Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha say and Tripti reach Katra. Radha says nobody can stop them from completing their task. Tripti smirks and says let us go. Ahem, Jigar, Meera, and Rashi also reach Katra. Ahem says lets go. Radha and Tripti search Kokila in the crowd. Ahem and his party also start searching Kokila and Gopi. Meera prays god to let her meet her mother and grandmother. She says Ahem that they will find her mother soon.

Urmila comes home angrily that her daughter does not hear her. She sees Madhuben praying god for Ahem and party. Urmila asks Madhubuen why did Rashi go to search Kokila. Madhuben says Rashi is not a stone hearted like you and angrily goes from there. Urmila thinks of going back to Modi bhavan thinking she can enjoy there till Kokila comes back.

Tripti and Radha are surprised to hear an announcement that Kokila and Gopi’s family is searching for them. Radha asks Tripti how can they reach so early. Tripti says we must find Kokila before Ahem’s party find them. Radha suggest to ask people around. They show Kokila’s pic and asks people if they saw her. Everybody says no. Rashi hears Radha’s voice and thinks she is hearing Radha’s voice. Tripti sees Rashi and takes Radha from there.

Gopi and Kokila are with a religious group. Guide informs about the importance of each religious place. Religious song plays in the background. Kokila walks tiredly. Gopi asks her to take palanquin or go back home as she looks tired and her slipper is also broken. Kokila asks her who is she to command her. Gopi says she is nobody, but as a human asks her to listen her. Gopi sees a palanquin and gets Kokila forcefully in that. Kokila leaves her slippers and gets into palanquin with men carrying it.

Radha shows Tripti Kokila in a palanquin. Tripti hiddes and takes from her. She says before Ahem finds her, we should kill Kokila. Radha asks how. They hear ayurvedic medicine seller showing a herb dhatura to someone and telling it is very poisonous. Radha asks him to give her dhatura. Seller says he cannot. Tripti indulges her in talks while Radha steals it. Tripti then mixes dhatura paste in water and says they will kill Kokila with this.

Baa, Hetal, Kinjal are praying god. Urmila comes there acting and crying. Kids ask her not to cry as Gopi and Kokila will come back soon and asks her to pray god instead of crying.

Tripti gives water to palanquin carrying men and then to Kokila. Once they drink it, she signals Radha to move from there.

Rashi sees ladies fighting for slippers and stops them from fighting. She steps on Kokila’s slipper and falls. She prays god to show her a way and gets up. She is surprised to see Kokila’s slippers on floor, Meera also identifies them. They both inform about it to Ahem and Jigar. Jigar says that means Kokila is here and ahead of us.

Gopi sees a lady falling on the ground while walking and helps her. Tripti and Radha thinks palanquin men will throw Kokila as they are inebriated now.

Precap: Meera meets Ahem and informs that Kokila is with her in a palanquin. They are suprised to see Kokila missing from palanquin. Rashi informs that Meera is also missing.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Just stop it Yaar it is more than enough I can’t bear this torture what in the modibhavan no one cares where this Radha has gone really these things happens in this serial only and now kokila has became a big problem for everyone please mataji get back kokilas memory now what happened to urmilas kalakaris they will makes kalakaris only for gopi.why always Radha only finds kokila and no one doubts Radha if datura is not for selling then why he was keeping it in the shop I think it is a crime to sell anesthetic things in tourist places and religious places weak script…… one asks this urmila about Radha now what this Radha and tripti will carry this kokila on their back if so they both will die and problems will be solved.why no one else will have same chappals as kokila.except this Hopi no one will have a helping heart to help the oldlady……… Now even meets toooo…….found missing nice thing….hmmmmmm………….

  2. OMG another dumb episode r the directors and producers so dumb that they are writing this nonsense i say end this lousy boring serial and the whole modi fmy is so dumb

  3. its like they are inspired by Ekta……… 😉

    1. No they are inspired by bubble gum……fevicol…….

  4. Weak script..

  5. its not meera who told kokila is with her in the precap .its gopi…

  6. This story line was good until this drinking water thing. No one serves water like this Tipit lady to people or to carriers. This is absolutely wrong. The writer could have used a better way of converying that mata punishes those who do wrong things to people. I have been watching this espisode just because I have been to this temple couple of times and I do believe in miracles of Vishno Devi.

  7. Freshies- Indians
    All of you pricks are so stupid why watch/read it if you hate it so much
    Just fuk off

  8. Yaar – what is that supposed to be you freshies know no English

  9. I know I’m freshie but I don’t car what say you but I love you cos I’m a lesbian

    1. Whose this……….

      1. this is who i’m Lucky yaar

  10. Why what ergh lesbian Indians

  11. Ya it’s too much plz close this stupid things,why you are stretching an episode that much,it’s boring now



  14. Heyy anju u r too dumb to understand d serial so u r praising it n stop using cheap language u idiot juss get lost n don’t ever comment

  15. shweta panara

    Its unbeliveable for people to understand all this why thy r not bring kokila to doctor for treatment they have to tack care of her and they have to tell truth to kokila aand why they are keeping radha with them ,I think this is inough and they have to remove this suspens.As soon as then we can enjoy the serial

  16. another boring week and now will go on and on about the yatra for 3 weeks or so OMG serial is so dumb and so is the modi parivar hope they dont get any awards this time if they do then it favourism for sure kokila go and sleep forever

  17. how long will dis go on and on about the yatra for 3 weeks or so OMG serial is so dumb and so is the modi parivar hope they dont get any awards this time if they do then it favourism for sure kokila go and sleep forever

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