Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari apologizes Kokila for misbehaving with her and says Gopi also wants children to both study well and do well in extracurricular activities, she has just mistaken her. Kokila asks her to stop her rubbish and says Gopi has changed in your company and you have spoilt her mind. Ahem hears Kokila shouting and asks Pari to go and sleep and not trouble his mom. Kokila shuts door. Pari thinks she has to do something. She gets a good night SMS from her unknown admirer and gets tensed.

Urmila gets call from builder who asks her to return her money today, else he will send goons to get money money. Urmila gets tensed, calls car dealer who says car is ready and to come with remaining amount. She says she does not have money and need her down payment back. Dealer says as per company policy, he cannot return down payment.

Gopi and Hetal take out winter clothes and asks Meethi to sun dry them before use. Pari comes there and asks what are these bundles. Hetal says winter clothes. Radha comes and asks Meethi to prepare tea for her. Gopi asks her to give herbal tea instead that is good for her baby. Ahem comes there and Gopi says she will get him tiffin. He says he does not need tiffin from her hand.

Radha drops herbal tea on floor. Meethi goes to bring cloth to wipe it, but Pari says she can use old muffler. Kokila gets irked and starts shouting on her that this muffler is her father’s and how dare she to ask Meethi to wipe floor from it. Radha smirks seeing the drama.

Urmila goes to car company and requests manager to return her downpayment as she is going through financial crisis and does not even have money for food. Manager says she does not look like starving. Kinjal reaches there with Pappu and says her mother-in-law is telling right and they did not have proper food also since morning. Pappu says he is wearing borrowed clothes. Manager agrees to return money and gives 70,000 rs instead of 1 lakh. Urmila says she needs 1 lakh. He says it is company’s rule. Kinjal asks her to accept whatever she got, else it will also go. Urmila agrees.

Gopi asks Meethi to help her in preparing prasad. Meethi says Kokila told that she has to prepare prasad and not Gopi. Gopi says she can prepare and gives her clothes to keep them in her room while going. She sweeps Radha’s room floor and finds broken nail with whitner marks. She thinks her doubt was correct, Radha is culprit.

Hetal asks Pari not to take Kokila’s words seriously as she is very much attached to her father. Pari says she did not know it was Kokila’s papa’s. Radha asks her to stop complaining and taunts Pari. Gopi hears that and asks Radha to mind her language. Kokila comes and asks Gopi to stop shouting. Radha says she shouts more than anyone in this house and asks Gopi why is she shouting today. Gopi asks her to shut up and says Kokila that Meera’s time table and Ghungroo were tampered by Radha. Kokila is shocked to hear that. Gopi shows her tampered time table with whitner. Radha asks how can she allege her. Gopi shows her broken nail with whitner. Radha says she is telling lie. Gopi fixes nail on her and says it matches your nail. Radha refuses to accept her misake. Gopi says she warned her many times to keep away from her children, but she does not mend her ways. She knows she tampered ghungroo and Mera got injured. She will punish her for troubling Meera and will forget that she is her sister and is pregnant. She throws glass on floor. Hetal asks what is she doing. gopi says Radha she will not spar her today, she lifts her with the help of Pari,drops on glass shred floor and asks to dance on it.

Precap: Gopi asks Radha to dance on glass shred floor or accept her mistakes. Radha accepts her mistakes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wat the hell… update it fast yaar

  2. so bore.

  3. So fun, but poor Radha. Pari and Radha look so beautiful.

  4. Does anyone even watch this bull ? I’d rather watch paint dry

  5. stop ka time pass hai… Foolish dram :-/

  6. gooddd jobbbb gopiiiiiii……

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