Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari’s dad asks her to get her tea. She says she is busy with household work and asks him to have herbal tea instead. She serves herbal tea to Kokila and others. Kokila asks when did she learn preparing it. She says she learnt it from internet. Kokila asks her to prepare khichdi as everyone is ill. She says she does not know to prepare khichdi, but will try. Gopi says she will prepare, but Kokila asks her to rest. Pari’s dad says he will help her prepare khichdi. Kids come home from school. Pari says she will prepare khichdi for them also. Kokila asks her to prepare full meals for kids. She thinks she will get mad doing household chores.

Pari’s dad teaches her preparing khichdi. She prepares it wrongly. He says she cannot prepare like this. She says she will get mad if she continues to work and calls domestic help company to hire a maid.

Urmila calls costume shop and asks if they rent out animal costumes. They say yes and she says she will reach there in some time. Pappu hears her conversation.

Pari serves food to kids. Tolu asks her to bring water. She gets him water and tiredly sits on chair. Kids then ask her to give them chocs. Pari gives 2 choc by mistake to Tolu. Other kids start fighting with him to share extra choc with them. Tolu runs from there and falls on floor, inuring his forehead. Gopi sees that and asks Pari to get first-aid box. Pari asks her not to teach her, gets first-aid box and nurses Tolu’s wounds. Tolu thanks and hugs her. Pari smirks and looks at Gopi.

Pappu sees Urmila coming from outside with a big packet and asks what is it. She scolds him and gets back to her room. He thinks something is fishy.

Pari complains her papa that she is tired after household chores. Jigar comes home and sees Tolu’s wound. Pari asks him not to worry as she applied medicine on it. Pari’s dad asks Jigar if he is hurt and then says even he gets hurt when he sees Pari being humiliated.

Urmila wears monkey’s costume and tries to frighten her chawl people. People start beaing her with brooms and sticks. She climbs pipe and tries to enter her room, but it is closed. Hetal hears sounds outside and opens window, but gets afraid seeing monkey. She informs Dhaval and Madhuben about it.

Pari tiredly sits on a swinger. Gopi says she has to get vegetables from market. Pari asks her not to tell what to do. Gopi sadly walks out from there.

Urmila’s chawl tenants worriedly talk about monkey. Urmila comes there and says she told them already. Pappu says there is no such monkey. Urmila scolds her. Dhaval says he will call zoo authorities. Urmila asks him not to call them as they will not help.

Pari comes to market to buy vegetables and sees a man beating his wife. He rescues her from him and asks lady to stand for herself. Lady asks her to get her as maid as she knows household work well. Pari hides her and gets her home. Lady thinks Pari made a mistake by hiring her and now she will destroy Modi family. She removes her veil and it is Radha. She reminisces how she played a prank to send Meethi out of house and get in as maid. She thinks like she suffered in jail, she will punish Modi family now.

Precap: Hetal asks Radha to show her face if she wants to stay in her home and work.

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  1. Boring, boring, make no sense.. Stupid serial this serial will end soon.

  2. Yes, Radha is back. She is also as awesome as Pari. This serial is getting beter and better day by day. Mr.Writer u r fabolous..

  3. boring episode

  4. John who Is radha

  5. Paridhi is sl*t….

  6. She used to be the “bad girl” of saath nibhana saathiya.

  7. Horrible serial…absolutely makes no sense

  8. Pls stop this serial. So boring.or pls throw out paridhi from this serial. Her acting is so boring. She is a useless fellow. We want our rashi back. Pls pls throw paridhi out. We dont like her.

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