Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Kokila that Ahem has remarried and her Meera and Vidya are spoilt brat now, she has failed now. Kokila says it is Ahem’s mistake that he could not control his children and she should go and confront him with her questions.

Ahem is busy on phone and hears door bell. He opens door and is surprised to see Gopi. She calls his name and smiles. He also calls her name and gets emotional. They both reminisce their romantic days and Ahem is about to touch her when he remembers her mistakes, taking promise not to meet her and killing Radha.

Ahem asks Gopi to get out and gets into house. She follows him and she asks him to listen to his Gopi. He says he does not want to listen to her and asks to get out. She says she is incomplete without him and daughters. He asks her to come into reality and says he is not her husband and his daughters are not his daughters. She asks him not to break mother and daughter’s relationships. He says relationship word does not look good from her mouth and asks her to go like she went years ago. She says he has misunderstood her. He says he has understood her well. She says her family is everything for her. He asks what family she is talking about, she wanted to become great and went to jail 10 years ago ignoring her family. She shouts and says whatever she did is for her family. He asks why did not she think she has a husband and daughters also in family and says he does not have any relationship with her now.

Gopi shouts that she could not risk her whole family and could not see it shattered. He says she held her family, but what about his Ahem Modi’s family, she broke it. She says he ran away from his responsibilities and came here as a coward, asks him to reply. He says he is not bound to answer her. She says she took life’s big decision herself and made mistake, but he also make a big mistake by getting away from his mother, his brother, his aunt, house, etc.. and came here, that is the reason her children did not get good sanskar. He shouts. She asks him not to shout and says it was her helplesness that she had to leave 10 years ago, but he being with his children could not give them sanskars and ran away from his responsibilities. He asks when he did not budge seeing her tears, she is questioning and trying to make him emotional. She says she is talking as a concerned mother and says because of him, Meera is a spoilt brat now. If her children would have been with family, siblings, elders, they would not have spoilt.

Meera is seen inebriated dancing wearing a short dress. Mansi and Vidya try to control her, but she does not. Mansi asks Vidya to call dad. Meera agrees and drinks lemon juice to get over hangover. They hear Ahem shouting downstairs and go to check. Gopi says because of his wrong decision, he saw Meera inebriated. He shouts. She asks when he is feeling so bad, what about her as she saw Meera being dragged by police and thought girl’s parents are responsible for her rude behavior, he is responsible for everything. Meera comes with Vidya and says no.

Precap: Gopi says Meera that she is her mom. Meera says Mansi is her mom.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ever since Radha has left, this show is getting boring.

  2. good gopi!!

  3. Good episode.What will be Vidya&Meera’s reaction towards Gopi’s sudden arrival?


    1. So true, Tolu/Molu recognized Gopi when they saw her in the market and they are younger than Meera, so how come Meera dummy can’t remember her mother…too much alcohol in her brain…seriously most of these shows have recently have stupid storyline that I have actually stopped watching most of them!!

      1. Well Meera got taken away since the age of 3 and was reunited with her family and her mum at the age of 10 , so in that shorr amount of time how could she recognise her mum lol when shes barely seen her…

    2. Exactly !?? I rememba things i did wen i ws 5 4get 10

  5. they do remember but they hate her because she left them thats why she said no to gopi (meera was shocked to see her)

  6. Meet a was very nice in her childhood ….what happened to her.. Vidya didn’t changed but meera stupid girl

  7. thank u audience i m a very good girl

  8. I think I have some memory loss

  9. I think mansi did something to me

  10. meera di khud bigre ho aur blame mansi pe not fair

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