Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with the hospital scene. Doctor tells the Patient Radha is fine, unconscious ad would regain conscious in a little while.

Modi family arrives and some tearful scenes take place with Madhu and Gopi. Urmilaa makes a twisted face.

Gopi makes a call to Umang at the behest of Kokila. Threatens Umang of dire consequences and also the threat police complaint, however Umang professes his love – false – for Radha. Umang wants to visit Radha, but Gopi says if she finds Umang anywhere near Radha, she would spell doom for him.

Radha regains conscious and Gopi rushes with what did you do question. But Radha turns her face away much to the sadness of Gopi.

Raashi tries the Swayam angle telling why Radha is dying for useless character like Umang when she has good person like Swayam ; Urmilaa pulls away Raashi away.

Outside the hospital, Kokila and Gopi encounter Umang and Gopi on seeing him talks tough, that he cannot see Radha and that he should leave. Kokila too voices similar thoughts and asks Umang to leave Radha alone. Umang on his knees pleads with them. Kinjal is passing by and she joins the party. With raised finger Kinjal says that Umang had made his hobby of luring girls his profession and that she knows him too well. Umang apologizes to Kinjal for ditching her and all the misdeeds he did against her.

Kinjal removes her footwear and tells Umang that if he does not do his disappearing act then she would do the footwear show on his face and cry out to passersby so that they too would join her in her act – of beating Umang up with the footwear. Umang goes away, not before giving a stare.

Urmilaa in the corridor does her usual work of brainwashing Raashi against Raashi’s in laws. I guess she tells all about Radha’s driving a wedge between Raashi and Jigar ; also about the cat being out of Raashi – Urmilaa bag, Swayam drama act of theirs.

Kokila comes in to break this talk of Mother and Daughter.

While Modi, Shah and Jayanthilal family leaving the hospital, with Radha, Umang appears from beyond a tree. Kokila signals to Kinjal who in turn shields Radha from Umang’s view and they get into the vehicle.

In Modi kitchen Hetal asks Raashi to prepare food for Kokila and Gopi. Raashi leaves the kitchen not in a nice way, leaving Hetal to wonder what is wrong with Raashi.

Shah home, Madhu says that the best way out is to get Radha married soon, Kokila says that too much pressure on Radha the situation might go awry. Radha overhears all these talk of her marriage elsewhere ; not to Umang.

Kinjal then takes Radha in and makes Radha rest saying that she is not well enough.

Outside in the hall, Madhu sticks to her stand of getting Radha married, that being from a rural area, Radha is caught in the awe of city ways and does not know to handle the ways of unruly elements of the city.

Dhawal comes and joins the rest. He says that there is a good boy in his known circle and would speak to that concerned person.

Radha is up and near the cell phone, wants to call Umang. Madhu just then comes in, takes away the cell phone.

As Madhu leaves the room to get the medicines The
Episode Ends On Radha’s Face ! ! !

Preview :- Radha removes some glass wares, gets on to drainage pipe to escape. Madhu and rest banging on the door.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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