Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with, Gopi lost and the oil in diya flowing down. Kokila calls her and asks her where is her dhyaan? Radha takes a mobile from her mama shirt,she hides under the bed and calls Umang, aks him how he is and tells him she cannot live without him. He tells her that he is in the same situation, he tells her he wants to prove and show his love her, she asks how! He tells her to keep the phone with her, and cuts the call. He then sends a MMS or video message ,showing his hand cut and the name “radha” written with blood, she cries thinking what he had done to himself, Madhu ben enters the room takes some sarees, when she is about to leave, she hears radha crying. She comes and checks under the bed and tries to pull radha out.

She scolds her saying, despite so many things happening, she isn’t changing her ways. She takes away the mobile and asks how dare she takes the phone and hide and speak to umang? She says its last warning, else she would break her hands. Urmila thinks, “Madhu never lets her touch the phone and here her daughter is doing so much…”

Madhu says, that radha shouldn’t step out of the house, and if she does, she would break her legs! Urmila is happy, radha yells saying, she knows why everyone are so strict with her, its because of Gopi ben, and she doesn’t want radha to be happy. Madhu shuts her up, and asks her not to bring Gopi in this mess. She also taunts, she looks average but her things don’t seem so, she is full of bad qualities! She says, she is always like that, who tried to break rashi’s house. Urmila is shocked, Madhu also says, she chose one waste and useless fellow for herself. Urmila enters, very angrily and asks her what he wanted to prove my hurting her JAAN rashi? She asks if she is Rashi’s sister or enemy? Madhu asks her why she is making it a bigger mess. Urmila points a finger and asks her to keep quiet, she continues, Madhu from day one used to order her and pretend she is queen and Urmila is naukrani, though she used to get angry, she stayed quiet as she knew her husband loves Madhu ben a lot. She says God has given her only one daughter and she is her life, she wouldn’t tolerate if anyone comes against her and here Radha played such a dirty game with Rashi, she pulls radha and says she doesn’t have any place for a snake like her. Urmila says after so much of happening, she cant let Radha and Madhu stay in her house. She tries to take away radha when she yells “whom are you sending away?”

Madhu shouts at her saying, why is she misbehaving with her mami, radha retorts saying, so what? She called us snakes, but she and her daughter are no less than poisonous snakes. She says you only know what I did to Rashi but do you know what Rashi did to me? She tells her mum, that Rashi made her a fool, said, ahem has twin named swayam and he loves him, Madhu shocked. She says to Urmi,”bhabi such a big lie and you knew what rashi was doing? Radha says what would she reply, as she was a part of the game, Madhu shocked, she says, urmi used to act as swayamji on phone and talk to her.

Madhu says that, she never knew Urmila can stoop so low. Urmi yells saying don’t forget this is my house! Radha says, fine she wants to kick us right, I will right away tell Modi parivaar what Rashi did so that they would kick Rashi out once again! Urmila shocked, but says it would get difficult as Madhus husband doesn’t do anything, so Madhu can stay here but on one condition! Urmi says not to interfere in her matters and she wouldn’t interfere in theirs.

Modi House
In kitchen, hetal says to Koki that they should stand by Madhu and her family as Umang is capable of anything and also Gopi is worried about her parents. Gopi is all lost and when the hot bowl on the stove is about to fall, she tires to hold it with hand, but burns her hand and drops the bowl. Koki asks Rashi to bring ointment and applies it. Gopi apologises and Koki says she knows the reason why Gopi is so lost, she says she would take back her decision of not speaking about Radha and Umang as its making Gopi tensed up, she says she accepts Radha isn’t understanding and because of which she and her parents are facing problem. Koki decides to speak to Madhu ben and says they will go to any extent to keep Radha away from Umang. Gopi hugs her and says she is very nice, Koki says even now radha and Umang aren’t allowed to enter Modi Bhavan

Shah House
Radha says its her turn to show Umang how much she loves him, she starts to cut her wrist, on the other hand, umang rubs off the marks on his wrists and says its easy to fool girls like Radha, radha goes weak and falls down and drops the knife. Madhu phone is ringing and its Kokila, Urmila enters into the kitchen and is shocked to see radha on floor unconscious, sheyells asking everyone to come soon , Madhu and her husband rush to the kitchen, Urmila says see what your daughter has done, she cut her wrists, Madhu drops the phone down and she and Jayanti bhai tries to make her conscious, Kinjal and Jitu bhai come running and are shocked, koki and the Modi ladies wonder whats happening, she overhears Madhu saying radha cut her wrist. Gopi falls down and all the others are shocked.

Kinjal sees radha and says she is unconscious and they have to take her to hospital immediately, Urmila says this is getting too much and if something happens to radha, they must go around police station and court, jitu bhai shuts her up Kinjal ties bandage and Urmi keeps taunting, Jayanti Bhai says, it’s the question of her life and you are taunting here also? Gopi cries and prays God to keep radha safe and she would never forgive herself if something happens to Radha, Koki hugs Gopi and says to have faith, and they must go to hospital now.

Precap for Monday : Gopi says on phone to Umang, that because of him and his false lve Radha has cut her wrist and is in hospital. Umang asks how radha is and gopi says that is not needed for him and she warns him that if she sees him near radha, she will hand him over to police!

Update Credit to: MADHU.BARUN

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