Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2014 Written Update

Jigar comes inside the house. Kokila sees him and asks him to go out of the house and ask if he needs something from outside. Jigar goes out. Rashi gets angry seeing that, but Hetal stops her. Hetal shouts Jigna and Gopi and scolds them that they did not do work properly, they did not pick chillies from outside and birds spoilt chillies. Jigna/Rashi says she was busy, but Gopi should have picked chillies. Hetal says she will teach them a lesson and ties Gopi and Rashi saying they should work together. Kokila goes into flashback and remembers tying them once. Radha doubts if she is trying to get back Kokila’s memory and gets tensed.

Kokila asks Hetal why did she tied them. She asks sorry to Gopi that Hetal misbehaved with her as she is her guest. Kokila says Hetal that she is ashamed because of her deed today. Hetal says she has to teach lesson if someone makes mistakes. Kokila unties Gopi and Rashi and gives rope to Meethi/Radha. She says Hetal she imagines even guests as their servant.

Neighbor comes with her kid and asks for notebook from Samar/Sahir. Kokila asks Hetal who is she. Hetal says she is our neighbor and kid is Ahem, Jigar’s friend. Kokila addresses Samar/Sahir and as Ahem/Jigar and asks them to give the kid their notebook. Kid says Jigar are Samar/Sahir’s father. Gopi thinks Kokila may get tensed and should do something. Samar/Sahir starts acting and says kid is lying as they played a prank with her. Kid’s mom asks why the whole family is acting and goes from there. Gopi says Kokila she will apply oil on her head as she must be tensed and takes her. She thinks she should inform kid’s mom about their plan.

Kinjal’s son comes and tells Urmila that neighor’s kids bullied him. Urmila says Tolu/Molu stopped him bullying, but he is getting bullied by neighbour kids now. She says he should be courageous to face and beat them.

Hetal, baa, Rashi think they should do something to get back Kokila’s memory back. Gopi comes. Baa says we should be trying until her memory comes back. Gopi says doctor has informed not to give much tension to Kokila. They all think what should they do now. Kokila asks Gopi to bring hot oil for hair massage.

Samar/Sahir, Gauri are playing in garden. They throw ball and ask Gauri to bring the ball. Gopi applies oil on Kokila’s head and asks her to keep calm and not to think about kid’s words. She says kids won’t lie. Gauri comes to a room and gets a flashback of playing in that room and almirah falling on her. She starts crying. Inspector comes and informs Ahem and family that before accident, Kokila was talking to a woman and asks Ahem to check. Kokila hears inspector’s words and tries to remember. She gets tensed and drowsy. Gopi asks her to sit down. Ahem says inspector that he cannot give stress to his mom. Inspector asks to call Gauri as she was witness of that accident. Gauri comes crying. Ahem says inspector no one is in a position to give his answer. Inspector says he will leave then and goes. Gopi asks Gauri what happened. Gauri says she thought she had come to that room before. Hetal and Rashi asks Kokila to go and rest. Kokila asks Gopi to console Gauri as she is afraid of something and goes. Gopi asks Gauri what happened. Even Ahem tries to console her and takes her with him. Radha is tensed that Gauri is remembering her past.

Ahem brings Gauri to his room and asks her not to worry. Samar/Sahir/Vidya come and ask if Gauri saw lizard and got afraid. Vidya says she wont be afraid with such small things. Gauri smiles listening them. Radha thinks she should remove Gauri out of their house.

Precap: Ahem cries seeing Meera’s toy and remembering her. Gopi sees that and tries to console him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Come on stop draggin the show enough of this

  2. boring serial…

  3. Cannot say jz boring its vry much boring..whoevr is d writer,supportg and encouragin
    evilness.u aa making viewers fool..

  4. dont they listen when others speak. gauri/meera was saying she felt she had been in that room earlier, they did not let her speak the full thing. they just tried to shut the girl up. Not letting any one speak out is the main culprit in this story. If only gopi and ahem would listen to what that little girl wanted to tell. They did not allow Radha to speak earlier when she was abused by rashi and her mother and for that they had to loose a child. Now also same thing. Dont the writer want independent thinking character. Gopi will think only when something is happening with her Rashiben otherwise she is dumb. Radha will win this evilness she will harm all the children and dumb Modis will then also not understand

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