Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Meera and Vidya and happily moves towards them. Meera asks her to stop. Baa at home sadly tells her Ahem cannot remarry. Hetal says Jigar called her and informed. Pari starts crying and says it all happened because of her. Kinjal hears that and gets happy thinking if Ahem does not come home, even Kokila will not, so she can stay in Modi bhavan forever.

Gopi tells Meera and Vidya that she is their mother. Meera says Mansi is her mother and not her. Ahem says when her children do not need her, she should get out of her. Gopi asks Vidya to understand her and says she is not wrong, they had to separate due to situation and she promises that she will nto leave them again. Vidya tries to hug her but stops and asks her to go from there. She says whenever she needed in her childhood, she was not there. She wanted to listen lori from her, but she was not present. She wanted to show her results, but she was not there, and there are many things which she can share only with her mom and not dad, but she was not present. She says papa told you were worried about Radha and her daughter more than her, then why did she come back her. Gopi says she should not tell this. Vidya she should not call her daughter, if she was her mother, she would not have left her. Gopi says it was her helplessness. Meera asks her not to give her helplessness drama and says she is a selfish woman who cannot be her mother. Mansi asks her not to misbehave with her mother. Meera says mother cannot be like Gopi and asks her to get out. Mansi asks her to stop.

Gopi goes to Mansi and thanks her for taking care of her children, she should stop her acting of scolding them and says she is more intelligent than she thought as she denied that Ahem stays here. Mansi says she knew Ahem would not like seeing her. Gopi asks who is she to decide if her husband will meet her or not. Meera asks her not to yell at her Mansi mom. Vidya asks her to get out. Ahem asks her again to get out. Meera asks Vidya to explain in her language. Ahem says he has to show her real place, grabs her hand, drags her out of house and pushes her. Jigar comes and holds her on time.

Kokila calls Gopi, but she does not pick call. She gets worried and prays god to protect Gopi. Urmila comes and asks her to play police/thief with her. Kokila says they will play later. Urmila says she will decide if they will play or not. Kokila scolds her and leaves.

Meera and Vidya identify Jigar. Jigar says they have grown up now. He happily tries to hug Ahem, but Ahem pushes him, asks whose brother and asks him to get out. Jigar says he will not go without him. Ahem says he does not need them. Jigar says they need him though and asks Meera and Vidya to go and pack their bags. He asks Ahem to tell them to pack bags and come with him. Ahem holds his collar and pushes him out of house. Mansi smirks seeing this. Gopi asks Jigar to come with him now. Ahem closes door. Gopi starts crying and tells Jigar that Ahem hates her now, she does not know how to control herself.

Precap: Mansi tells she wanted to see love for her in Ahem’s eyes, but sees love for Gopi in his eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bad meera, Ahem and Kinjal….

    1. MANSI IS A b*t*h

  2. Ahem and children tought good lesson to Gopi.

  3. I think gopi should go from there and face an accident.then it will be fun.

    1. R u tamil?

      1. Iam a malayali.

    2. S Pavan but foolu tan

  4. Meera vidhya u guys rock…..

  5. Gopi just leave that stupid ahem, mera, Vidya .

  6. Kinjal looks like b*t*h

  7. true..
    kinjal outfit,hair style huhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  8. Poor gopi always trobles.

  9. Now mansi has taken the place of Radha let’s see if she can get the show going like Radha did

  10. Ya dad.

    Gopi is a dumb f**k, why the f**k did she leave em for…like ya b*t*h if you wanted to go jail at least let your family visit you but noo…see the result now enne ya sl*t.

  11. Ahem is a stupid idiot

  12. Urmilla is so funny being like this I wish she stays like that

  13. Kingsley is proper ugly

  14. I always hated Ahem from the beginning. Gopi has always been to good for him. He trained her daughter’s against her. I mean what an ass hole. Even he knows the truth. Gopi killed her sister, in every law in the world say when you kill someone, what ever the reason you have to go prison. He could have told his daughter that their mother loves them. WHAT AN ASS HOLE

  15. Oh my god now for how many years r they going to drag this … it was radha first now mansi…. oh my god … the writter has to be awarded for the best dragging serial of the year

  16. Ahem is dumb stupid retard and so is meera
    Now the show is opposite meera was a goody two shoes and
    Vidya was like a thug.

  17. What bull is this offer all gopi has being thought with him and his family. He blame the family for gopi lock up what about him he is also to be blame, because it was is house he should of sand his ground and put out rahda and, how can he have her kids talk to her like that ahem you are a ass

  18. The serial makers should do off air this serial.

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