Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2014 Written Update

Maid informs Kokila that Mani is not in house. Kokila says she did not tell her anything. Gopi brings tea for Kokila. Kokila asks Gopi did she bring tea as she was about to ask Mani to bring tea. She says she has kept her in her house as she wants to solve her issue with her husband. Radha/Mani comes home. Kokila scolds her for going out without informing her and asks her to clean the house. Radha says she cleaned the house in the morning. Kokila sees dust on the table and asks her to clean the house again. She informs Gopi that she is going to her room and asks her to bring Jigna/Rashi to her room.

Tolu, molu, Vidya are doing homework. Meer watches them studying. Rashi asks them if they did the homework. They go out with books. Meer checks their books.

Radha comes and says Gauri/Meera that she is a servant and asks her to clean the house.

Kokila asks Rashi/Jigna to read her note. Rashi reads it and finds boys’ details in that. Kokila to check the pics and decide whom she wants to marry. Rashi says she does not want to marry. Kokila says if she does not decide, she herself will decide whom she will marry.

Rashi calls Urmila and informs her that Kokila wants her/Jigna to be married as she wants wants to separate her from Jigar. She asks Urmial to do something as her idea of making Jigar their driver backfired. Urmila asks her not to worry and cuts the call. She thinks what she should do now to get back Kokila’s memory. Kinjal comes and asks Urmila why is she walking tensely. Urmila informs her that Kokila wants Rashi to get married again. Kinjal is shocked to hear that. Urmila asks her if she has any idea.

Jigar comes and asks for water. Kokila comes and asks him why is he ordering like a owner of house, she asks him to go to kitchen and drink water and get a glass for her also. Jigar gets sad hearing her. Kokila scolds Jigar/Hasmukh again and asks him to get out of the house after drinking water. Gopi gives water to Jigar. Gopi asks Jigar not to take Kokila’s words seriously.

Radha thinks she will trouble Gauri as Kokila troubles her. She asks Gauri to clean the house table, etc. Gauri drops water glass by mistake. Radha scolds her and asks her to clean it. Gopi hears glass breaking sound and comes to the kitchen. She sees Gauri crying in pain with glass strands sticking her fingers. She asks Meera/Gauri what was she doing. She says she was cleaning. Gopi is shocked to hear that and says children should study than working. Radha says a lot kids work to feed themselves. Gopi says it is wrong. She asks Gauri not to work again and says she will get her books tomorrow. Gauri says she does not know to read and write. Radha says she is illiterate and how will she study. Gopi goes into flashback where Ahem scolds her for being illiterate. Gopi hugs Gauri and says she will teach her from tomorrow. Radha asks Gopi why is she worried about a street kid. Gopi asks why is she behaving like that. Gopi says Radha that she has forgotten her humanity to make a child do household chores and warns her not to let Gauri work. Radha says even she is not a servant and asks Gopi to stop interfering. Kokila comes and scolds Radha.

Radha says Kokila that Gopi is a guest of this house and should behave like a guest. Kokila asks Radha who is she to decide who is guest of this house and says Gopi is a family member. She says Gopi is doing all her work very well. She says believes if Gopi takes any decision, it will be right one. She warns not to misbehave with Gopi again. She asks Gopi not to think about anyone’s words. She checks Gauri’s finger and asks who did she get a cut. Radha says she got hit while working. Kokila asks how dare she to ask a small kid to work and says she cannot stay in her house and drags her out. Gopi pleads to let Radha stay.

Whole family comes hearing Kokila shouting. Hetal asks why is she shouting. Kokila says she asked a small kid to work. Rashi backs Kokila and says Radha is not working well as before. Hetal asks Kokila to forgive Radha. Baa says human being make mistake and asks her to forgive Radha. Kokila forgives Radha and goes to her room. Radha angrily looks at Gopi and Gauri.

Precap: Heal ties Radha and Gopi and asks them to work together. Kokila goes into flashback tying Gopi and Kokila once.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Finish the update plz

  2. fasterr!!!!

  3. too much boring …….

  4. Radah is goin tooooo far nw plz quick expose her true colour

  5. repeated scenes, boring. instead of these flashback it would be right to show the true face of radha. the flashback on what all she did to meera. and then put her to jail. gopi should not show any soft corner for radha.

  6. boring….

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