Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar scolds Pari for lying and leaves from there angrily. Pari happily says at last her fast is broken and asks Meethi to serve her food. Kokila just watches that silently. Gopi gets a call from Kinjal who informs about fake baba. Gopi says she will talk to her later. Baa asks Kokila even after knowing Pari’s drama, will she continue taking her side. Hetal says Pari easily says lies and can do anything for her benefit. Paridhi says, you instigated everyone against me.

Pari asks, what is your problem Gopi? Gopi asks her not to hide her weakness. Kokila asks her to apologizes to everyone for her mistakes. Paridhi agrees and says sorry to them. She says, this fast was very important for me as I loves Jigar very much. I won’t do anything in future which will hurt you all. Hetal says, Paridhi is impossible and shocks us with her behavior. Kokila says, everything will be fine soon. Hetal says, she is not the right girl for Jigar. Kokila says, she is thinking for Jigar’s betterment and don’t want him to suffer like Ahem. We shall give some time to Paridhi. She asks Gopi not to think much about Paridhi and not to be strict towards her. Gopi listens silently.

Kinjal asks Dhawal and Madhu, how can you eat so silently. Madhu and Dhawal say that food is good. Kinjal says, if urmila would have been here then she would have point out my mistakes. She says, she is very selfish. Urmila talks to her husband about Kinjal. He asks her to eat. Urmila says, I can’t eat without taunting Kinjal. I can’t eat the food made by myself. Her husband asks her to call Kinjal back home. Urmila says, Kinjal will come on my conditions.

Paridhi offers chocolates to kids. Vidya asks, are you bribing us. Do you have any work with us? Paridhi thinks this girl talks so much. She gets a call from someone. Paridhi asks, why did you call me. I will fulfill the promise but it will take time. I wants your help to make place in Modi Bhavan. Gopi hears her and thinks what is Paridhi’s intentions. Paridhi tells that your work will be done, don’t take any tension.

Gopi questions Paridhi, with whom you were talking to? Paridhi refuses to tell her. Gopi asks her to tell truely. Vidya tells Gopi that Paridhi was bribing them. Paridhi says, it is waste to do anything for you.

Jigar blames Paridhi for his sufferings. Hetal says, we have to give her some time. Jigar says, you are supporting her who is responsible for my troubles. I don’t understand that you can’t forget my Rashi so soon. She sent my elders to Police station. She can’t take my Rashi’s place. Hetal says, we have to think about you and your sons. Jigar says, you, bhabhi and kaki ji are there to take care of my sons. I am happy being alone. She increased my troubles. He realizes that files is kept in his room and thinks he have to see her face to bring the files. He goes. Kokila comes.

Jigar knocks on Paridhi’s door. Paridhi thinks kids are knocking the door and asks him not to disturb her. Jigar asks her to open the door. Paridhi gets happy and opens the door. She gets excited to see him. Jigar tells her that he needs to take out an important file from the cupboard and asks for its keys. Paridhi says, it is beneath the pillow and asks him to take it. She sleeps on the pillow. Jigar goes to the bathroom and brings a bucket. He pours water on her. Paridhi says, it is so romantic. She gets happy. Jigar takes out the keys and open the cupboard. Jigar takes the files and asks her not to come near him. He leaves. She gets Shilpi’s call. She tells her that they came to Rajkot and wants to meet her. Paridhi says, she is tired and will meet her tomorrow. Shilpi insists so Paridhi agrees to come. She tells about her husband pouring water on her and gets happy. She thinks she will manage to take Kokila’s permission.

Dhawal tells Kinjal that he thought to talk to Urmila as everything is fine now. Kinjal says, what are you saying. How can you forget that she kicked us out of the house. Dhawal says, I am seeing that you are missing her. Kinjal says never. I am not missing her or her taunts etc. Hetal tells Kokila that she don’t accept Paridhi and asks her not to force paridhi on them.

Paridhi is going out. Gopi hears the noise in the kitchen and wonders how the glass is broken and why window is open.

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  1. Hi Everyone….Hate this serial it is going same even after a week days…..Kokila is such a idiot that she is not only doing over action but also doing others actions…. Hetal is a big dumbo that she didn’t protested kokila for her behavior towards her bahu n now her son also……this paridhi is really disgusting…. It is better if this serial also goes off the air like saraswathichandra…. This is serial is nothing but a bubblegum dragging show without Rashi…. paridhi idiot what ever u do to look like Rashi it will just look like crow dancing like a peacock……..n dog acting like a lion….and also we also feeling that some “DEVIL” acting in role of “PARI”

  2. I thought u were not gonna watch this serial and u are back again.

  3. Telly Updatei✏️


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