Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Gopi informs Rashi that she will get know if Gauri is Meera or not after this paternity test in 1 hour, she says let us go and pray God that we get back our Meera. Rashi sees Radha watching them. She asks
Gopi to go to temple as she is feeling leg pain and will wait outside.

Radha calls Tripti and asks what is paternity test. Tripti gets tensed and says with this test, one can identify the parents and says if they get to know the truth, their plan of killing Gauri will fail and asks her to stop this paternity test. She says she will come to hospital and do her best to stop it.

Daadi informs Naani about Kokila losing her memory and thinking Samar/Sahar/Vidya as Ahem/Jigar/Kinjal. She asks her not to inform Kokila about her memory loss. Naani asks her not to worry and to pray. Meethi informs daadi that kids are not eating anything and have locked the room saying they will not eat anything until Gauri gets well. Daadi and Naani go to console kids.

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Ahem prays god to get Gauri well soon as she is like his daughter. Gopi watches him praying and goes near him. He gets angry seeing her. Gopi prays also prays god to get Gauri well soon and get her consciousness back.

Kokila thanks Ahem for giving his blood for Gauri and saved her. She says he is not that bad as she thought. He asks her why is she standing her and asks her to go and rest. Radha sees Rashi sitting outside laboratory. She thinks of a plan, stands behind Urmila and starts telling loudly that Rashi is taking care of Gauri even when she is in pain and says her mother itself does not care about her. Urmila asks her what is she telling. Radha says she is telling true and says she would have taken her home if she was in her place. Urmila goes to take Rashi home with her.

Jigar comes and asks Kinjal if everything is alright. Kinjal says mom is fine now and got back her consciousness, but Ahem is in Gauri’s room and is very much worried about her.

Daadi and Naani try to convince to open the door and say already one child is in trouble and they cannot see other kids in trouble.

Naani says they love Kokila and Gauri, so they are sad. Daadi asks them to listen to their daadi, else she will think they don’t love her. Kids open the door hearing her and hugs both daadi and naani. Vidya asks them not to get angry and they will not misbehave. She asks if Gauri will get well soon. Daadi/Naani says Gauri will get well soon and god will listen to them. They ask kids to have food now.

Urmila asks Rashi to come home with her. Rashi says she has leg pain, but it is ok. She asks her who said her this. Urmila understands Radha’s plan and goes from there. Doctor gives paternity report to Rashi. Radha thinks how can she stop Rashi from checking the report. Rashi checks the report and is surprised that Gauri is Gopi. Radha gets tensed thinking Rashi knew about Meera and thinks of stopping her.

Gopi thinks that Ahem remembers Meera a lot and thinks she is responsible for that, she prays god to show her ray of hope.

Ahem takes Gauri’s hand and says he wants her to get well soon as he lost his daughter and cannot her happen anything now.

Rashi happily informs Gopi that Gauri is Meera. Gopi gets happy hearing that and hugs Rashi emotionally. Gopi remembers Gauri telling that she had been in their house before and says she does not want to go from here. Rashi says god did not let happen anything to our Meera. Gauri says our Meera is alive and starts crying emotionally. She thanks god. She then sees Ahem and hugs him emotionally, she informs that their Meera is alive. Ahem asks her not joke with him. Gopi says Gauri is their Meera and gives him paternity report. Ahem is surprised to see the reports and emotionoally hugs Gopi. Rashi watches them uniting and gets happy.

Precap: Ahem hugs Kokila emotionally and informs that he got back their Meera. Radha gets tensed hearin that. Hetal gets happy.

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