Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila looks at Rashi’s photo in her phone and says please call me Rashi once. She cries pleading Rashi to call her once. Kinjal comes and asks her to have food. Urmila refuses. Kinjal says, you didn’t have food since morning. Urmila refuses to eat and shouts at her. Kinjal hugs her and cries.

Kokila tells Gopi that she scolded Rashi whenever she did a mistake, but she couldn’t tell her that she loved her like her daughter. Gopi says, she might have understood your love. Kokila says, when we shall inform Tolu and Molu about Rashi’s death. Gopi says, they are very small. They have to be prepared mentally to face the truth. Kokila says, they will be pained whenever they come to know about it. Tolu and Molu ask Hetal about their mummy. Hetal says, she will come. Tolu and Molu ask her, did she go on a holiday alone? Then they ask about Janamasthami festival being organised by Rashi every year.

Vidya asks Hetal about Rashi. Everyone are sad. Vidya says, her brothers are tensed without their mom. Tolu and Molu say they will go and find her. Gopi tells them not to go anywhere. Your Mamma left a surprise for you both. She asked me to play this game with you. She opens an empty letter and starts reading it as it is Rashi’s letter. She asks the kids to study well and agree to Gopi’s saying. Gopi promises to read the letter for them daily. She asks them to go to their room and have breakfast.

Kokila thinks Gopi shouldn’t have lied. It was wrong. Ahem says, I know, but we don’t have any other option rather than this. Paridhi says, it is done for their good. Kokila says, if we lie to our kids and if they come to know the truth from outside then they can’t bear it. She gets tensed. Kokila asks Ahem to call flower shop and asks him not to deliver flowers as they aren’t celebrating it. Paridhi asks Baa about Janamasthami festival. Baa gets sad.

Vidya tells her brothers and sister that they aren’t celebrating Janamasthami this year. Tolu and Molu say that they will wear clothes brought by their mom once she comes back. Paridhi comes and shows some game to them. Kids smile.

Jigar is sitting sad, Hetal comes and asks him to have some food. Jigar refuses. Hetal asks him to have some food else Rashi won’t be at peace. Gopi thinks what they will tell the kids. Kokila says, we can’t light a lamp this year. They hear bhagan and runs towards the inhouse temple. They see Rashi singing bhagan and doing the aarti in the video. They get emotional and cries. Jigar cries. Paridhi smiles. Kids get happy. Paridhi does the aarti surprising the family. Kids starts dancing. Jigar gets angry at Paridhi. Kokila switches off the bhagan and asks the kids to go and sleep. Jigar scolds Paridhi and tells her that his Rashi went to such a place from where she can’t be back. He asks her not to do it again. Kokila also scolds Paridhi for hurting Jigar. Hetal tells her that she knows that she did it for children’s happiness. Paridhi says, yes. She says, I can’t see Jigar upset and wants to bring smile on his face. Gopi and Hetal are surprised. Paridhi says, she wants to bring smile on their faces.

Paridhi thinks to do something to cover up her mistakes. Gopi hears her and tells her not to do anything which may hurt whole family. She says, I hope you understand.

Precap: Paridhi tells Jigar that she knows he is upset with her and hugs him shocking the family. Urmila comes and sees her hugging Jigar. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Im first now Cuckoo

  2. This is the best serial.

  3. well dis is great

  4. Going so interesting

  5. i dont think so that it is going interesting

  6. rashi we will miss u so much pse come back

  7. Ru planning to place paridhi in raashis place?plz don’t do it.end it in a good way.

  8. It is painful to say but Plz end this serial I can’t see this serial without Rashi …..
    What is happening here…while Rashi Is alive everyone kept on scolding her but once she died everyone is feeling very sad…..n shedding crocodile tears……it is looking like if they are trying to cover their mistakes n this kokila how much difference she used to show between gopi n Rashi n now saying that she loves her very much idiot……….chi….chi…chi….chandalam ga vundi veella over action….
    ( Telugu)…. Yesterday they r crying but no one is getting tears in flow why they don’t have glycerin…..idiotic serial of the year must be given for this serial only it deserves it a lot….

  9. Telly updates

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  10. this serial is always covering up or hiding something from others, now the boys are not told that there mother is no more, but the such truth should be told on time and the children should have had a chance to say goodbye to their mom, that way they could come to terms easily. They might have questions and that should have been cleared truthfully. Children accept truth more easily and comes to terms with it. But as usually this serial has to drag more so they are hiding it. And if urmila breaks the truth to them then it will be different version as she will not only harm the children but also create difference btwn gopi and them.

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