Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi sees Radhika and Veena/Mangesh in backyard of house and ask what are they doing here at this time. Urvashi also comes and asks what are they doing. Veena says they are waiting to return decorative items to vendor. Urvashi says they can do it in the morning. Veena says tomorrow morning, there will be lots of other works, so they want to finish this one now itself. Urvashi takes Radhika with her. Jaggi asks Mangesh to go and sleep. Mangesh/Veena says she should return this box. Jaggi asks what is in it. She says utensils. Jaggi and she carry box from there.

Radhika packs vase and other antique items into suitcase and gets happy that she will earn a lot of money from it. Urvashi knocks door and calls her. She goes out. Her fake parents come discussing they did not get payment yet. Father sees money bundles on bed and tries to pick it, but hand gets trapped in a rat trap. Radhika comes and yells if he did not learn patience even at this age, she will not run without giving them money. She gives them money bundle each and asks them to leave by morning as their job is done and she does not want to marry Jaggi and bear his overpossessive mother’s pampering.

In the morning, Gopi wakes up and takes milk from milkman and walks back. She finds mobile and sees it is Mangesh’s mobile. She takes sim and memory chip from mobile.

At Dharam’s house, Meera is seen pressing Chanda’s legs. Chanda orders her to give ATM card and a house as she does not want to go back to her hut. Meera agrees. Vidya comes and Chanda yells if she prepared food. Vidya says she knows her work and says she has to take her to doc for prenatal checkup. Chanda disagrees at first but then agrees on Meera’s request.

Gopi goes to Radhika’s fake parent’s room and sees them trying to escape with bags. She says she knows their true identity. They say they packed bags as they have to leave after marriage. She says she got evvidence against them from Mangesh’s mobile and warns them dare not try to escape, else they will repent.

Mangesh wakes up in the morning in his godown and thinks he drank too much yesterday night. He opens Radha Krishna idol cartoon and does not find idol in it. He is shocked and searches his phone to inform Radhika, but does not find it.

Radhika gets down with her suitcase in which she has hidden antique piecess and finds family already awake. She murmurs when do they sleep. Urvashi asks what is she carrying. Radhika says they gave her so many news dresses, so she tought of giving her old dresses in chairity. Urvashi says it is a good idea. Jai and Veeru ask Jaggi something and gives them a witty reply. Urvashi hears his comment. Gopi warns Radhika that her plan has failed and she cannot escape from here. Even her fake parents tell her that Gopi knows everything about them. Urvashi tells Radhika they have to go to temple to do abishek. Kokila says they have Radha Krishna Idol at home and she can do Abhshek here itself.

Gopi reminisces show she, Urmila and Sona exchanged idol and failed Radhika and Mangesh’s plan. Urmila hopes nothing goes wrong. She gets tensed if milk falls on fake idol, color will come out and searches Urmila.

Precap: Urvashi asks Jaggi and Radhika to do Radha Krishna idol’s abhishek. Gopi stands tense while they pour milk on idol.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Isaaq

    If Gopi son was kidnapped during 8 year leap, I don’t understand how Gaura fits into all of this because Gaura entered the Modis lives 18 years later her son was kidnapped so who knows what Gaura track will be like???

  2. Isaaq

    That wouldn’t make sense nisha looool. It would be grammatically incorrect to say “thank you for welcoming to our group.” She wasn’t part of the group hence why she said ‘your’.

  3. Chithu

    There might be a new vamp not Gaura. Gaura’ s track might run simultaneously in suryavanshi house. She might be the one who is plotting using chanda against Meera and Vidya. USA track might be a fresh one with new antagonists.

  4. Chithu

    After leap they might be concentrate mainly on Gopi’s son n daughter in law. I think daughter in law might create problems in their life. Like Ahem’s son should be natural heir of modi bhavan.

  5. Chithu

    I am actually eager for the new leap because current tracks are lagging and irritating especially chanda’s track. Meera n vidya have become mere puppets of Chanda.

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Mahi,Priyanka SP,Rithika,Chanu,
    Chithu is our new Sunshine group member ?Welcome to sunshine Family Chithu?.
    Issaq u are right hw cm Gaura is behind Gopi’s son kidnapping .As Gaura entered to modi’s life wen Meera&Vidya marriage time . I think gopi’s son might hav staying with his adopted parents and they may be negative character if Gaura returns she may join hands with them,

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Chithu congrats first day itself u are rocking with lot of comments keep it up friend ??.

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Gopi turns statue for trying to expose Radhika and Mangesh.

    After Sona exposes Mangesh then Urmila exposes Radhika and says that she was trying to steal Krishna murti.

    Radhika gets shocked as well as tensed but then Radhika very cleverly convinces Urvashi that she is innocent.

    Radhika says it her village ritual to do all this and Urvashi gets convinced.

    Chanda wants Meera-Dharam’s divorce

    Kokila gets angry and gives her kasam to Gopi saying that now she will stay away from Radhika and Jaggi’s marriage.

    On the other hand Chanda has turned evil and she wants Meera to get divorced by Dharam.

    She asks her to fill hatred in Dharam’s heart for her so that he gives her divorce.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show blackmailing drama where Chanda is now showing her true colors.

    Chanda whom Meera has brought to her house as she surrogate mother of her child and now turned evil.

    Yes Chanda had already blackmailed Meera to drag money and property out of Dharam, and had also got successful.

    Chanda has now started to cross all limits and threatens Meera to kill her child in womb if she will not do what she wants.

    Chanda’s evil plan against Meera

    Chanda asks Meera to divorce Dharam and create hatred for herself in Dharam’s heart.

    Meera has to do everything for her children and thus insults Dharam in his birthday party by dancing weirdly.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you for all the updates Sid!??
      Let the thunder lightning from the sky falls on Chanda’s head!??

  10. Hello frnds hw r u bsy vit wrk in hme n vit my son dats y am unable to comment regularly yaar am sory guys..welcme to d family chithu..wr u frm?
    In today’s episode gopi is aweeeesmee..she made amazing plan..n chanda track is nthng bt dragging..btr to end her track soon..
    CMG to d leap hw can gopi kws shez having son aftr cmpleting nearly 30yrs of her sounds little bit awkward to me waiting to c dat episodes to kW hw Dey vil introduce dat track..other Dan dat Dey can show litl rashi tolu molu vidya n meera happy families..n I also think gopi son is vidya’s twin..
    Gd NYT frnds..vl comnt at free tme bye guys..

  11. Chithu

    Thank u friend?

  12. I want Dharam to stay back n catch Chanda real good n throw her as sour n also n don’t think she is pregnant n I hope it the idol turn color

  13. Isaaq

    It is Gaura because I watched the episode and Chanda said Gaura dialogue- Amba Maa ki Jai on the phone

    Gaura is about to return!!!!

  14. Isaaq

    Guys what if Meera kills Chanda before the leap??? Chanda might try to harm her baby and Meera might kill Chanda to protect her baby- just like Gopi killed Radha to save Rashi

    1. Nandhini

      Isaaq its only possible after chanda delivers the baby then meera may kill chanda to protect her new born baby…we are not sure if chanda is really pregnant…and yeah!!! Rashmi sharma has stolen ur concept of gopi’s another child… in news itself its given rashmi sharma herself is writing the story for saathiya and her husband is directing the episodes…you must sue the producer Isaaq!??

      1. Isaaq

        I know law now so I can easily sue her???

  15. Nandhini

    I missed the episode and the dialogue said by chanda “Ambe maa ki jai” is the signature dialogue of Gaura’s…so definitely these are all Gaura’s plans only as said by Isaaq…gaura only makes dharam divorce meera using chanda as her puppet…

  16. Nandhini

    Hii all Sunshiners! Hi chithu! Welcome!?? there is no sign of ahem’s and jaggi’s mystery to be revealed…nowadays jaggi’s character has been sidelined…i dont want the makers to show him like chirag or parag who doesnt do or say anything,, leave everything to the ladies and remain silent…why he is not doing something to stop his marriage?? He is saying he is trusting gopi’s words when she said radhika is a fraud…and then she asked jaggi not to marry her…as an elder son of the house he must investigate about radhika and her family or atleast for the sake of gopi’s words or atleast for his future life…why he is remaining helpless now?? For his mom?? This is bullshit!!

  17. Chithu

    Thank u S.P I am from Kerala. I think Chanda will be caught and handover to the police before leap. It might be Gaura who is drawing strings and Chanda might be paid well to play her part. My concern is incomplete story around Ahem’s death. After his death 5-6 years have passed and now the show is set for another leap still the mystery around sudden death of Ahem is not solved.

  18. Chithu

    Thank u for the update Siddarth. Now this Chanda is crossing her limits. She already snatched property and money by black mailing Meera, now she wants to get them seperated. Wt is Meera still thinking around she should inform the police and kick Chanda out from their house.

  19. Ann simona gomez

    Hi friends.. But isn’t gaura dead????.. Meera should kick chanda out and say no need fr the baby…

  20. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq yes I am the fan of Yeh hai mohabattein too my favourite shows are Saath Nibhana Saathiya,YHM,
    Tarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah.&Naagin.
    I used to watch YHM regularly b4 7 years leap but after that I dint like the story as Raman always used to blame Ishita for everything and that Pihu always supports shagun who is vamp . But ysdy after seeing it was Raman&Ishita’s plan to stay away frm each other to expose shagun I was happy so ysdy I commented and planned to do Sunshine group in YHM forum also?.

    1. Isaaq

      Omg I love YHM as well! SNS and YHM are the only shows I watch. Don’t get me wrong but I love Shagun but she’s evil. She’s just the best vamp but she’s made Ishita suffer a lot. Niddhi was just an evil witch but Shagun has a heart but is evil because she is insecure. Shagun is a fashionista and she reminds me of myself- Shagun will go to any extent to get what she wants. She’s so funny but she needs to be punished.
      I will be sad if they end YHM I don’t want -them to end it- I wonder what story they’ll bring after Pihu unites with Ishita.

      I’ll help you make a sunshine group at YHM?

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Chithu&Nandini frm few days Jaggi’s character is sidelined as there is no sign of revealing ahem’s mystery and Jaggi’s real identity . I think they wl drag these chanda&Radhika’s track for next 10 days and for 3-4 days they wl show some happy movements . And from December 1st week there wl be leap .
    I dont know what makers are upto if ahem is dead then there wl not be much scenes of Jaggi&Gopi and there wl no love tune of ahem&Gopi . I think after leap Jaggi’s character is just to protect Gopi&Modi familly as gopi’s daughter in law wl be evil and gaura may join hands with her wt say friends.

    1. Isaaq

      I think Gopi daughter in law will be like early Rashi. She might not be evil but she might be brainwashed by Gaura.

      The more exciting thing is that Mona will have rivalry with Gopi daughter in law-Mona might get jealous of her- they might fight with each other on who is the better bahu… I’m excited writers have brought this storyline.

      I wonder how Meera and Vidya will react seeing their brother. I think there will be a strong brother sister relationship between Vidya and her brother as they are twins. Not sure about Meera…

      I wish her son isn’t evil but in all dramas. All sons who grew up without their parents end up evil- in Kyunki Saas- Tulsi son was evil because he wasn’t brought up by Tulsi. It’s the same with Meera- she has only spent 4 years with Gopi and she ended up as a negative character and then changed to positive later

  22. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Issaq even i liked shagun as she is gorgeous villian once she was positive but after manoj left her again she became negative .
    I think Gopi’s daughter-in-law might team up with mona and they may start to trouble sona or it wl be good if gopi’s daughter-in-law team up with sona. I think gopi’s son is vidya’s twin as gopi was alone wen she gave birth to vidya .

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