Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says she will fast for Jigar. Jigar gets irked and says there is no need for that and gets back into his room. Pari says she will fast at any cost and asks Hetal to prepare sargi/pre-dawn food. Hetal says they don’t have this ritual in their family. Pari insists and asks her to make it in 1 hour. Kokila says she and Hetal will make it. Pari thanks them and then asks Gopi to help her in pooja and Baa to apply mehandi on her.

Pari finishes her pre-dawn food, gives gifts to Hetal and asks to give it to her as MIL gives it to DIL. Hetal hears Rashi’s voice and reminisces her fasting and says she cannot give Rashi’s place to Pari, says whatever she tries, she cannot get a place in Jigar’s heart. Kokila asks Hetal to think about Pari’s fast. Hetal says even she is Pari’s MIL now and to give gift herself and leaves. Gopi says Pari that she cannot take place of Rashi and even Jigar has not accepted her. Pari says by next year he will accept and challenges Gopi. Kokila asks Pari and Gopi to go and rest now. Pari praises Kokila’s food and asks if she will prepare it next year also.

Jigar gets irked seeing Pari touching his feet and asks what is she doing. She says today she is fasting for him. Gopi asks him to have breakfast. He says he will have it at office. Pari jokes that even he is fasting for her and then asks him to come home early and break her fast. He asks Gopi not to prepare his dinner as he will not come home today. Children hear Pari’s whole conversation and discuss about fast. They decide to spoil Pari’s fast.

Pari insists Baa to apply mehandi on her. Baa says she does not know to apply mehandi. Pari asks her to at least write Jigar’s J on her hand. Baa agrees and draws J and circle. Pari thanks her. Tolu comes with chips and tempts Pari. Pari asks him to go from there. He says it is his house and he can have it anywhere. Vidya comes with juice and Molu with thepla and jalebi. They all tempt and provoke her to eat it. Pari says she is fasting. Vidya says she cannot fast and to have food. Pari asks her to give jalebi. Vidya tries to feed jalebi, but Pari changes her mind and asks her to go from there. Kids again start provoking her. She says she will teach them a lesson after her fast. Meera says her siblings they are doing wrong by trying to break Pari’s fast. They say they cannot see Jigar being troubled by her. They think think of spoiling Pari’s mehandi.

Pari thinks of sleeping till dusk, but tolu comes and informs her that Gopi is waiting for her in their room. She enters room and kids drop water on her. They say they will spoil her mehandi and start troubling her. Her mehandi does not spoil even after that. She sees Rashi’s photo frame falling and holds it on time, but her mehandi spoils. Kokila and her team enter the room and are impressed with Pari’s move. Gopi tries to scold kids. Pari says she will talk to them and asks tolu/molu what if their mom’s frame would have fallen says her mehandi is important for her as Baa wrote Jigar’s name and says she is fasting for their papa’s long life and asks them not to do anything with which Rashi would repent, says they did wrong today and apologizes Rashi’s pic.

Precap: Kokila scolds kids for misbehaving with Pari and asks why did they do it. Kids say they want Pari to be away from their papa. Pari says she will not forgive kids.

Update Credit to: MA

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