father cuts his mustache . Everyone is sad. Kokila asks why she did that and he replies he promised that when he finds Gopi he will cut his mustache .Everyone is pleased by this act of him . Radha is staring at the door to see if Gopi comes .

Urmila comes with the ladies and is shocked to see Gopi’s father cut his mustache . The ladies says to give 100 r/f back as there’s no show happening . Urmila saves herself from saying to see the other show going on there . The ladies agree and enjoy the show

Radha goes out of MM and is looking out to see if Gopi comes . Rashi smiles seeing Radha like that . And she goes and hides Ahem’s shoes . Gopi says in heavy rain how would she go home . She asks Pandit ji to give his phone . Gopi calls Ahem ji but he ‘s unable to hear the voice . Ahem says Jigar that maybe due to connection he couldn’t here. Gopi tries to call Kokila but is unable to. Rashi tells Urmila that she’s making Radha do work that she couldn’t. Ahem calls out Rashi and she’s shocked . Ahem asks her if she took his shoes . Rashi says she has stolen it. Everyone smiles .Rashi tells to give her money . And first money and then shoes . Jigar says they can get new shoes then . Meera brings Ahem’s shoes and everyone laughs . Ahem says sorry Rashi and his daughter has given the shoes . Radha is tensed on why Gopi not coming . Kokila asks her if Gopi is ready . Kokila tells Radha to go to her room as maybe she may need some help and bring meera along with her. Rashi sees this and smirks . the phone rings and Hetal picks it up . Gopi tries to talk but she cannot listen to the voice due to bad weather . Gopi tells kanaji she cannot wait anymore and should go.

Pandit ji tells to call for Gopi. Kokila says she will bring Gopi. Radha thinks if she say the truth everyone will get angry. Gopi prays to god.Kokila comes and knocks the door . She asks why she’s taking so much time. Kokila opens the door and asks why she took so much time . Radha is dressed up as Gopi . Kokila asks where Radha is and Meera shows the direction to Gopi [Radha]

Precap: Kokila , Hetal and Gopi[Radha] is coming downstairs . Urmila says to Rashi that she said Gopi is not at home . Rashi says she may have come from the back door . Pandit ji tells Gohem to put varmala . Gopi[Radha] thinks she has to do it .


Update Credit to: Muskii

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