Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila scolds kids for misbehaving with Pari and asks them to apologize her. They apologize her. She says she will not forgive her as they destroyed her mehandi with Jigar’s name in it.

Urmila talks to Baba’s wife who is talking to her disguised as Rashi and tells her about the secret of Modi’s safety locker and says she gave necklace key to Baba with which they can open it and says locker is between walls. Baba and wife talk that they easily made Urmila fool and will get her jewelry now.

Kids discuss about the help and troubles made by Pari..with Tolu favouring Pari and Molu apposing her. They both start fighting. Meera asks them to stop fighting. Gopi hears their voice and comes there. Meera asks her what should they do if a person has both good and bad qualities. Gopi says we should forgo bad qualities and think about good qualities. She then says kids that they did wrong by troubling Pari and says she thought them to respect elders.

Pari feels sad looking at her ruined mehandi and thinks how to lure Jigar now. Molu comes with Meera and says if she will forgive him, he will help her lure his papa. Pari agrees and asks about his plan. He calls Jigar and says he is ill and to come home soon. Jigar gets worried. Tolu calls him then and says Molu is on Pari’s side and is lying. Jigar scolds Molu for lying and says he will punish him. Pari then calls Jigar and says if he does not come home by 6 p.m., she will reach his office. Tolu and molu start fighting again. Kokila and Gopi come there hearing their fight. Gopi asks them to stop fighting and asks Pari what did she do that her children are fighting for the first them, asks her to spare her kids. Pari says she did not do anything. Kokila says kids fight and unite, so they should not get in between their fights.

Baba and his wife reach Urmila’s house and tries to break the wall which has safety locker. Urmila comes and says there is not locker in it. Baba and wife are shocked to see Urmila.

Jigar reaches home to get some money from Kokila. Pari thanks him for coming home. Jigar gets irked, takes money from Kokila and tries to leave. Kokila asks why did he come home when he said he will not. Jigar says he did not want to, but Pari called and said dshe will come to office if he does not come home. She also brought driver home with car and when he tried to come by auto and tired to pick wallet, he got a note and gives it to Kokila. Kokila reads that Pari has taken out money from wallet and says he should come home to get money. Pari says she wanted to break fast soon, so she did this. Pari asks what does she know about fasting and says she does not care if she fasts or dies, he does not have any feeling for her. Pari requests him to let her do aarti and give her gift which she herself bought and gives him ring. Jigar gets irked and tries to leave. Pari swallows ring and starts joking. Jigar gets concerned and feeds her water. She then starts laughing and says she was just acting so that he could break her fast. Jigar and whole family get irked seeing her drama.

Precap: Hetal says Kokila that Pari is not fit for Jigar. Kokila says they have to give a chance to Pari as she does not want Jigar to become like Ahem when Gopi was away from him.

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