Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police arrests Vivan and walks towards van. Vivan says he has to pee and cannot wait. Inspector allows him to go to the toilet and sends constabel with him.

Gopi and Ahem ask park’s helpdesk man to announce Paridhi Modi’s name every 15 minutes and ask her to meet them soon.

Vivan escapes from toilet’s window. Radha takes Pari to a tent and asks his men to guard her. Pari requests for water in a drowsy state. Radha mixes some drug and says Pari that her ending has begun.

Urmila with Kokila starts searching Pari with biocular and looks at sky. Kokila taunts that Pari is not a bird that she will be in sky.

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Police finds Vivan not in toilet and starts searching him. Vivan calls Radha and tells it is good she took Pari away from Modi and asks her current location. Radha says she will kill Pari as she does not want her to come in her way anymore, cuts call. Vivan gets angry hearing that and says she will pay for it.

Urmila sees Pari in a tent and informs Kokila about it. Kokila says they should not waste time and walk towards tent. They are about to confront her, but Radha’s goons stop them and tell his wife is inside and he cannot let them meet her. Kokila apologizes him and scolds Urmila for misunderstanding someone as Pari. Radha brings veil for Pari and asks goons to carry her from there now.

Gopi worriedly tells Ahem that she doesn’t know where Pari is now. Ahem says she is somewhere here and they have to search again. Vivan sees police and hides. Jigar sees police and asks whom they are searching. Inspector says Vivan eloped and they are searching. Jigar calls Ahem and informs him about it. Ahem in turn informs Kokila. Kokila says she will reach there right now. Gopi sees Radha in crowd and informs Kokila about. Kokila checks and says nobody is here. Kokila asks her to call Radha. Radha picks call and tells that she is in house and cuts call. Gopi hears announcement sound. Kokila calls Hetal who informs that Radha is sleeping in her room. Kokila asks her to open door from spare key and check if she is there. Hetal says, checks and informs that Radha is not at home.

Radha carries Pari with her goons towards a roller coaster ride. She makes her sit in a ride and removes safety nuts. She tells Pari that she is finished now and walks out from there. Modi are still searching Pari. Gopi prays god to help them find Pari, tells Ahem that Vivan has escaped from police and may harm Pari now. Ride starts and Radha gets happy seeing that. Pari wakes up and sees herself in a roller coaster ride. Gopi prays god to protect Pari. Radha switches off ride’s electricity and it stops. Pari gets tensed seeing herself in air.

Pari slips from ride and shouts to help her. Jigar asks driver to get Pari down. He says its out of control now.

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  1. I love saathiya

    Yes john it’s too much fun watiching this serial

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