Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi, Naani and Parag talk about Kokila. Kokila enters there. Daadi says she was talking about her only. Parag says baa was telling that Kokila takes care of whole house but does not take care of herself.

Urmila says Kinjal that Dhaval is mad to give so much money to orphanage. Kinjal say they got money because of Rashi now, then why do they need illegal money. Urmila thinks she has to do something.

Rashi checks Kokila and Parag’s room and sees them sleeping. She closes their door and goes from there. Kokila hears door bell and comes out. Rashi takes birthday cake ordered and asks delivery man to go from there silently. Kokila asks who had come. Rashi says cake man, but then changes her words and says scrap vendor had come. Kokila asks everyone to go and sleep. Kokila then sees Hasmukh out of the house and thinks what is he doing here.

Urmila comes out of the house and sees a beggar near her shop. She shoos the beggar and thinks she will ask Dhaval to either give her money or sell the shop.

Kokila sees Parag not in the room and goes out to check. Hetal, Ahem, Parag and whole family gather in kid’s room to celebrate Meera’s birthday. Jigar and Rashi also join them. Ahem asks Meera to cut the cake. Rashi asks Gopi and Ahem also to cut the cake with Meera. Vidya also joins 3 of them and they cut the cake with everyone clapping and singing happy birthday. Kokila hears clapping sound. Daadi gifts Meera her gift and says god will protect her always. Rashi clicks family photo and says it is Meera’s special birthday this time. Kokila opens the door and sees her whole family there.

Kokila asks her family what are they doing in kid’s room. Rashi says they were watching TV. Kokila asks why is the TV off then. Parag says film got over, so they switched it off. Kokila says why have they switched off lights then. Ahem says film looks well in dark. Kokila then sees Prateek and asks her why is he here. Rashi says his mother left him here. Kokila then sees Radha holding knife and asks why is she holding knife. She then sees Hasmukh/jigar tehre and asks why is he here. Rashi says he brought water. Naani comes there and asks Kokila what is she doing here. Rashi says they were watching movie, but Kokila came and started scolding them. Naani says it is Kokila’s habit to scold everyone and asks her to come with her and massage her legs. She takes Kokila with her. Rashi thanks god that they escaped from Kokila.

Ahem gets call from inspector who informs that he got some evidence in Gauri’s case. Ahem asks him to come over.

Urmila speaks to someone and asks him to come around 12 noon tomorrow. Her husband comes there and asks what is she up to this time. Urmila says she is bringing goddess Lakshmi home.

Inspector informs that Gauri’s harness rope was cut by someone and asks if they remember being around there at that time. Gopi says they cannot remember. Ahem asks if they can get CCTV footage of camp. Inspector informs he will try. Ahem and Gopin inform him that Gauri is their daughter Meera whom they lost 8 years back. Gopi says they lost Meera when they went for a picnic and Meera fell in water, she cannot understand how Meera went temple which is 120 km away from picnic spot and says someone purposely did it. Inspector asks if Kokila got injured protecting Meera, Gopi says yes. Inspector says someoe is trying to kill Meera.

Precap: Radha informs Tripti that Modi family is searching Meera’s kidnapper. Doctor informs Ahem that he gave heavy sedative to Kokila and she wake up after some time.

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  1. Wow yr so nice update

  2. how irritating this koko is… some one help her regain her fucking memory…
    This radha…uff…she is such an illiterate bitch…. calls her ex husband’s ,ex- wife bhabhi…. lmao!!!!!!

  3. oh no yar this koki hamasa kalagtha time per ahagayi plz someone kuch karo and get her memory back and send that two idoit ko jail.

  4. wt d hl hmw cn tht ful radha cn b so meam n slfsh

  5. Am obly glad that meera is bck thats all i wanted

  6. Radha go to hell….poor rashi n jigar feel sorry for them…….

  7. I also did not understand why radha took that knife, was she thinking of harming meera in front of all. ahem and gopi should kick radha out of modi bhavan

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