Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Radha to apologize Hetal for insulting her by kneeling down and rubbing her nose on her feet. Hetal stops Radha, gives her 1 lakh and asks her to give it to businessman Bhavesh. She gives it to Bhavesh. Gopi apologizes him for the trouble he had to face and says he will get his pickle consignment by tomorrow. He agrees and leaves. Gopi then says Kokila that she warned her not to trouble her family, else she will stand as a shield for them, she did same today.

Kokila while praying drops oil on floor by mistake. Hetal wipes it and Kokila thanks her. Hetal says she should thank Gopi instead who taught Radha a lesson and is standing as a shield for her family. She reminds her of a moment when Gopi came as bride and was very innocent, Kokila taught her everything and she is strong enough now to take her own decisions. She says Kokila that she always stood with Gopi in her decision, then why she thinks keeping Pari here is a wrong decision. She asks her to calm down and see that Gopi always thinks good for her family and requests her to take care of Gopi as she did before. Radha hears their conversation and thinks if Gopi and Kokila unite, it will be difficult for her, she has to stop them from uniting.

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Urmila hurriedly tries to leave house. Kinjal asks where is she going. Urmila asks why should she tell her. She sees her wearing sports shoes and asks why is she wearing it. Urmila says she is going on walk and she should not both her. Kinjal tells Dhaval that Urmila is up to something.

Meera asks Kokila and Hetal to come with her. They walk with her to the lawn and ask what she wants to say. She plays music and starts dancing bharatanatyam. They both get impressed with her dance and clap for her. She asks if they it liked her dance. Kokila says she liked it a lot and asks the reason for learning it. Meera says she wants to dance in their society’s dance competition. Kokila says she will definitely win. Vidya comes and asks Vidya why is she instead of studying and says Kokila that they have exams in 2 days. Gopi also comes there. Kokila asks Meera to concentrate on studies first and then dance. Radha sees that and gets worried thinking Kokila and Gopi have started talking again.

Urmila meets builder in a park who gives her a huge amount as advance for her chawl. She gets happy seeing it and leaves back towards home.

Jigar calls Pari and thanks her for something. She says it is okay and cuts call. She then hears door bell, opens door and sees a bouquet with note Hey beautiful. She gets happy thinking Jigar has sent it. Radha hears her converation and thinks she has to do something. Door bells rings again. Pari asks Meethi to open door. Courier boy gives her a packet saying Jigar as sent it.

Urmila reaches her chawl and calls all her tenants. She says as promised, she will give them 10,000 rs for their new house advance and they should line up. Tenant asks why she wants to remove them from chawl. She says there is a dengue risk here. Tenant says Kinjal told them about her trying to sell chawl and they did not think she is so selfish. They take out slippers and say they will beat her. Kinjal and Dhaval come to Urmila’s rescue and apologize them for Urmila’s mistake. They all leave saying if they would not have intervened, they would have taught Urmila a nice lesson.

Gopi asks Meera to study. She says she wants to practice dance. Gopi says after every 2 hours of studying, she will give her 1 hour break in which she can do dance practice.

Kokila asks Meethi to call whole family for dinner. She asks Hetal if Ahem and Jigar have come home. Hetal says they have a business meeting. Kokila hears music sound and see kids praising Meera’s dance. She switches off music and asks what is she doing. Meera says she was practicing for tomorrow’s competition. Kokila says she told her already to study first. Pari intervenes and says she has a competition tomorrow, so she is practicing. Kokila asks her to stop interfering and says Meera that she has hurt her feelings. Meera says she studied and took Gopi’s permission to practice.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi that Meera will neither study nor win dance competition if she does both, she has to concentrate on studies first.

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  1. Finally some twist and please continue coming up with amazing ideas Mr.Writer.

  2. Stop this show its not worth it amd bring back saraswatichandra, a fantastic serial which ended way yo soon, with the best actors in star plus.

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