Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doc tells Modi family that he gave injection to Urvashi and she will be fine. Inspector asks if she remembers who tried to kill her. She tries to speak, but cannot. Inspector says she can signal. Gopi asks Urvashi what she wants to say. Urvashi points at Gaura behind curtain, but since Kokila is standing in front of curtain, everything think Urvashi is pointing at Kokila. Gopi says Urashi has misunderstood. Urvashi falls unconscious. Kokila asks what is happening t Uvashi. Jaggi shouts maa…what happened to maa. Doc checks and says I am sorry to say, patient went into coma. Jaggi shatters and sits dumbstuck, staring at Urvashi. Gaura thinks at last Urvashi is gone. Urmila tries to console Jaggi. Doc asks nurse to shift Urvashi to another ward and asks family to console Jaggi, else it will be tough for him. Kokila says let us take Urvashi to another room. Inspector says he will arrest Kokila as Urmila pointed at her. Gaura smirks that nobody can be saved from her revenge. He orders constable to arrest Kokila. Constable handcuffs Kokila and takes her. Urmila asks Gopi to go behind Kokila.

Chanda sleeps in Gaura’s room and thinks this old woman goes out only at night, she will protect her from family’s doubt, but will take money for that. Gaura enters room via window climbing pipe and yells she will die if she climbs pipe repeatedly like this. She sees someone on her bed and tries to hit with a road when Chanda wakes up and shouts she was trying to help her. Gaura yells. Chanda leaves yelling she tried to help her, but she is so arrogant.

Gopi waits outside Kokila’s jail cell. Inspector says she cannot stay here. Gopi says she will not go anywhere leaving maaji alone. Inspector Dinesh comes. Gopi says he knows their family well and knows they cannot harm each other. Dinesh says her family is amazing to create problems for itself repeatedly. He says until Urvashi wakes up and gives statement, Kokila has to be in jail. Tolu comes and tells Gopi let us go home. Gopi says she will not until maaji is proved innocent.

Jaggi waits outside Urvashi’s hospital room. Urmila consoles him. Nurse asks Jaggi to finish remaining formalities. Jaggi goes and takes Urmila’s clothes. Nurse gives taweeez which Urmila had worn, Urvashi is seen writing Gaura with her blood on taweez. Jaggi takes taweez. He shows them to Urmila and says his mom’s memories are in it. Urmila says she does not know why Urmila pointed at Kokila.

Meera sees Vidya pampering Priyal and gets emotional. She goes to her babies and tries to carry them. Chandaniya chupjana re…song..plays in the background. Chanda comes and yells at her to never touch babies and get out. She yells Suryvanshi family is weird, they enter people’s rooms without permission. She goes to sleep. Meera walks out crying. Dharam watches silently. Once Chanda sleeps, he pulls Meera into room and says he does not like her being tortured by Chanda and says she can lift her babies. Meera smiles. Dharam says let us take selfie and asks her to smile. Meera smiles and Dharam takes selfie with baby.

Gopi waits outside police station t even after morning. Dinesh asks her to go home. Gopi says not before meeting Kokila. Dinesh says she can meet Kokila for 10 minutes. Gopi thanks him and walks in to meet Kokila. Kokila says she knows about her loyalty, she will never try to harm anyone. They have to find out who is the real culprit.

Precap: Gopi gives Kokilas bail papers to inspector and asks him to release Kokila. Dinesh says he cannot release her as she accepted her crime.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, How are you all..?? Isaaq di, zalima is so romantic song, even I can’t stop myself from hearing that song. Mahira Khan looks so innocent in that song. Episode was romantic and emotional one today. Precap is thrilling, finally gaura will reveal her true identity to koki. Sid Bhai, I don’t think leap happen in feb. Because news are airing from Nov, but nothing happened, and today episode number was 1999. Tomorrow, it will be “2000”. Wow! Isaaq di, I’ll pray for you that you get your love on Valentine day. Saba di, gaura is so cruel villain in sns villain history, guys, I think even, gaura been involved in premlatha track was not revealed. Right..?? She will win. I think.

    1. Isaaq

      Urvashi has gone into coma now. Gaura has won already.i think Kokila will accept her crime and go jail. There might be a leap.

      And btw I’ve recontinued Gopi Destiny. First episode will be amazing. Raj and Rashi will dance to Zaalima! and the new big bad vamp will also be introduced!!! Season 5 will be the best

    2. Isaaq

      Thank you, I also hope I unite with him. 2 years ago, I broke his heart when I lied to him that didn’t like him. I remember confronting him saying that there were rumours that I liked him. I remember shouting at him tha I didn’t love him and I lied I had a boyfriend. After that, because of my foolishness and fear, he stopped talking to me and wanted to forget me. I broke his heart and I’ll never forgive myself for what I did.

      I’m almost 19 now and this love story is still going on. It started when we were 14 and now 5 years have passed since then. 10 years ago, I lost everything and all my happiness was snatched by an evil boy. But gradually Adam returned all my happiness. A decade later, I see my new life with Adam and he’s my new happiness. 10 years ago I lost my identity but uniting with Adam is going to bring back that identity and happiness I lost.

      Zaalima reminds me of him

      1. Hey why don’t you visit the UK, I live not far from London lol I hope you both unite but don’t get why he’s not following u back? Hope you talk and things get better for u guys. Always be happy. 🙂

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      I am,fine Shakaib hw r u . Yes still there is no news abt leap or Ahem/Jaggi mystery. But as per news meera’s character wl be shown missing .

  2. Wow inspector dinesh has returned!!!

  3. There is nothing logical about this serial. The only thing that makes this show interesting is Gaura’s realistic acting.

  4. Hi everyone..hw r u episode was nce..meera n dharam scene was awsm…??..selfie??liked it vry mch..remaining asusaul draging?
    Hi chithu my son is fne..tke cre dear..
    Hello isaaq evry year vl wait for valentine bcoz its vry spl to me bt dis yr vl Wait for will b big day for u vl pray frm d botm of my hear fr u dear hope evrythin vl b fine..
    Gd NYT guys..

    1. Chithu

      Hi Priyanka thank u so much

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Gaura is all happy sending Kokila in jail.

    Gaura dreams about being a queen in which Vidya is massaging her feet, Dharam feeding her, Shravan arranging fan while Meera cleaning floor.

    Gaura is on cloud nine seeing both Meera and Vidya like servant which she was always wanted to see.

    Gaura’s dream gets broken by Chanda when she refuses to obey her words.

    Chanda confronts Gaura by telling she is real owner of house as she give birth two kids and bears all pain and tortures.

    Chanda insults Gaura for dreaming about getting money which makes Gaura angry and she raise hand on Chanda.

    Chanda thretnes not to give money to Gaura

    But this time, Chanda does not sit silence and hold Gaura’s hand in middle by warning her not to do it again otherwise she will not give any money to her.

    Chanda also pushes Gaura on the floor and laughs seeing Gaura’s condition.

    Gaura is shocked seeing Chanda can destroy her all plan and decides to show her right place.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Chithu

      That will be good to c Chanda going against Gaura. Chanda is thinking of having entire wealth for herself. If she succeeds she may also end up as a powerful vamp. But Gaura is far clever than her. I think she may kill Chanda as well

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episodes of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness alot of twist and turns.

    Gaura comes to meet Kokila in jail and makes fun of her situation.

    Then she tells Kokila that she has planted bomb in Modi family,Kokila gets shocked.

    Gaura asks Kokila to confess before police that she planted bomb in Modi family else she will blast the bomb.

    Kokila confesses her crime before police for saving modi family’s life

    Kokila gets worried for Modi family and in order to save their life, she confess before police that she planted bomb in Modi family.

    Gaura gets happy as Kokila gets trapped in her plan.

    Gopi and Jaggi are trying their best to take Kokila out from jail.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Star Plus’ daily popular show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will witness some high intensity drama.

    It is heard that Tanya Sharma aka Meera of the show recently had a huge showdown with the makers of the show as she was not willing to play the mother in show.

    Shockingly the makers have asked Tanya to leave the show due to her unprofessional behaviour on the set.

    Currently the actress is serving her notice period and her last day on the show will be 20th of this month.

    In the upcoming episodes we hear that Meera will presently be seen going missing after which the makers will decide on the further course of action.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

    1. Nice everyone should go away slowly like Jigar moved to USA, Meera gone soon we will see other young artist moving out of the show as difficult to grasp that Meera is just 19 shown with 2 kids, Jigar shown as dadaji, Gopi, Pari is shown dadi, Kokila great dadi, Gaura super villain great dadi. Tolu and Sona father mother, it looks so weird. People in mid 20’s becoming dada and dadiji and teenager are becoming father and mother. Dada Jaggi/Ahem and Dadi Gopi are romancing, Parag great dadaji has 2 great dadi Urvashi and Kagdi And if leap takes place which we are hearing then we will see Tolu Molu becoming dada and Pari Great dadi, Kokila great great dadi so we will see new generation coming but old generation is alive and playing killing games.

    2. Chithu

      Its bad that Tanya is going. Y do makers what to go for a generation leap. Instead they could have taken a leap of 3-4 years. Which person who is so young herself want to play mother of grown up children.

      1. Yah right Chithu…Tanya and devo both are of same age but still devo is playing the role of grandmom…but still i think tanya should deny as she is so young to play a grown up mom role…i support tanya’s decission…

  8. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.Hi Sabadi I am fine.Good to see you here after some days.Priyanka akka I complete my B.Ed on Biology last year.Present lam preparing for APPSC examinations.

    1. Chithu

      All the best for ur preparations Rose

    2. Rose I also cmpltd bed in biology? all d bst fr ur xams dear..vizag aa meru undedi

  9. Today’s episode is very very very good.Dheera scene is excellent.Dheera rocks.Jaggi don’t see Gaura’s name in the locket. Dheera forever.

  10. Isaaq

    Average girl, I am from the UK. I’ve been trying my best to get to London. I’ve been applying to law programmes in London so I get an excuse to meet him.

    He’s not following back because he thinks I don’t like him. He’s trying to distant away from me to forget me. He still hasn’t moved on yet. He could never move on, which why all his evil ex girlfriends hate me now!! He’s trying his best to forget me but it seems it isn’t easy for him.

    He doesn’t know how much I love him. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to send a follow request because it shows a sign that I remembered on the day of love. I’m going to announce to everyone that the person who I’ve just sent a follow request to, is the person I love the most.

    I just miss the old days when me and him were just friendly with each other. These days, it’s gone beyond that friendship where it’s painful when we see each other.

    1. Isaaq

      I just want to unite with him. He’s the best human being in the world. He always gets worried about other people and wanted to always help them. He helped one of my friends come out of depression. He never wanted to see anyone upset at all. He always put everyone’s happiness before his own. He wasn’t even a human being, he was like an angel.

      He changed my bitter and insecure heart into a loving and warm heart. He was like that. He could turn a negative person into a positive person. That’s why I loved him because his whole life, he went around helping people succeed in life.

      He changed my life forever and I fell in love with him because he was full of life. He always jolly and cheerful. Happiest person on Earth and always positive about life.

      Last year, when he was upset and frustrated about not getting good grades. I used to cry to God to please help him and make his future bright. I couldn’t see Adam fail. God answered my prayers and Adam got an apprenticeship in London and I was so happy. I became his strength during his hard times.

      That’s how strong our love is❤ I’ve promised myself that I will always protect him no matter what. Whatever happens, I will always make sure that he is happy all the time

    2. Chithu

      Issaq dear I think u should not wait until valentine day. Tell him ur love sooner. On valentines day u can be together so. U should never be late for expressing ur love. Go ahead and tell him very soon.

  11. finally the d-day has come sunshiners and it is 2000th episode

    good morning sunshiners !!! i wish today’s sunshine bring lot of happiness in ur lives
    god bless take care my friends sid shakaib nandi isaaq priya di chithu di rose saba raven

    and sorry for late wishes priya akka HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    get well soon chithu di

    yours sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Wish u th same Soumya ?

    2. Chithu

      Good morning Soumya and thank u. I still have medications.

      1. Get well soon Chithu.

    3. Thank u need of sorry sis..

  12. Third classs. Vahiyat story

  13. Chithu

    Even after the locket was handed over to Jaggi he didn’t c the culprits name on it. Kokila should have looked once behind the curtain. Again she is arrested. Lets wait n c how Gopi gets her out as she has confessed her crime to police.

  14. Friends Tanya is not leaving the show SNS.This news is confirmed by Tanya and makers also.That missing track is the development of story line.chandalini kidnaps Meera and Dharam try to rescue her.chandalini demands Dharam sign property papers.Dharam signs papers to save Meera.but chandalini not tell where Meera is.she tells when Meera also sign papers and whole property transfers into her name then only she relieve where Meera is.And Tanya understands the importance of Meera’role becoming a mother as per track and makers also understand Tanya’s feelings and they give promise to her.That is they.are not highlight the motherhood track and they give an excited track to her.

  15. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.Aaj 2000 episode of SathNibhanaSathiya.Aaj Written update abhi tak nahi update hua.Aaj ka episode is OK.please share your views guys.

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