Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor checks up Kokila and says Parag and Hetal if any problems happens to inform him. Kokila says she wants to go home. Rashi informs Hetal how Meera is identified by maternity test. Kokil and Meera get discharged and the whole reach home. Kokila forgets what she told Hasmukh/Jigar and asks if she told him anything. Jigar says no. Kids getg happy seeing Meera/Gauri and hug her. Vidya says she knew she would get well and come home. Baa hugs Meera emotionally. Naani thanks god for getting Meera well and it is because Meera is Gopi’s daughter. Kokila starts thinking hearin that. Hetal asks her to go and rest. Kokila sees Kinjal and asks what is she doing in her house.

Naani asks Kokila to hold her hand so that she can drop her into her room. Rashi thinks what if naani informs Kokila everything. She calls her naani and stops her. Kokila asks jigna/Rashi why is she calling maa as naani. Rashi changes her word and calls her maa. Hetal asks naani to go and rest as she must be tired. Naani says does not get tired and can even go to America to meet Kokila. Rashi insistently takes Kokila to her room. Kokila asks Rashi why did she think that she forgot about her affair with driver, she says she kept quiet as she did not want to create a scene in her in-laws house. She says she will inform maa about it and will send her back to village, she warns her to go now and be away from Hasmukh.

vidya asks Gopi and Ahem why are they crying. Rashi says Vidya she will inform, but she has to promise not to inform about it to Kokila. Rashi says like she cries when her doll is lost, her mommy/pappa had lost their doll 8 years ago and her name was Meera. Samar/Sahir says 8 years is too log and why is Gopi crying now about the doll. Rashi says they got back the doll now. Samar/Sahir say they want to see the doll, even Vidya insists to see the doll. Gopi is the doll is between us and it is their elder daughter Gauri/Meera. Meera hugs all the kids. Rashi says today is Meera’s birthday. Ahem says we cannot celebrate birthday with mom’s mental condition. Rashi says we will cut the cake at midnight in a room and says she will arrange it. Madhuben says she will leave now and asks Kinjal and Urmila to come home with her. Prateek requests Kinal to let him stay there to celebrate Meera’s birthday. Gopi and Rashi request Kinjal to let Prateek stay there. Kinjal agrees. They wish bye and leave for their house.

Radha calls Tripti, but her phone is out of reach. Madhuben says she is happy about her daughter Gopi as she got Gopi back. Kinjal looks at Urmila and says it is because Gopi is a good woman and does not think of doing bad to others.

Kokila waits for Radha for water. Her ears echo with Ahem’s crying emotionally after finding his daughter Meera. She thinks she herself will go and check. Rashi orders chocolate cake for Meera’s birthday. Kokila sees her with Gopi and kids and asks her whom she was talking to. Rashi says it was wrong number. Kokila goes to the kitchen to drink water.

Urmila says she will gift Meera something. Kinjal is surprised to hear that she is thinking about gifting Meera. Urmila asks Dhaval to give her money to buy gift. Dhaval says he will gift Meera with his own money and will give the money to orphanage. Urmila says they both are trying to steal the whole money and says he does not earn for home and home is run on her money. Kinjal says she has a cheap mind to think like that. Dhaval says he has taken a decision to give that money to orphanage and goes from there. Urmila thinks he is a fool to do that.

Ahem shows Meera her childhood pics and says these are all her pics. Meera says she used to think this house has an old relationship with her. Vidya comes and hugs Meera. Ahem says them that their papa was away from them for years and now he will take care of them and will not let them go away from him. He hugs them emotionally.

Samara, Sahir, Prateek also come there. Ahem hugs them all. Gopi sees them all hugging and gets happy.

Precap: Meera cuts her birthday cake with everyone wishing her happy birthday. Kokila opens the door and is surprised to see them celebrating Meera’s birthday.

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  1. Poor Rash I and Jigar hey please make that kokila get her memory back.

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