Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2013 Written Update

Nikkei reaches temple for Ekadashi puja and greets everyone. The ladies giggle on seeing her and Nikkei looks embarrassed. She compliments the temple decoration but says its much better in Mumbai with lights and all. The ladies taunt her to go back to Mumbai since everything is better over there and Nikkei leaves from there embarrassed. The ladies gossip amongst themselves that Nikkei is very cunning and they should stay away from her as Koki said. Nikkei overhears and cribs against Koki that she spoiled her hard work of impressing everyone. SavitaBen comes and everyone compliment her appearance and even her new ring. She states happily that her husband gifted it to her. Nikkei greets SavitaBen but she just smiles and walks away and Nikkei is angry.
Modi women arrive, Koki asks Gopi if she got Prasad and Gopi agrees. Koki sees Nikkei but just walks ahead without saying anything. Modis pray at the temple and SB greets Koki. She taunts her that she still seems to be angry because the morning incident. Koki asks her sarcastically if she came to attend puja or check her anger, she taunts her to concentrate on the puja. Koki greets panditji and says that like every year they have got bhog Prasad for puja. Panditji compliments that puja is not complete without their Prasad. SB also gives Prasad asking him to accept their Prasad this year. Koki says that they give Prasad every year and requests panditji to accept their Prasad. SB argues that it is not necessary that the same should happen this year too and questions panditji if only Modis’ Prasad can be accepted. Panditji says that both can give Prasad and Gopi smiles. Gopi as instructed by Koki moves aside to remove Prasad from her bag as SB watches. Urmi arrives and greets the Modis. Rashi rushes forward to meet her but Koki stops her holding her hand.
Panditji removes the cover from the Prasad thali and is shocked. Koki asks him and he replies that there is raw flour mixed in the Prasad. Gopi is shocked as SB giggles in glee.
Koki scolds Rashi that she has told her several times not to be influenced by her mother but she never listens to her. She asks her if she called her here. Rashi tries to defend herself but Koki interrupts her saying that she knows she is lying. Urmi greets the other Modi ladies and compliments Hetal’s saree. Koki taunts her that all this sweet talk is of no use as it will not help her get close to them again, she reminds her to stay away from them. Urmi tells her that she forbade her to come to MM but she can come to temple to meet her daughter. Koki taunts her that she will have to explain and adds that by staying away from MM she means that she should stay away from their family. Koki taunts her that since she has already come she cannot tell her to leave from the temple. Urmi thinks that her day is not going well.
SB comes to Gopi, who is setting the Prasad on the thali, and tells her that Baa is looking for her. Gopi leaves from there as SB watches. Panditji is chanting prayers and Gopi comes to Baa asking if she called her. Baa says no and Gopi is confused. Meanwhile, SB removes flour. Koki tells Gopi to get Prasad in a thali and Gopi leaves to get Prasad. SB adds raw flour to Gopi’s Prasad as Gopi is walking to get Prasad. Gopi arrives as SB finishes her kk and tells her that Baa did not call her. SB says that maybe she heard wrong and leaves with her own Prasad. Gopi takes her thali and leaves too. Urmi is about to sit next to Koki but Koki stops her saying that she has nothing to do with her family and forbids her to sit next to them. Rashi tells her to sit behind and Urmi moves behind angrily. She thinks angrily that Koki is insulting her so much and she will teach her a lesson.
SB comes with her Prasad thali and gives it to Panditji and gives Koki a look and sits for puja. Gopi comes and gives her thali to panditji. Panditji completes the puja and takes the Prasad thali. He first takes SB Prasad and then removes the cover from Gopi’s thali. He is stunned and Koki asks him. He replies that there is raw flour mixed in the Prasad. Koki is shocked and looks at Gopi. All Modi women are shocked (I just couldn’t stop laughing looking at Baa’s shocked expression!) and SB giggles in glee.
SB shouts to Koki who has idle time to add flour to her Prasad. Koki announces that the person who owns this ring has idle time to do this, and removes a ring from the flour mixed Prasad thali. SB is shocked. Koki shows the ring to all and one of the ladies points to SB telling her that it’s her ring. SB is shocked.
All get up and Koki is shocked to see the ruined Prasad and Gopi looks afraid. She goes forward and checks the flour mixed Prasad. She tells Koki in fear that she had made the Prasad properly. Koki checks it too. SB taunts her saying that Thakurji will not get her Prasad this time. She tells Koki that she always used to be proud that Gopi is Annapurna for their family but it seems to have changed after Meera’s arrival. Koki is super furious and shouts at SB that she will not hear anything against her DIL as her DIL never lies. She announces that someone has done some mischief and added flour after the Prasad was made. Nikkei comes forward and taunts Koki that she will blame someone else now for this but the truth is that she enjoys fighting with everyone. Urshi snigger and SB agrees. SB shouts to Koki who has idle time to add flour to her Prasad. Koki announces that the person who owns this ring has idle time to do this, and removes a ring from the flour mixed Prasad thali. SB checks her finger and sees that her ring is missing. All are shocked and SB looks scared. Koki shows the ring to all and asks who owns this ring. One of the ladies points to SB telling her that it’s her ring. SB is shocked. The lady remembers that she complimented her and SB had replied that her husband had gifted her. Koki shouts to SB that everyone come to the temple to pray and she is lying in a temple. She should be ashamed to do this in a temple. SB feigns ignorance and Koki taunts her to remember how did her ring land up in her Prasad. She tells her that it is wrong to put the blame of their fault on others. She tells her that if she had truthfully prayed and offered Prasad then God would have been happy. She tells Nikkei that she does not enjoy fighting but will not take lies and wrongdoing quietly. She returns the ring to SB and warns her not to do something like this again. She tells panditji to give SB Prasad for bhog as their Prasad is ruined.
Rashi looks at Urmi and moves aside. Both are fiddling with their phones typing messages to each other. Koki spots her and comes to her. She reminds her that her mother will not come near them, but if she still cannot control herself then she can go to her mother instead of using her phone in the temple and moves away. Rashi gets angry that Kagdi never leaves her alone. The ladies taunt Urmi that Koki must have broken relations with her as she lives in a chawl. Urmi tells them angrily to go away. Meera starts crying and Gopi takes her from Hetal. She goes out of the temple with Meera as Koki watches. She goes towards Gopi and sees a coconut about to fall on Gopi from a tree. She moves Gopi away from there in the nick of time and all are shocked.

Precap: Koki is doing the aarti in the temple and a coconut comes flying from nowhere and hits Koki on the head as all watch in shock.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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